API™ RF Signal Extender for SecNet 11 Data Sheet.

API RF Signal Extender for SecNet 11®
Extend outdoor range of SecNet 11 modem up to 5 miles.
Extends range of SecNet 11® for up to 5 miles
Ideal for use in a variety of ground mobile applications
Supports both SecNet 11 low and high power modes
Lightweight, highly portable and ruggedized
Easily attaches to MRAP antenna
MIL-STD-1275 compliant
Designed to improve warfigher communications, the API™ RF Signal Extender is a highly portable,
plug-in amplifier/power supply solution that vastly extends the outdoor range of SecNet 11®. The
power amplifier can then be attached to the antenna mount plate on the Mine Resistant Ambush
Protected (MRAP) vehicle. Overall, the solution is easy to deploy and can significantly improve the
availability of secure wireless communications.
SecNet 11® is a registered trademark of Harris Corporation.
Technical Specifications: API
RF Signal Extender for SecNet 11®
Complete set includes:
1. Amplifier
2. Power supply with integrated bias-T
RF Power Amplifier Electrical Specifications
Operating Frequency Range: Receiver includes a hard limiter and band pass filter
Linear Transmit Power (@SecNet11 output of [email protected]<3%)
Max Saturated Output Power
Transmit Gain Transmit Switchover Threshold Transmit Switchover Time
Transmitter Protections
Receive Gain
Max Receiver Linear RF Output
Noise Figure Receiver Overload Protection
Insertion Loss in Bypass Mode
Power Consumption
(50% duty cycle, 18Vdc supply, 1W out)
(100% duty cycle, 18Vdc supply, 1W out)
Operating Temp. Bias-T Electrical Specifications:
Insertion Loss
Power Input via BNC (center pin is positive)
Power Input Protections
Max Reverse Voltage
Max Over Voltage
Max Over Current
Power Output Protections
Output Short Circuit (LEDs blinking)
Output Open Circuit
Operating Modes
Status LEDs
Output Short Circuit
2400 - 2500MHz
30dBm +1/-0dBm
37dBm +/- 0.5dBm
Antenna mismatch, open or short RF in without power
<20dBm for indefinite time
0.5A nominal
0.65A nominal
-40°C to + 70°C
9V to 36V
Current limit of 20mA
Bypass (output of 8V)
Normal (output of 25V)
Green LED on
Green and Red LED on
LEDs blinking
Dimension: 1.65” (42 mm) diameter / 5.25” (133 mm) long (includes RF connectors)
Enclosure: Weatherproof, machined aluminum
Weight: 8.8 oz. (249 g)
Product Information
Connectors: Type N male to antenna port and N female to radio port
Power Supply/ Bias-T
Dimension: 4.10” x 3.40” x 1.16” (includes RF connectors)
Enclosure: Machined aluminum housing with clear iridite finish
Weight: 6.0 oz. (226 g)
Manual Override Switch: Bypass and normal mode
Connectors: Type N female both ends
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