Product News 2BB0535T
SCALE-2® Basic Board
Fast and efficient development of customized
power-stack designs based on driver cores and
CONCEPT application know-how.
2BB0535T – Design Support for Driving
3.3kV IGBT´s with 2SC0535T
- Blocking voltages up to 3300V
- Switching frequency up to 100kHz
- Very short delay time of <100ns
- Gate current ±35A
- +15V/-10V gate driving
- Regulated gate-emitter voltage
- Compatible with all logic families
- Direct and half-bridge modes
- Flexible fault management
- Embedded paralleling capability
- 2-level and multilevel topologies
- IGBT short-circuit protection
- Dynamic Advanced Active Clamping (DA2C)
- Isolated DC/DC converter
- 2 x 5W output power
- Supply under-voltage lockout
- Creepage and clearances for reinforced
insulation acc. to IEC60077-1 and IEC60664-1
In order to help customers reduce their design time, CONCEPT has launched a new basic board.
The 2BB0535T2A0-33 for the new 3.3kV
driver core helps to integrate the high-performance gate drive unit into the customer´s
power-stack design. It offers a quick way of
evaluating the performance of various IGBT
modules in combination with the SCALE-2®
driver 2SC0535T2A0-33. The board itself allows the user to decide whether he wants to
use the most cost-effective electrical interface prefer to stay with a fiberoptic signal transfer coming
from his control unit. The
layout data and schematics – which are
offered free of
charge – provide
efficient guidance
for customizing the integration of the driver core
perfectly into the customer´s power
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