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Clamshell Spring Pin
QFN Socket
Voltage Controlled Oscillator
Ironwood Electronics
(Eagan, MN) has introduced a new QFN socket
addressing high performance requirements for
testing QFN devices
- CBT-QFN-7039. The contactor is
a stamped spring pin with 17 gram
actuation force per ball and cycle life of
50,000 insertions. The socket uses a compression wave
spring to apply constant downward pressure enabling
the device to be interconnected to the target PCB.
The socket can be used for hand test and quick device
screening applications with the most stringent requirements. Features include:
A contactor self-inductance of 0.75 nH.
An insertion loss of <1 dB at 31.7 GHz.
A current capacity of 1.5 A at a 20°C temperature rise.
A socket temperature range from -55° to +180°C.
An alignment guide for device to pin alignment.
Crystek (Fort Myers,
FL) has announced the
VCO (voltage controlled
oscillator), which operates
at 1690 MHz with a control
voltage range of 0.3 ~ 4.7
V. The VCO features a typical phase noise of -120 dBc/
Hz at 10 KHz offset. Output power is typically +2.5
dBm. The CVCO55CC-1690-1690 is suitable for use
in applications such as digital radio equipment, fixed
wireless access, satellite communications systems,
and base stations. Features include:
An input voltage of 5 V.
A maximum current consumption of 25 mA.
A minimized pulling and pushing of 1.0 MHz and 0.5
MHz/V, respectively.
A second harmonic suppression of -15 dBc typical.
Wire-to-Board Connectors
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March 2015
the launch of its
Minitek Pwr Hybrid
3.0 and Minitek
Pwr Hybrid 4.2
connectors. Both
configurations are available for
dual row and 2 to 24 power circuits,
and 2 to 12 signal for wire-to-board applications. Features include:
The availability of crimping and removal tools.
The availability of vertical wave soldering headers.
RoHS compliance.
The flexibility of selecting the number of pins, and the
placement of power and signal contacts.
A signal pin design in the center of the connector for
better heat dissipation.
Current ratings up to 5 A per contact (Minitek Pwr
Hybrid 3.0).
Crimp and snap-in receptacles that are used to terminate
AWG 20 to 30 wires (Minitek Pwr Hybrid 3.0).
Support for up to 9 A per contact (Minitek Pwr
Hybrid 4.2).
Crimp and snap-in receptacles that are used to terminate
AWG 16 to 30 wires (Minitek Pwr Hybrid 4.2).
Fully isolated terminals.
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