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TriNEST™ microplate incubator shaker
TriNEST™ Incubator Shaker
High quality
instrument for high
precision results
The 1296-0050 TriNEST™ microplate incubator
shaker from PerkinElmer is a high quality device for
processing assays on standard-height microplates.
Advanced electronic and mechanical design
provides the technical excellence you need in order
to obtain quality results in either clinical or research assays.
Compact, versatile solution for plate-based assays
TriNEST can accommodate three plates simultaneously, and with its footprint requires
only 388 x 310 mm of laboratory bench space. You can also stack up to three units to
give a nine-plate capacity for the same footprint. The instrument is easy to use, with
its own keypad and display. Up to 20 incubating and shaking programs can be stored,
in which temperature, shaking speed and time are specified. Interval shaking is also
supported. You can specify incubation temperatures from 3°C above ambient to 70°C,
a very wide temperature range, making the device suitable for most plate-based assays.
Controlled incubation and orbital shaking to assure results quality
To assure highly repeatable results, temperature is accurate to 0.5°C and temperature
uniformity across the plate is good, with variation under 0.6°C. For assays requiring
simultaneous shaking, the orbital shaker provides an amplitude range from 400 to 1200
rpm, with shaking precision ± 2%.
Designed for long lifetime and low maintenance
TriNEST has been designed to provide excellent service with
materials such as Teflon and acid proof steel to reduce the risk of
corrosion. As well as helping to assure a longer lifetime, careful
use of materials maximizes the period between maintenance calls.
TriNEST Incubator Shaker
Capacity: 3 plates per unit, SBS standard height
96-well and 384-well plates
Shaking frequency: 400-1200 rpm (or 0 rpm) in
100 rpm increments
Programmable: up to 20 programs
Precision: ± 2%
Relative humidity: 15-85 %
Orbit: ~2 mm
LCD graphics display
Time: 0-48h in increments of 1 min
External power supply
Interval shaking: interval up to 60 min in increments of 1s or 1 min
Supports use of plastic or aluminum plate sealers
Environmental conditions
The 3 plates are processed with the same program but can be loaded at
different times
Operating: 15°C to +35°C, RH 10-75%
Transport: 0°C to + 60°C, RH 10 -80%
packed in transport package
Storage: 0°C to +60°C, RH 10-20%
packed in transport package
Buzzer and LED lights indicate when incubation is complete
CE marked in conformance with the IVD Directive 98/79/EC
Temperature range: from 3°C above ambient to 70°C
in 1°C increments
Physical data
Weight: ~15 kg
Precision: ± 0.5°C
Dimensions: 388 mm W * 310 mm D * 223 mm H
Voltage: 100 – 120 V or 220 – 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz
Variation across plate: < 0.6°C
Warming speed: less than 15 min from +24°C to +70°C
Incubation time: 0-48h in increments of 1 min
Preheat function assuring incubation starts at precisely the specified
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1296-0050 TriNEST Incubator Shaker
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