EM35xx Hardware Design Review Questionnaire

EM35xx Hardware Design Review Questionnaire
Rev 0.5, 03/28/2016
Thank you for the opportunity to review your EM35xx hardware design. In order for us to provide a timely and complete review of your
design, please fill out the following questionnaire.
Design Questions:
Have you reviewed our EM35xx reference designs?
o If yes, which designs?
___ EM358x, USB, 4-layer, Inverted-F Antenna
___ EM35xx, 2-layer, Chip Antenna
___ EM35xx, 2-layer, Inverted-F Antenna
___ EM359x, USB, 4-layer, Ceramic Balun
___ RD-0039-0201, EM3581, Capsense Dimmer
___ Yes
___ No
___ EM35xx, 4-layer, Ceramic Balun ___ RD-0001-0201, EM3588, Wi-Fi/Eth Gateway
___ EM35xx, 4-layer, SE2432L FEM
___ RD-0002-0201, EM3588, Virtual Gateway
___ EM35xx, 4-layer, RF6525 FEM
___ RD-0020-0601, EM357, Lighting
___ RD-0035-0601, EM3585, Lighting ___ RD-0030-0201, EM3587, Contact Sensor
___ Other (name of reference design) _______________________________________
Name of Silicon Labs contact or partner who provided reference design _______________________________
Have you reviewed AN698 (PCB Design with EM35x)?
___ Yes
___ No
Which EM35xx device(s) are you using in this design?
Which ZigBee application is this design (HA, SE, ZCL, RF4CE, etc.)? ______________________________________
Is this design using an OEM module or is this a discrete design?
Is your design using the EM35xx device as a system-on-chip (SoC), or as a network co-processor (NCP) with a host MCU?
___ SoC
___ NCP over USB
o If NCP, what is the part number of the host which is connected to the EM35xx? ____________________
o Are you using customizable extended NCP (xNCP)? ___ Yes ___ No
Does your design include a front end module (FEM) with PA and/or LNA?
___ Yes
___ No
o If yes, which FEM is connected to the EM35xx?
What region(s) of the world is this product intended to be sold/deployed (check all that apply)?
___ USA
___ Europe
___ China
___ India
___ Japan
___ Other ___________________
What compliance/regulatory standards does your design have to meet? ___ FCC ___ CE ___ ETSI ___ Other ____________
___ OEM Module
___ Discrete
10. Are there other radios used in this design (Wi-Fi, BTLE, sub-GHz ZigBee, etc.)? ___ Yes
___ No
o If yes, please list the frequency bands (169/434/868/915MHz, 2.4GHz, etc.) ____________________
11. How are you using the serial controllers?
SC3 (EM359x)
SC4 (EM359x)
___ SPI
___ SPI
___ SPI
___ SPI
___ UART
___ I2C/TWI
___ UART
___ I2C/TWI
___ I2C/TWI
___ USB
___ I2C/TWI
SC1 Peripheral: ___________________
SC2 Peripheral: ___________________
SC3 Peripheral: ___________________
SC4 Peripheral: ___________________
12. What other peripherals are connected to the EM35x GPIO (ADC, timer, LED, button, sensor, etc.)?
13. Is your design powered by battery or line powered?
o If battery powered, please list type of battery
___ Battery Powered
___ Line Powered
14. Are you using any other Silicon Labs devices in this design?
o If yes, please list the devices _______________________________
___ Yes
___ No
15. Please provide any additional information about your design that will help aid our team with the review.
Deliverable Format:
Please note that the following file formats are requested for design reviews:
Schematic Review – PDF
Layout Review – Gerbers (including paste mask and solder mask layers)
Note: An update of an existing design which has already been reviewed should be submitted to the same portal case as the original design
in order for proper traceability and comparison between designs.