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Voltage Controlled Oscillator
Connector for Single-Phase AC Applications
Anderson Power Products (Sterling, MA) has introduced
the Saf-D-Grid 300, designed for single-phase AC
applications requiring higher voltages, smaller size, and
expanded current carrying capability. Saf-D-Grid 300 builds
upon the 400 V DC Saf-D-Grid connector, using the same
silver-plated, pure copper contact system, and thermoplastic
insulators. Features include:
■ Configurations for up to 30 A and 300 V.
■ Separate mechanical keys for 10 A and 20 A configurations.
■ A maximum operating temperature of 80ÛC.
■ A high temperature glass-filled nylon receptacle housing.
■ Universal touch safety.
■ An integral latch on the plug housing.
■ An optional ground-tied shield.
Analog Input Modules
B&R (Atlanta, GA) has added 2 analog input modules
to its X20 I/O series that can be used to digitize
signals from strain gauges: the X20AIA744 with 2 fullbridge strain gauge inputs and the X20AIB744 with 4
full-bridge strain gauge inputs. Features include:
■ Up to 4 strain gauge channels housed in a module
as thin as a single-channel unit.
■ The ability to work with 4-wire
strain gauge load cells.
■ 24-bit converter resolution.
Crystek Corporation (Fort Meyers, FL) has announced
the CVCO55CC-3400-3400 VCO (Voltage Controlled
Oscillator), operating at 3,400 MHz with a control
voltage range of 0.3 to about 4.9 V. The VCO features a
maximum phase noise of -112 dBc/Hz at 10 KHz offset
and has suitable linearity. Features include:
■ An output power of +7.0 dBm max.
■ An industry-standard 0.5 x 0.5” SMD package.
■ An input voltage of 5 V typical.
■ A maximum current consumption of 35 mA.
■ Pulling and Pushing minimized to
0.3 MHz and 0.1 MHz/V, respectively.
■ A second harmonic suppression
of -15 dBc typical.
AC/DC Power Supplies
MicroPower Direct (Stoughton, MA) has announced the
MDR-240S and MDR-120S compact DIN rail mountable
AC/DC power supplies. They are suitable for a variety of
industrial applications, providing a compact form factor, robust
performance, and long field reliability. Features include:
■ A universal input range.
■ 92% efficiency.
■ Low noise and tight line/load regulation.
■ A universal 85 to 264 VAC input.
■ Tightly regulated 24 VDC outputs.
■ An input/output isolation of 3,000 VAC.
■ Continuous short circuit protection
(with auto recovery).
■ An MTBF (per MIL HDBK 217F)
of 300 khours for each model.
■ Compact DIN rail mount cases.
■ An operating temperature
range from -25° to +70°C.
Dual-Channel RF Signal Generator
Saelig Company (Fairport, NY) has announced the SynthHD Dual-channel RF Signal Generator. The
portable device is a compact, software-tunable, dual channel RF signal generator which can be controlled
by a Windows or Linux PC via its USB port, or run as a standalone generator. Features include:
■ Frequency stepping to better than 0.1 Hz on each
■ Control of the relative phase between channels to less
than a millidegree.
■ An amplitude to 0.01 dB, producing up to +22 dBm of
power per channel.
■ Dual independent channels.
■ The ability to run at 2 different frequencies.
■ The ability to run at the same frequency with different
phases in 0.01Û steps.
■ An open source Labview GUI.
■ Power levels settable from -50 to +20 dBm
in 0.1 dB increments.
■ Powerful software and
firmware features.
■ A compact size (2.75 x 2.15”
excluding mounting flanges).
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