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Electronic Components
April 2007
The Challenge
A versatile and highly reliable circular connector
• Quick quarter turn coupling
with the ability to mix power, signal, coax, or
• High shock 50 g’s and vibration resistance 20g’s
pneumatic contacts within a single insert
without lockwires
arrangement and designed to meet the
• Audible, visual and tactile indication of full coupling
demands of harsh environment applications.
• Waterproof to 10 meters (33 ft) 12 hours (14.7 PSI)
• 2,000 couplings minimum
• Elastomer temperature ranges:
- 55˚ C to + 125˚ C. Neoprene
- 70˚ C to + 200˚ C. Silicone
- 50˚ C to + 200˚ C. Viton
- 40˚ C to + 165˚ C. FR (flame retardant)
Benefit to the Customer
• No coupling threads to gall or bind due to
wear or contamination.
The ITT Solution ...
• Reliable performance in hostile environments.
• High durability.
The VEAM CIR Series is the most versatile electrical, optical
• Environmental sealing.
and pneumatic multi-pin connector available today.
• Range of options for terminating individual
wires, jacketed cable, braided shield, and conduit.
• Keyway orientation prevents mis-mating.
• Mass Transit
• Insert options from 1 to 159 contact positions.
• Wide variety of shell styles, materials and plating
• Military / Defense
• Nuclear
• Industrial
• Geophysical
• Entertainment
For application assistance, please contact:
Mike Gardiner, [email protected]
Edward Wong, [email protected]
Emiliano Centenaro, [email protected]