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Standard Specifications
n High energy density
n Flexible form-factor: seamless integration
n High safety
n More than 500 different standard shapes
68 – 5000 mAh
n High reliability
n Cycle life: > 500
Cycle Life
500+ cycles
n Customisation possible
n Consulting expertise with the following tests:
Operating Temperature
-20°C ~ +60°C
Storage Temperature
-20°C ~ +45°C / ≤ 3 months
Nominal Voltage
3.7 V
Capacity Range
UN38.3, IEC62133, UL1642, UL2054
Lithium polymer batteries offer many advantages. Lithium polymer has a greater
energy density in terms of weight than lithium ion. Lithium polymer batteries employ
Charging Characteristics
the laminated aluminium foil as battery case, which is lighter, thinner and more
4.2 V
flexible. Generally, there is more flexibility in cell sizes and shape with lithium polymer.
Standard current
0.5 C
Many smart phones, GPS devices and laptops now employ lithium polymer cells.
Max. current
We are able to design and manufacture customised, performance-critical battery
packs for all sectors of the electronics industry. With our knowledge and capability,
Discharge Characteristics
we can provide many solutions for lithium polymer battery packs. With these cells,
Standard current
0.2 C
Max. current
2 C (non-continuous)
we are able to design and manufacture custom battery packs in a short time.
We would like to assist you the best way possible to provide you with the optimal
n Available from stock
n Perfect quality, performance and safety
battery solution right from the beginning. You can help us to support you by letting
n Cell selection
n Improved battery life
us know the following key figures describing your application.
n Production for samples:
n Improved charge management
n Battery chemistry experience
1 week
n Customised safety circuitry
n Global
engineering support
Project requests
As a leading supplier for battery solutions, Jauch offers lithium polymer products of
superior quality and performance to customers around the world.
Voltage (V)
Space for the installation of the power source is often limited and specified long
Capacity (mAh)
before the first contact with the battery assembler has been made. The wide range of
Discharge current (mAh)
sizes of lithium polymer batteries available in Jauch`s standard program allows you
Dimensions t x w x l (mm)
to select a battery compatible with your requirements, even at an advanced project
In case of any questions please feel free to contact us:
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Full data can be found online. All specifications are subject to change without notice.