Optical Liquid Level Sensors
D600HD Series
* 1/2” SAE Threaded Body
* Heavy Duty Style
* Wider range of options
* Wide range of Commercial, Industrial
& Automotive applications.
Housing Style
1/2” SAE-20 Thread (1)
Output Function
Digital (High or Low in Air) outputs
± 1mm
1mm depending on liquid
Response time rising liquid
Response time falling liquid (ethanol)
Supply Voltage (Vs)
< 1 second
5 to 16Vdc or 10 to 28Vdc (see below)
Supply Current
15mA nominal
Sink / Source Current
250mA or 500mA max (see below)
Temperature range: operating
-25°C to +80°C or –40° to +125°C
Housing Material
Polysulphone UDEL 1700
Cable Length
200mm PTFE wires
IP67 Rated
Thermal Testing
As per BS EN60068-2-33
As per BS EN60068-2-30
As per BS EN60068 Part S3: 1996
Mechanical Shock
As per BS EN60068-2-27 Part 2 Ea: 1987
Max. Pressure
7 bar
Order Codes:
1) O-ring supplied unassembled
D 6 * 0 *H D * ** - 0 0 *
Temp Range
0: -25°C to +80°C
1: -40°C to +125°C
Supply Voltage
12: 5 to 16VDC
24: 10 to 28VDC
Sink / Source Current
0: 250mA max
5: 500mA max
Output Circuit
1: N-Channel Open Drain with flyback diode*
2: Digital Output (Sink Current only)
3: N-Channel Open Drain
4: P-Channel Open Drain
5: N & P Channel Push-Pull Output
Output Polarity
L: Output Low in Air
H: Output High in Air
Drawing dimensions in millimetres
* For use with inductive loads
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