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TACT Switch™ Quiet Middle-Stroke Type
SKST Series
TACT Switch™ achieving both quiet operation and excellent operating feel
● Both quiet operation and excellent feel achieved through development
of original metal contacts
● 0.9mm middle stroke produces an excellent operating feel
● 4N high operating force and long operating life of 500,000 cycles
● Control switches for automotive applications, including steering wheels
and audio systems
● Industrial equipment, metrology equipment, etc.
Typical Specifications
8.50 x 8.50 x 3.95 mm
Operating force
Operating life
500,000 cycles
Rating (max.)
16V DC 50mA
Initial contact resistance
100 mΩ max.
PC Board Mounting Dimensions
Circuit Diagram
Ø 4.3
Precautions when handling our products
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2. Products must not be used for military and/or antisocial purposes such as terrorism, and shall not be supplied to any party intending to use the
products for such purposes.
3. Unless provided for otherwise, the products have been designed and manufactured for application in equipment and devices which are sold to end
users in the market, including audio-visual (AV) equipment, electrical home appliances, office machines, information and communication equipment,
and amusement equipment. The products are not intended for use in, and must not be used for, any application for nuclear equipment, driving
equipment for aerospace or any other unauthorized use.
With the exception of the abovementioned prohibited applications, please contact an Alps sales representative and/or evaluate the total system
regarding applicability for applications involving high levels of safety and liability such as medical equipment, burglar alarm equipment, disaster
prevention equipment and undersea equipment. Please also incorporate fail-safe design, protection and redundant circuitry, malfunction protection,
and/or fire protection into the complete system to ensure safety and reliability of the total system.
4. Before using products which were not specifically designed for use in automotive applications, please contact an Alps sales representative.
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Product Information Center
+81 (3) 5499-8154
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