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AS5510 - Errata
Errata Document of Datasheet [v1-06] 2014-Jun-05
This Errata Sheet is valid for AS5048A/B integrated circuits. It is only valid for parts with the
datecodes listed below. Parts with other datecodes are not affected.
Deviation 1
Long-term reliability issue
Affected Parts:
Ordering #
1205MMR, 1216MBR, 1216MBP,
1219MEO, 1219MEK, 1304MVV,
1219MEI, 1316MKG, 1304MVU,
1321MQF, 1343MOU, 1344MPC,
1219MEG, 1403MDI, 1417MQU,
1408MMX, 1420MVO, 1420MWR,
1421MZF, 1421MZD, 424MDH,
1422MAI, 1401MBA, 1436MOB,
1438MRT, 1438MSA, 1440MUQ,
1447MDJ, 1446MDA, 1447MDR,
1504MQP, 1505MTA, 1506MUO,
1219MET, 1304MVU, 1401MBA
Parts with the datecodes listed above may show long-term reliability issues if used in ambient
temperatures above 125 degC. Parts with other datecodes are not affected.
Use the affected parts with max. ambient temperatures up to 125 degC only.
ams Errata Sheet, Confidential
[v1-01] 2015-Mar-04
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AS5510 - Errata
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[v1-01] 2015-Mar-04
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