ABB Decathlon introduction

BU Control Technologies, DecathlonTM Product Overview
ABB in the Data Center
Introduction to ABB
ABB is a global leader in power and automation
technologies that enable utility and industrial customers to
improve performance while lowering environmental impact.
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Proven. In FY2011 we earned US$38 billion in revenue with
135,000 employees in about 100 countries.
Committed. Publicly owned with HQ in Switzerland, ABB
formed in a 1988 merger of two engineering companies,
ASEA (Swedish) and Brown Boveri (Swiss), that were
founded in 1883 and 1891, respectively.
Innovative. We provide power products, power systems,
automation technologies and services—and now extend
those innovations and exacting standards to the data
ABB’s mission critical expertise
Fully redundant system software used in
24 x 7 x 365 operations for nuclear,
power production, chemical processing,
oil and gas, metals & mining, and now,
data centers
Largest Enterprise Asset Management
and Distributed Control System1
supplier in the world
ABB’s flagship Process Automation
product - 800xA has an installed base of
>8000 systems worldwide. 800xA
provides the core technology in
1 Reported by ARC 2011
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Complementary portfolios
Complete ABB and T&B data center offering
Thomas & Betts products
ABB products
- Low-voltage switchboards / switchgear
- Circuit breakers
- Active filters
- Power factor correction
Power transformer
- Intelligent power
- Distribution units
- Remote power panels
- Branch circuit monitoring
Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)
Static transfer
Power distribution
Remote power
Meter sockets
Service and consulting offerings
- Efficiency improvements
- Power Quality Studies
- Design
- Remote monitoring
- Service
- Operation
- Maintenance
Microgrid transfer switches
- Smart grid connectivity
- Microgrid solutions
- Strategic partner to leading wind
 and photovoltaic OEMs
Central battery systems
fault relays
Lightning protection systems
Proline panel boards
Wire terminals
Non- metallic flexible raceways
Floor boxes
duct, wire ties, and spiral wrap
Metal framing and
support sys
Power & grounding connectors
Conduit & cable fittings
Cable fittings
Industrial connectors
- HVAC solutions
- High-efficiency motors
- Low-harmonic variable frequency
 drives / inverters
- Circuit breakers
- Cooling
- Automation and control
- Energy efficiency audits
- Instrumentation
Outdoor lighting
Wire duct and wire ties
- Data center automation and power optimization
- Remote monitoring and diagnostics
- Wide range of gensets
Emergency lighting & controls
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Combination starters
Enclosed soft starters
- Substation
- Transformer
- Medium-voltage switchboards / switches
- Power quality assessments
Electrical boxes & covers
Aluminum and steel cable trays
Success Stories
ABB in the most innovative data centers in the world
ThorDC and AST, Iceland greenDatacenter, Zurich-West (Lupfig)
Facebook, Pinnacle Sweden, Lulea
Academica Katajanokka Data Center, Helsinki
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Case study
About AG
Founded in 1995
Leading information and
communications technology (ICT)
service provider in Switzerland
Partnership with ABB
2011 – Announced use of ABB DC
power distribution system
2012 – Launched Zurich West
project with ABB
World’s most powerful DC
data center
10,000 Sq. m. IT space
2013 – Introduces ABB Decathlon
for scalable, secure and energyefficient facility management
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BU Control Technologies, DecathlonTM Product Overview
For Improved Operations and Energy
Why Decathlon™?
With Decathlon™, you can manage your data center
operations enterprise-wide through a unified view
that spans mechanical, electrical and IT systems—
so you can deliver services faster, in the most
reliable, efficient and sustainable way possible.
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Decathlon™ Key Benefits
System availability and performance
Industrial-class visibility and performance
metering of both IT and facility systems, including
status change, energy consumption and
environmental data from any location.
Capacity planning and management
Maximize capacity of power, cooling and space
through optimized placement of IT assets,
‘current state’ and ‘future state’ resource capacity
planning, including what-if scenarios and data
center comparisons.
Resource forecasting and energy planning
Real-time energy market intelligence and
analytics to determine $/kWh, $/MW,
transactions/server, PAR4, PUE, carbon
emissions, and other data center metrics.
Facility & IT automation (dynamic data center)
Control technologies and process automation of
work flow, asset management, and automatic
demand response of facilities (e.g., power and
cooling) and IT (e.g., load shifting).
Troubleshooting and root cause analysis
Granular performance detail, including timestamping and occurrences of alerts and alarms,
for your entire data center operations.
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How Decathlon™ Helps
Top 10 Capabilities
Global Energy Intelligence – by Power
Assure: Subscription services for
PAR4 server metrics, IT analytics and
forecasting, world wide energy market
integration supporting OpenADR,
demand response, ancillary services,
energy pricing and forecasts, and
buy/sell trading aggregation.
By Nlyte Software: Optimize space,
power and cooling capacity through
intelligent placement of IT assets.
Perform modeling and what-if
analyses and automate and manage
workflow processes.
Monitoring and control of
devices, power systems and
meters, including substation,
microgrid and on-site power
generation, to ensure safe and
reliable power distribution and
Asset & Capacity
Resource Forecasting
& Energy Planning
Combines real-time energy
consumption data with
energy contract information,
real-time pricing information,
and demand response for
energy cost optimization.
Energy Management
Power Management
Remote Monitoring
Shift from time-based to
condition-based maintenance
using automated prognostics
and diagnostics to identify
and resolve issues before
they become problems.
Real-time monitoring at
component, device, and system
levels of mechanical and
electrical equipment, IT assets,
as well as environmental and
other physical conditions.
Maintenance Management
Control and Automation
Data Center Evolution
Facility Management
Enables facility and IT performance
optimization at a device- and
system-level in a safe, secure and
user-definable way.
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Troubleshooting, Root Cause
Analysis & Alarm Management
Granular performance detail,
including time-stamping and
occurrences of alerts and alarms, for
your entire data center operations.
Monitoring and control over
facility systems, such as
CRAH, CRACs and the
mechanical electrical plant,
including environmental and
other physical factors.
The open platform allows a
broad integration with
applications and equipment so
the data center strategy can
evolve with the enterprise.
ABB Decathlon™ Solution
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ABB Decathlon™ architecture
ABB Remote
Operations Center
(for managed services)
Secure Cloud
Electricity Market
 Pricing
 Programs
 Forecasts
Global Energy
Decathlon Web Portal
Enterprise Network
Decathlon Command
Center Server
Command Center
Enterprise Server
Asset Management
Other Data Centers
Data Center Network
Facility Network
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IT Management Network
IT Networking
IT Servers
and Storage
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