Brochure: SIMATIC Basic Controllers: S7-1200

Published by Siemens Industry, Inc. 2016
This is what the S7-1200 controllers offer you:
• Security Integrated
Security thanks to protected access to the CPU and
program copy protection
• Technology Integrated
Incorporated functions and flexible connection
of drives
• Versatile diagnostics
System diagnostics indicate error messages in plaintext in the TIA Portal on the HMI or web server
The first microcontroller in both standard and
safety versions
The S7-1200 CPUs with Safety Integrated can additionally
assume the monitoring of safety functions – e.g. protective
door with tumbler. The fail-safe sensors and actuators are
integrated either centrally via fail-safe signaling modules
or in a distributed manner via PROFIsafe.
Standard controller in combination
with an external safety-relay solution
• Efficient engineering
With SIMATIC STEP 7 Basic in the TIA Portal
• Flexible integration into all network structures
even connection to remote control centers
Advantages at a glance
• Optimum integration of the safety functions into the
overall sequence of production processes
• Automation Tasks (Tutorials)
• Customer references
Discover more:
SIMATIC S7-1200 Basic Controllers are the ideal choice
when it comes to performing automation tasks in the lowto mid-performance range with maximum flexibility and
efficiency. They deliver convincing results thanks to their
comprehensive range of technological functions and integrated IOs, as well as their compact, space-saving design.
Thanks to standardized remote control protocols, you can
connect SIMATIC S7-1200 controllers directly to your control center without any programming effort.
A further decisive benefit is the incorporation of
all SIMATIC controllers into the Totally Integrated
Automation Portal (TIA Portal): all SIMATIC controllers
have access to a shared database, a standardized
operating concept, and integrated services, such as
communication protocols like PROFINET.
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• Savings can be made even with just using a few safety
Integrated safety solution with a
fail-safe controller of the S7-1200 series
• Efficient fault diagnosis centrally on an
HMI panel
Subject to changes and errors.
The information given in this document only
contains general descriptions and/or performance
features which may not always specifically reflect
those described, or which may undergo modification
in the course of further development of the products.
The requested performance features are binding
only when they are expressly agreed upon in the
concluded contract.
That means reduced engineering effort and faster commissioning for you. The user-friendly and innovative
operation of the TIA Portal, as well as the integrated
system diagnostics, also contribute to efficient working.
SIMATIC controllers support automation solutions that
are scalable in performance and functionality, and thus
cost-efficient in every case. The functionality of the
SIMATIC S7-1200 controllers is seamlessly continued by
the SIMATIC S7-1500 controllers that have been developed for more complex tasks and that are also available
in a compact version. This universality means you benefit
from uniform sequences and thus maximum efficiency
in engineering, operation, and maintenance, and when
migrating to new systems.
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• Efficient engineering in the TIA Portal
• Fault diagnosis only possible by means of
onboard LEDs and not on a central HMI panel
• New: SIMATIC S7-1200
with PROFIsafe and
Energy Meter module
You can find information on this at:
There you can also register for a newsletter
specifically about these products. To ensure the
secure operation of a plant or machine, it is also
necessary to take suitable preventive action (e.g.
cell protection concept) and to integrate the
automation and drive components into a stateof-the-art, holistic industrial security policy for
the entire plant or machine. Products used from
other manufacturers should also be taken into
­account here.
• Use in extreme ambient conditions
as SIPLUS S7-1200 version
• Reduced effort required for wiring:
All information (e.g. signal states and diagnoses) is
already available in the system
German Article No.: DFFA-B10053-01-7600
U.S. Order No: PCGF-B10053-0516
Printed in U.S.A.
Basic Controller
All in one!
Siemens offers automation and drives ­products with
industrial security functions that support safe operation
of the plant or machine. They are an important
component in a holistic industrial security concept.
With this in mind, our products undergo continuous
development. We therefore r­ ecommend that you
keep yourself informed with respect to our product
updates, and that you only use the latest versions in
each case.
• New: Safety Integrated
Fail-safe CPUs for the execution of
standard and safety-related programs
• Complex wiring of the safety function
(for feedback and possible functional
Basic Controller
SIMATIC S7-1200:
Engineered with TIA Portal
Engineered with TIA Portal
Be flexible thanks to
System performance
• Innovative design and easy operation
Compact construction with integrated IOs and
flexibility due to the board concept
SIemens Industry, Inc.
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Norcross, GA 30092
Advanced Controller
Software Controller
Distributed Controller
Basic Controller
Basic Controller SIMATIC S7-1200
Complexity of application
Scalable performance and functionality for consistent and efficient engineering: The functionality of the SIMATIC S7-1200 controllers is
seamlessly continued by the SIMATIC S7-1500 devices. This makes subsequent expansions easier and more cost-effective.
Central processing units
Standard modules
CPU 1211C
Article No.
50 KB, DI 6 x 24 V DC, DQ 4 x 24 V DC
or 4 x RLY, AI 2 x 10 bit 0–10 V DC,
expandable to 3 CM
DC / DC / DC
6ES7 211-1AE40-0XB0
CPU 1212C
150 KB, DI 10 x 24 V DC, 4 x 1.5 V differential,
DQ 6 x 24 V DC, 4 x 1.5 V differential,
AI 2 x 10 bit 0–10 V DC, AQ 2 x 10 bit 0–20 mA,
line driver IO for (1 MHz ±1.5 V),
expandable to 3 CM + 8 SM
CPU 1212FC
6ES7 212-1BE40-0XB0
6ES7 212-1HE40-0XB0
CPU 1214FC
6ES7 214-1BG40-0XB0
6ES7 214-1HG40-0XB0
CPU 1215FC
6ES7 215-1BG40-0XB0
6ES7 215-1HG40-0XB0
DC / DC / DC
6ES7 212-1AF40-0XB0
6ES7 212-1HF40-0XB0
6ES7 214-1AF40-0XB0
6ES7 214-1HF40-0XB0
DC / DC / DC
6ES7 215-1AF40-0XB0
6ES7 215-1HF40-0XB0
TS adapter IE Basic
CP 1243-7 LTE
TS adapter IE Advanced
6ES7 241-1CH32-0XB0
CM 1243-2 AS-i master
3RK7 243-2AA30-0XB0
DCM 1271 AS-i data decoupling
3RK7 271-1AA30-0AA0
CM 1242-5 PROFIBUS DP slave
6GK7 242-5DX30-0XE0
CM 1243-5 PROFIBUS DP master
6GK7 243-5DX30-0XE0
6GK7 243-1BX30-0XE0
CP 1243-1 DNP3 protocol
6GK7 243-1JX30-0XE0
CP 1243-1
IEC 60870-5-104 protocol
6GK7 243-1PX30-0XE0
CP 1243-1 PCC
(Plant Cloud Connect)
CP 1243-8 IRC ST7 protocol
Partner product
Article No.
Telecontrol and teleservice
Communications board
Article No.
Article No.
6ES7 972-0EB00-0XA0
6ES7 972-0EA00-0XA0
6GK7 243-7KX30-0XE0
CP 1243-1 Security
TS module
TS module modem
TS module ISDN
TS module RS232
TS module GSM
6ES7 241-1CH30-1XB0
6ES7 954-8LC02-0AA0
24 MB (optional)
6ES7 954-8LF02-0AA0
6ES7 954-8LE02-0AA0
6ES7 972-0MM00-0XA0
6ES7 972-0MD00-0XA0
6ES7 972-0MS00-0XA0
6GK7 972-0MG00-0XA0
Quad-band GSM / UMTS / LTE
ANT794-4MR antenna
6NH9 860-1AA00
Control center connection
Telecontrol Server Basic 8
6NH9 910-0AA21-0AA0
Telecontrol Server Basic 64
Telecontrol Server Basic 256
6NH9 910-0AA21-0AC0
Further Telecontrol products are also available,
for more details, see
Operation using keys, 3" FSTN display,
monochrome, adjustable backlighting color
(white, red, green, yellow)
PROFINET 6AV6 647-0AH11-3AX0
SIMATIC HMI KP400 Basic color PN
Operation using keys, high-resolution 4" TFT widescreen
display, 256 colors
6ES7 954-8LP01-0AA0
6ES7 954-8LT02-0AA0
Digital input simulators
PROFINET 6AV6 647-0AJ11-3AX0
Operation using touchscreen + keys, 4" TFT widescreen
display, 65,536 colors
Simulator (8 positions for CPU 1211C/1212C)
6ES7 274-1XF30-0XA0
Simulator (14 positions for CPU 1214C/1215C)
6ES7 274-1XH30-0XA0
PROFINET 6AV2 123-2DB03-0AX0
Operation using touchscreen + keys, 7" TFT widescreen
display, 65,536 colors, PROFINET or PROFIBUS
Simulator (14 positions for CPU 1217C)
6ES7 274-1XK30-0XA0
PROFINET 6AV2 123-2GB03-0AX0
Analog input simulators
Potentiometer: for all CPUs
PROFIBUS 6AV2 123-2GA03-0AX0
6ES7 274-1XA30-0XA0
Operation using touchscreen + keys, 9" TFT widescreen
display, 65,536 colors
Expansion cable for signal module
2.0 m
CSM 1277
Signal modules
Signal modules – digital
SM 1221 DC
DI 8 x 24 V DC
DI 16 x 24 V DC
SM 1222 DC
DQ 8 x 24 V DC 0.5 A
DQ 16 x 24 V DC 0.5 A
DQ 8 x RLY 30 V DC/250 V AC 2 A
DQ 16 x RLY 30 V DC/250 V AC 2 A
DQ 8 x RLY switchover
30 V DC/250 V AC 2 A
SM 1223 DC/DC
DI 8 x 24 V DC, DQ 8 x 24 V DC 0.5 A
DI 16 x 24 V DC, DQ 16 x 24 V DC 0.5 A
Article No.
6ES7 221-1BF32-0XB0
6ES7 221-1BH32-0XB0
6ES7 222-1BF32-0XB0
6ES7 222-1BH32-0XB0
6ES7 222-1HF32-0XB0
6ES7 222-1HH32-0XB0
6ES7 222-1XF32-0XB0
6ES7 223-1BH32-0XB0
6ES7 223-1BL32-0XB0
SM 1223 DC/RLY
SM 1231 AI
AI 4 x 13 bit ±10 V DC, ±5 V DC,
±2.5 V DC or 4–20 mA
AI 8 x 13 bit ±10 V DC, ±5 V DC,
±2.5 V DC or 4–20 mA
AI 4 x 16 bit ±10 V DC, ±5 V DC,
±2.5 V DC, ±1.25 V DC or 4–20 mA
SM 1231 RTD
AI 4 x RTD x 16 bit
AI 8 x RTD x 16 bit
SM 1231 TC
AI 4 x TC x 16 bit
AI 8 x TC x 16 bit
SM 1232 AQ
AQ 2 x 14 bit ±10 V DC or 4–20 mA
DI 8 x 24 V DC,
DQ 8 x RLY 30 V DC/250 V AC 2 A
6ES7 223-1PH32-0XB0
DI 16 x 24 V DC,
DQ 16 x RLY 30 V DC/250 V AC 2 A
6ES7 223-1PL32-0XB0
SM 1223 AC/RLY
DI 8 x 120/250 V AC,
DQ 8 x RLY 30 V DC/250 V AC 2 A
Signal modules – analog
6ES7 223-1QH32-0XB0
AQ 4 x 14 bit ±10 V DC or 4–20 mA
SM 1234 AI/AQ
AI 4 x 13 bit ±10 V DC, ±5 V DC,
±2.5 V DC or 4–20 mA,
AQ 2 x 14 bit ±10 V DC or 4–20 mA
SM 1238 Energy Meter 480VAC
Energy measuring module for data
acquisition in 1- and 3-phase
­networks (TN, TT) up to 480 V AC;
Current range: 1 A, 5 A
Article No.
Signal boards
SB 1221 DC* 200 kHz
DI 4 x 5 V DC*
6ES7 231-4HD32-0XB0
6ES7 231-4HF32-0XB0
6ES7 231-5ND32-0XB0
DI 4 x 24 V DC*
SB 1222 DC 200 kHz
DQ 4 x 5 V DC 0.1 A
DQ 4 x 24 V DC 0.1 A
SB 1223 DC/DC
DI 2 x 24 V DC/DQ 2 x 24 V DC 0.5 A
6ES7 231-5PD32-0XB0
6ES7 231-5PF32-0XB0
SB 1223 DC*/DC 200 kHz
DI 2 x 5 V DC*/DQ 2 x 5 V DC 0.1 A
DI 2 x 24 V DC*/DQ 2 x 24 V DC 0.1 A
6ES7 231-5QD32-0XB0
6ES7 231-5QF32-0XB0
6ES7 232-4HB32-0XB0
6ES7 232-4HD32-0XB0
SB 1232 AQ
AQ 1 x 12 bit ±10 V DC or 0–20 mA
AI 1 x 12 bit ±10 V DC, ±5 V DC,
±2.5 V DC or 0–20 mA
AI 1 x RTD x 16 bit, type: Platinum (Pt)
6ES7 221-3BD30-0XB0
6ES7 222-1AD30-0XB0
6ES7 222-1BD30-0XB0
6ES7 223-0BD30-0XB0
6ES7 223-3AD30-0XB0
6ES7 223-3BD30-0XB0
6ES7 232-4HA30-0XB0
SM 1226 F-DQ 2 x relay
F-DQ RLY 2 x 5 A
30 V DC/250 V AC
6ES7 226-6RA32-0XB0
SM 1226 F-DI 16 x 24 V DC
SIWAREX weighing modules
6ES7 226-6BA32-0XB0
Software Update Service SIMATIC STEP 7 Basic
6ES7 231-5PA30-0XB0
Upgrade SIMATIC STEP 7 Basic V11–V12 to V13
PROFIBUS 6AV2 123-2MA03-0AX0
For more information, see
Communications module for direct connection of
SIMATIC identification systems to the SIMATIC S7-1200
RFID system in the HF range, compact and cost-efficient,
easy connection to the automation system
7MH4 960-4AA01
For more information, see
Software Update Service STEP 7
Safety Basic – Standard
RFID system in the HF range, high-capacity data memory
and high-speed recording, easy connection to the
automation system
6GT2801For more information, see
SM 1281 condition monitoring
RFID system in the UHF range, for long distances for in
production and logistics applications.
6ES7 822-0AA03-0YE5
SIMATIC STEP 7 Safety Basic V13 SP1
Article No.
Condition monitoring
6ES7 822-0AA00-0YL0
Floating license
PROFINET 6AV2 123-2MB03-0AX0
7MH4 960-2AA01
SIWAREX WP251, weigh feeders, sacking system
scale and bagging scale
7MH4 960-6AA01
Article No.
Operation using touchscreen + keys, 12" TFT widescreen
display, 65,536 colors, PROFINET or PROFIBUS
6ES7 278-4BD32-0XB0
SIWAREX WP241, belt scales
6ES7 231-4HA30-0XB0
6ES7 231-5QA30-0XB0
Article No.
SIWAREX WP231, non-automatic weighing machine
Engineering framework
Floating license
SM 1278 IO-Link master
Identification systems
SIMATIC STEP 7 software
6ES7 290-6AA30-0XA0
4-port unmanaged switch, 4 x RJ45 sockets,
10/100 Mbit/s
6GK7 277-1AA10-0AA0
SM 1226 F-DQ 4 x 24 V DC
F-DQ 4 x 2 A
24 V DC
6ES7 226-6DA32-0XB0
F-DI 16 x 24 V DC
PROFINET 6AV2 123-2JB03-0AX0
Article No.
6ES7 822-0AA03-0YA5
SB 1231 TC
AI 1 x TC x 16 bit, types: J, K
voltage range: ± 80 mV
*Sourcing input
6ES7 238-5XA32-0BX0
6ES7 221-3AD30-0XB0
SB 1231 AI
SB 1231 RTD
6ES7 234-4HE32-0XB0
Article No.
Signal modules – fail-safe
Article No.
SIMATIC HMI KP300 Basic mono PN
6ES7 954-8LL02-0AA0
256 MB (optional)
SM 1222 RLY
6NH9 910-0AA21-0AB0
CB 1241 RS485
4 MB (optional)
12 MB (optional)
150 KB, DI 14 x 24 V DC, DQ 10 x 24 V DC or
10 x RLY, AI 2 x 10 bit 0–10 V DC, AI 2 x 10 bit,
0 to 20 mA
CP 1242-7 GPRS
CM 1241 RS422/485
Memory card
125 KB, DI 14 x 24 V DC, DQ 10 x 24 V DC
or 10 x RLY, AI 2 x 10 bit 0–10 V DC
DC / DC / DC
Operator control and monitoring
6ES7 297-0AX30-0XA0
100 KB, DI 8 x 24 V DC, DQ 6 x 24 V DC
or 6 x RLY, AI 2 x 10 bit 0–10 V DC,
expandable to 3 CM + 2 SM
CM 1241 RS232
6GK7 242-7KX31-0XE0
Battery board
(long-term backup of real-time clock [RTC])
32 GB (optional)
Also available as SIPLUS S7-1200 for use under extreme
environmental conditions.
For more information, see
Article No.
Article No.
2 GB (optional)
Communications processors
6ES7 241-1AH32-0XB0
BB 1297
6ES7 217-1AG40-0XB0
Communications modules
Article No.
Our product portfolio
at a glance
Fail-safe modules
125 KB, DI 14 x 24 V DC, DQ 10 x 24 V DC
or 10 x RLY, AI 2 x 10 bit 0–10 V DC,
AQ 2 x 10 bit, 0 to 20 mA,
expandable to 3 CM + 8 SM
DC / DC / DC
6ES7 215-1AG40-0XB0
Article No.
DC / DC / DC
6ES7 211-1HE40-0XB0
100 KB, DI 14 x 24 V DC, DQ 10 x 24 V DC
or 10 x RLY, AI 2 x 10 bit 0–10 V DC,
expandable to 3 CM + 8 SM
DC / DC / DC
6ES7 214-1AG40-0XB0
CPU 1215C
6ES7 211-1BE40-0XB0
75 KB, DI 8 x 24 V DC, DQ 6 x 24 V DC
or 6 x RLY, AI 2 x 10 bit 0–10 V DC,
expandable to 3 CM + 2 SM
DC / DC / DC
6ES7 212-1AE40-0XB0
CPU 1214C
CPU 1217C
Power modules
PM 1207
For more information, see
Article No.
Input: 120/230 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 1.2 A/0.67 A
Output: 24 V DC/2.5 A
6EP1 332-1SH71
Optical code reading system for barcodes, data matrix
codes (DMC), text recognition (OCR), verification
For more information, see