CP2105 Errata

August 22, 2012
CP2105 Errata
Datasheet Errata Status Summary
The Documentation Errata is applicable to the following document:
 CP2105 Data Sheet Revision 1.0
Errata #
ROM Programming Voltage
Data Sheet
Issue Exists
Impact Definition: Each erratum is marked with an impact, as defined below:
 Minor—Workaround exists.
 Major—Errata that do not conform to the data sheet or standard.
 Information—The device behavior is not ideal but acceptable. Typically, the data sheet will be
changed to match the device behavior.
Errata Details
D1. ROM Programming Voltage
Description: The data sheet incorrectly indicates that VDD must remain at 3.3 V or higher to
successfully write to the configuration ROM. Instead, the voltage on the VIO pin must remain at 3.3 V or
higher when writing to the configuration ROM.
Impact: For systems that connect VDD and VIO together, there is no impact. For systems that have a
separate voltage source for VIO and are configuring the ROM in-system, VIO must remain at 3.3 V while
programming is in progress.
Resolution: This note will be fixed in the Revision 1.1 of the CP2105 Data Sheet.
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