Like a pair of glasses, the RM3100 Geomagne<c Sensor enables you to see magne<c fields clearly. The RM3100 Geomagne<c Sensor is the highest performance sensor in its class with over 10 <mes beFer resolu<on and over 20 <mes lower noise than the leading Hall Effect sensor. It makes precise magne2c field measurements, which enables accurate calcula2on of heading and orienta2on. Based on PNI Sensor’s proprietary magneto-­‐
induc2ve technology, our sensors deliver high-­‐performance resolu2on and repeatability with extremely low noise. They also provide high gain, high sampling, no hysteresis and do not require temperature calibra2on or current set-­‐and-­‐reset pulses before each measurement. temporarily distort heading informa2on, such as metal parts in furniture, a passing car, or nearby cell phones and computers, are also a large challenge. Compensa2ng for these and other transient magne2c anomalies requires the geomagne2c sensor to be able to precisely dis2nguish between sensor noise, or “blur”, and real changes in the magne2c field. PNI Sensor’s geomagne2c sensors lead the field in their ability to reduce blur to establish the true magne2c field, outperforming other magne2c sensors every 2me. PNI Sensor’s RM3100 eliminates any “blur” in your magne<c field measurements making distor2on error correc2on a snap, and Geomagne2c sensors are used to measure the ul2mately allowing you to easily and accurately calculate absolute orienta2on and earth’s magne2c field to provide absolute heading. reference and heading. System components such as baMeries, shielding materials, or motors will distort the geomagne2c field near the sensors. Changing magne2c fields that A leader in its industry. The RM3100 Geomagne2c Sensor is the top performer, outperforming Hall Effect sensors by orders of magnitude. It is the latest development in PNI Sensor’s proprietary magneto-­‐induc<ve technology.
About PNI
Leading Hall Effect Sensor
PNI Sensor’s Magneto Induc<ve Sensor
Sensi2vity (nT)
300 nT
13 nT
Noise (nT)
500 nT
15 nT
Opera<ng Specifica<ons
Cycle Counts
Field Measurement Range 100
-­‐800 μT to +800 μT
Noise 30 nT
20 nT
15 nT
Gain @ 3V (LSB/μT)
20 μT
38 μT
75 μT
Linearity over ±200 μT
0.5 % (typical)
Sensi<vity 50 nT
26 nT
13 nT
Max 3-­‐Axis Sample Rate 534 Hz
284 Hz
147 Hz
Current Usage @ 8 Hz, 3 Axes
70 mA 135 mA 260 mA Circuit Oscilla<on Frequency
180 kHz
Bias Resistor (RB)
121 Ω
SPI and I2C
Opera<ng Temperature Range
Size (l x w x h)
PNI Sensor Corpora2on is the leader in the exac2ng science of producing pinpoint heading and orienta2on technology and algorithms for the consumer, military, scien2fic and oceanography communi2es. Building on decades of patented sensor development, PNI offers highly accurate magneto induc2ve sensor systems and 9-­‐axis sensor fusion technology. Its products are used in consumer electronics, robo2cs, surveying, naviga2on and automo2ve applica2ons across the globe. To learn more, please visit
-­‐40 C to +85 C
Sen XY
6.0 x 2.1 x 2.2 mm
Sen Z
3.0 x 3.0 x 5.75 mm
4.0 x 4.0 x 0.75 mm
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