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OV10635 HD HDR product brief
lead free
available in
a lead-free
Megapixel, Color HDR Sensors for Advanced
Automotive Display and Sensing Applications
The OV10635 system-on-chip (SoC) sensor raises the standard in
automotive imaging by combining megapixel resolution with color HDR.
The AEC-Q100 qualified OV10635 comes with a full set of automatic
controls and an image processing pipeline for display and sensing
applications. Ideally suited for wide field of view and multi-camera
applications, the OV10635 also incorporates special features and
output formats for automotive machine vision applications. With its
proprietary capability to simultaneously deliver high image quality and
superior scene information, the OV10635 is designed for automotive
applications that perform vision and sensing functions in tandem.
The sensor is built on a 4.2-micron OmniPixel3-HS™ pixel, enabling
best-in-class low-light sensitivity of 3.65 V/lux-sec to capture
detail-rich, high-definition color video in any environment. Using a
proprietary new high dynamic range (HDR) concept and processing
technology, this automotive sensor delivers excellent scene
reproduction in the most demanding lighting conditions, achieving a
dynamic range up to 115 dB in color and black-and-white. The OV10635
not only has the ability to accurately reproduce high-contrast scenes,
but also employs auto dynamic range control to adjust to changing
lighting and scene conditions to produce a clear, detailed and low-noise
color image in any automotive situation. A proprietary approach to
generating HDR images also dramatically reduces or eliminates many
typical HDR image sensor artifacts such as motion ghost artifacts and
other unwanted effects.
The OV10635 offers all required automatic image control functions,
including automatic exposure control, automatic white balance,
automatic black level calibration, as well as defective pixel correction,
gamma correction and lens shading correction. The sensor supports a
digital video parallel port, and provides full-framed or windowed 10- or
8-bit YUV and 10- to 18-bit combined HDR RAW output format with
complete user control over formatting and output data transfer.
Camera functions are programmable through the serial camera control
bus (SCCB) interface. Additional features include a horizontal and
vertical windowing capability, external frame sync capability, 50/60 Hz
flicker cancellation and low power consumption.
The OV10635 comes in a 7.8 mm x 7.1 mm aCSP package.
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¬ Automotive
- 360° surround view
- automotive machine vision
- lane departure warning
- traffic sign recognition
- automatic high beam control
- object detection
pedestrian detection
rear view camera
blind spot detection
mirror replacement
occupant sensor
night vision
Ordering Information
¬ OV10635-N29Y-PB
(color sensor with protective film in tray, lead-free, 129-pin aCSP™)
¬ OV10635-N29Y-RB
(with protective film in tape and reel, lead-free, 129-pin aCSP™)
Product Features
¬ support for image sizes:
- WXGA (1280x800)
- HD 720p (1280x720)
- WVGA (752x480)
- VGA (640x480)
- 600x400
- CIF (352x288)
- QVGA (320x240)
¬ OV10135-N29Y
(b&w sensor with protective fim in tray, lead-free, 129-pin aCSP™)
¬ horizontal and vertical
windowing capability
¬ auto white balance control
¬ aperture/gamma correction
Product Specifications
¬ serial camera control bus (SCCB)
for register programming
¬ support for output formats:
YUV and separated and
combined RAW
¬ low power consumption
¬ external frame sync capability
¬ parallel DVP interface
¬ 50/60 Hz flicker cancellation
¬ high sensitivity
¬ lens chief ray angle: 9°
¬ power supply:
- core: 1.425 ~ 1.575V
- analog: 3.14 ~ 3.47V
- I/O: 1.7 ~ 3.47V
¬ input clock frequency: 6 ~ 27 MHz
¬ temperature range:
- operating: -40°C to +105°C
sensor ambient temperature
(operating sensor ambient
temperatures above +60°C
may result in degraded image quality)
¬ scan mode: progressive
¬ max S/N ratio: 39 dB
¬ dynamic range: 115 dB
¬ power requirements:
- active: 485 mW typical @ 3.3V AVDD, ¬ maximum image transfer rate:
1.5V DVDD, and 1.8V DOVDD
30 fps full resolution
- standby: 267 µW typical @ 3.3V AVDD,
1.5V DVDD, and 1.8V DOVDD
¬ sensitivity: 3650 mV/lux-sec
¬ defective pixel correction
¬ automatic exposure/gain
¬ active array size: 1280 x 800
¬ output interfaces:
10-bit parallel DVP
¬ shutter: rolling shutter
¬ maximum exposure interval: 838 x tROW
¬ pixel size: 4.2 µm x 4.2 µm
¬ dark current: 2.5 mV/s
@ 50°C junction temperature
¬ output formats: up to 18-bit combined RAW,
separated 10-bit RAW, 8-/10-bit YUV422 ¬ image area: 5510.4 µm x 3418.8 µm
¬ lens size: 1/2.7"
¬ package dimensions:
- aCSP™: 7795 µm x 7145 µm
Functional Block Diagram
digital gain
black level
row select
image output
image sensor core
gain control
control register bank
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Santa Clara, CA 95054
Version 1.2, December, 2013
Tel: + 1 408 567 3000
Fax: + 1 408 567 3001
SCCB slave interface
timing generator and system control logic
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