Drivers - Application Guide for Programmable LED Driver

Application Guide Rev. 03
Application Guide for Samsung Programmable LED Drivers
1. Installation the Programmable Driver Configurator Software
1) Release the Programmable Driver Configurator Software package
There are 5 files in the package like above ICONs. If your computer hasn’t installed “Microsoft Framework4.0” or
“Windows Installer3.1”, please open the folder “DotNetFX40” and then double click “dotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64” to
install the Microsoft Framework4.0. “CDM v2.12.00WHQL Certified” is the USB driver.
2) Double click “setup” to install the Programmable Driver Configurator Software
The detailed installing steps can be referenced from following figures and notes.
Click “Next” and Choose acquiescent installation route, ”Everyone” and then click “Next”
2. Programmable Driver User Guide
Step 1. Check the USB Port at the PC or Notebook
Before setting LED current, connect devices referring APPENDIX I.
Please click “Port Set”. You can see the available port number on the pop-up window.
Step 2. Check the status of connection with programmable driver
Please click “Connection”. After see “Success” and click “Driver type”. If you cannot fine “success “message,
please check the connection. After that “Read” button can be activated.
Step 3. Read driver information
Please click “Read”. After see “Success” and can see the setting current of LED drive, Driver type number, Driver
version. After this step, “Program” button can be activated
Step 4. Adjust output current
You can input the target current and click the “program button”.
Step 5. Dimming curve change
You can change the MAX dim level and program it again.
LED Current
1-9.5V Dim
1-8.5V Dim
10 9.5 9 8.5 8 7.5 7 6.5 6 5.5 5 4.5 4 3.5 3 2.5 2 1.5 1 0.5 0
Step 6. Adjustable Start-up Time
At power ON, the fast fade-up of light can be unpleasant in certain dimming applications.
To avoid such a situation, the driver fade-up time at start-up can be programmed like
、10s、20s、40s. The default start fade up time is 5s.
T1 : AC turn on delay time
Ts : Time to recognize the dimming condition, normally 1s
T2 : Start Fadeup Time
[ 100% Dimmg, Fade up time 5s ]
[ 50% Dimmg, Fade up time 5s ]
[ 5% Dimmg, Fade up time 5s ]
I. Accessory & Pin Map
a. Accessory ( Usb cable, Cable Ass’y, smart key )
b. Pin & wiring definition
c. Example of connection
II. System Connection
Safety, USB Bus power supply
Configuration function, can match Samsung programmable LED drives
Programming function, can be used for a variety of LED drivers
Can be used as a USB to UART conversion tool (Optional)
The generic USB driver using the FTDI utility
Size: 68.3*64.3*25.5mm, for desktop use