Digital Output Waterproof Barometric Pressure Sensor ABS5 Series (PDF137KB)

The ABS5 is a digital output waterproof barometric pressure sensor that withstands in outdoor use. Its high waterproof performance enables itself to be applied
to water depth measurement in addition to barometric pressure measurement .
The ABS5 is smaller than our current product FPBS series. A built-in signal conditioning IC performs several correction calculations automatically. This enables
users to obtain digital output data from the sensor without any cumbersome calculation.
Figure 1, Figure 2 and Table 1 show an image of ABS5 series, an example of
measurement and product specifications, respectively.
New Products
Digital Output Waterproof
Barometric Pressure
Sensor ABS5 Series
1. High waterproof performance
The ABS5 is designed to withstand a pressure of 2MPa so that it works at a water
depth of 100 meters.
2.Small size package
The ABS5 has achieved small size package of f 4.0 mm¥1.85 mm.
3.Digital output
The ABS5 execute all required calculation for signal conditioning, such as voltage amplification of sensor element, temperature compensation and analog to
digital conversion, automatically. The sensor outputs compensated pressure and
temperature data in digital format.
4.High resolution
The ABS5 has a high pressure resolution of 0.02hPa which corresponds to a
height change of 16 cm in atomosphere.
Digital output
The ABS5 is suitable for various types of electronic devices that require barometer/altimeter or water-pressure gauge/depth gauge functions.
Fig. 1. Appearance of ABS5.
800 1000 1200
Pressure (hPa)
Fig. 2. Measurement example.
Table 1. Specifications
f 4.0 mm¥1.85 mm
Supply voltage
1.8~3.6 V
Output (Digital)
16 bit, I2C
Over pressure
2 MPa
Pressure range
300~1100 hPa (*1)
300~4000 hPa (*2)
Pressure resolution
0.02 hPa (*1)
0.1 hPa (*2)
Operating temperature
-40~85 ∞C
Compensated temperature range
-10~60 ∞C
(*1) For barometric measurement
(*2) For water-depth measurement
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