The AA-1355-6.3 filter has been designed to operate with the
VICOR Harmonic Attenuator Module (HAM). This filter was specifically designed to allow the Vicor HAM and
associated power converters to meet Mil-Std-461C or
Mil-Std-461D & E.
The Standard enclosure mounting, and pin configuration are
identical to the enclosure for the standard HAM filter.
This version of the filter is configured for those applications
where a chassis mount for the filter is preferred.
Transient protection has been added to the filter.
The HAM will meet Mil-Std-461C with the AA-1355-6.3. Additional circuitry is required on the input in order to meet
Operating voltage________________85 to 250 V~
Operating current ________________6.3 Amp
Operating frequency______________50/400 Hz
Operating temperature, High________50ºC
Operating temperature, Low ________-20º C,
Diel. withstanding (line - case)____1500 Vac
Diel. withstanding (line - line)_____1500 Vdc
Leakage current__________________2.5 ma @ 220 V, 60 Hz
Max residual voltage after 1 sec__ 34 Volts
Applicable Specifications________Mil-Std-461C
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