Download Rugged Power Entry Panels Datasheet

Tactical MIL-STD Power Entry Panels
Wide Operating Temperature Input/Output Power Interface with AC & DC Shore and
Onboard Power Distribution for Command Post Platforms
The Power Entry Panel is designed for Command Post Platforms and other
derivatives to distribute onboard vehicle power as well as shore power. This
ensures reliable power to critical communications and telemetry equipment with
minimal downtime and optimal performance.
This Power Panel offers ideal Input/Output (I/O) power and features both +24/28
VDC (5.6 kW) @ 200 Amps and 3 Phase AC (21.6 kW) @ 60 Amp per Phase
I/O distribution capability. The power panel also includes a 3 Phase 60 Amp
pass through connector interface to support additional forward operating base
The panel has been tested for environmental durability, Army required wide
operating temperature, and MIL-STD 461E. The PEP is capable of performing
in temperatures from -46°C to 60°C, and able to withstand shock, vibration,
water exposure, high concentrations of sand, dust, salt fog, and meets the Army
performance requirements of MIL-STD 810.
The panel is a reliable fault protected power distribution system capable of
preventing damage to critical mission sensitive data & communication hardware
in the shelter or tactical vehicles.
Features & Benefits
• 3 Phase 208 VAC at
60 Amps per Phase (21.6 kW)
• 24 VDC at 200 Amps and
28 VDC at 200 Amps (5.6 KW)
• Emergency Power Off controlled
• Integrated buss-bar technology
• EMI filtering
• Surge protection on all power lines
• Wide range performance
• Rugged construction
• AC & DC EMI filters
• Low voltage disconnect
• EMC tested
• Protective covers & lanyards for
import and export connectors
• “Push to View” status indicators
• Command post platforms
• shore and onboard tactical vehicle
power distribution
• Defense mobile command vehicles
• Unmanned vehicles & vessles
• Mobile command posts
• Communications & telemetry cases
• Towed radar & generator platforms
Technical Specifications: P/N 7200-A-125
Input Power
from generator or shore power
208/120 VAC, 3Ø 60Hz, 60A
Power Supply +28 VDC -200A,
HMMWV Battery - 200A
Output Power
Battery Charger Power
28 VDC
Export Power
208/120 VAC, 3Ø, 60Hz, 60A
Environmental Control Unit Power:
208/120 VAC, 3Ø, 60Hz, 30A
DC Power Supply
208/120 VAC, 3Ø, 60Hz, 25A
GCFI Power (Optional)
120 VAC, 1Ø, 60Hz
Shelter Config. Specifics Avail.
Overload Circuit Protection
UL489 Electromagnetic circuit breaker
Input AC Voltage Monitoring
Over-Voltage Detection
Under-Voltage Detection
Power Filtering
High Performance EMi/RFI L-G and
N-G Filtering
Transient & Voltage Surge
AC Line Suppression
DC Line Suppression
Shelter Power
AC: 208/120 VAC, 3Ø, 60Hz, 60A
DC: +28 VDC, 200A
Operating Temperature
-46˚C to 60˚C
13.13’’ H x 13.38’’ W x 16.10’’ D
72 lbs
Designed to Meet MIL-STD 810F
Environment Standards
• Thermal Shock
• Salt Fog
• Blowing Sand & Dust
• Fungus
• Shock
• Vibration
• Ground Bond
• Mechanical Shock
SWaP: Reducing Unit Size, Weight, and Power Smaller and Lighter with
Functionality Enhanced
• Reduced overall weight by 22% (72 lbs. vs. 92 lbs.)
• Reduced maximum specified volume by 53% (1.27 ft³ vs. 2.7 ft³)
Size and weight reduction provides for an easier installation, more space for
new configurations, fuel savings, and additional payload capacity.
Rev: 10/14/13
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