NiMH Battery Charger (CHUSB)
Asia Pacific Region
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USB Charger
Product Detail:
Designation: USB Charger
Color: Green
Capabilities: 1 to 2 "AA"
NOTE: When charging a single
1 to 2 "AAA" battery, use bay (1) only
Charging Current: USB Quick Charge 1-2 "AA-AAA" 550mA
USB Slow Charge 1-2 "AA-AAA" 125mA
Trickle Charge: 20-60mA
Shutoff Mechanism: Delta V, Max Voltage and Timer Control
Delta V Detection
10mV per cell
1.65V per cell
Max Voltage
Quick Charge "AA" 5.5 hours
Max Timer Control
Quick Charge "AAA" 1.5 hours
Slow Charge "AA" No Timer
Slow Charge "AAA" 10 hours
Charger Input : Quick Charge DC 5V 500mA
Slow Charge DC 5V 100mA
Weight (charger): 68 grams
Dimensions (mm): 33 x 101 x 40 (H x L x W)
Safety Features: Delta V Charging Cut Off
Max Voltage Shutoff
Reverse Polarity Protection
Primary Battery Detection
• flip top cover
• wrap around USB cord
• you can carry/store
batteries in it
• Charges
2 AAA in 1.6 Hours
(900 mAh))
2 AA in 5.5 Hours
(2500 mAh)
Important Notice
This datasheet contains information specific to products
manufactured at the time of its publication.
Contents herein do not constitute a warranty.
Before Using Your Charger:
Please read all instructions and cautionary
g on the batteryy charger,
batteries, and device.
Form No. EBC – 8961AP-A