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Arc suppressors designed for data
Arc Suppression
Technologies, Inc.,
Minn.) announced
a complete line
of patented
NOsparc® arc suppressors that could dramatically increase the life of electromechanical relays
used in thousands of applications, including
industrial motors, data centers, and commercial
heating and cooling equipment.
Features include:
• Eliminates 99 percent of the electrical arcing
that occurs whenever an electromechanical
relay (EMR) opens or closes.
• Can extend the lifetime of an EMR by up to
100 and reduce maintenance and downtime
costs for industrial and commercial facilities.
• Can be paired with an appropriate relay to
replace the SSR, thereby reducing the weight
and thermal load of the system.
• Common users include large data centers,
which house thousands of servers and
electrical switches that generate enormous
amounts of heat.
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Thermistors certified to UL 1434
Voltage Controlled Oscillator operates
from 200 MHz to 239 MHz
Crystek’s (Dolyestown, PA) VCO55FL-0200-0239
VCO (Voltage Controlled Oscillator) operates
from 200 MHz to 239 MHz with a control voltage
range of 0.5 V~4.5 V. This VCO features a typical
phase noise of -123 dBc/Hz @10KHz offset and
has excellent linearity. Output power is typically
+8.5 dBm. Features include:
• Industry-standard 0.5” x 0.5” SMD package.
• Input voltage of 5 V, with a maximum current
consumption of 25 mA.
• Pulling and pushing are minimized to 0.5 MHz
and 0.5 MHz/V, respectively.
• Second harmonic suppression is -20 dBc typical.
• Ideal for use in applications, such as digital
radio equipment, fixed wireless access, satellite
communications systems, and base stations.
For more information, visit www.crystek.com
Ametherm (Carson City, NV) announced that
its SURGE-GARD™ series of NTC inrush
current limiting thermistorshas received
Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certification
per UL file number E209153. The devices are
certified to UL 1434 for single- and three-phase
input voltages up to 480 VAC.
Features include:
• Capable of handling high steady-state currents to 36 A and input energy to 250 J.
• Offer resistance at +25°C (R25) from 0.4O to
220O with tolerances down to ±10%, maximum operating voltage to 265 VRMS, and
beta from 3000°K to 3965°K.
• Constructed of specially formulated metal
oxide ceramic materials, optimized for a variety of applications that require inrush current
limiting to reduce noise and circuit failure.
• Applications include power supplies, motor
drives, HVAC motors, motor drives, transformers, and amplifiers.
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