Ad Gen6 SBC

A Single Board Computer (SBC) from
a Proven IC and Service Provider
The most important thing we build is trust
Single Board Computer (SBC)
Cobham Semiconductor
Solutions’ (formerly
Aeroflex) Off-the-Shelf
Solution for Command and
Control Applications.
∎ Flexible Architecture
∎ Core LEON 3FTs UT699, UT699E, UT700
∎ Up to 95 Dhrystone
MIPS performance with
132MHz System Clock
∎ 64MB of SRAM Memory
∎ 32MB of NV Memory
World Class CCA facility…Bill of Materials (BOM)
with Cobham IC Content
Standard, Readily Available SBC
Flight Ready TRL-6 SBC, Designed for
LEO, GEO and Planetary Missions
∎ Two cPCI bus I/F
connectors (Hypertronics)
∎ Two SpW connectors and
front panel test connector
The GEN 6 SBC is available
now for your missions.