256K Legacy PROM Customer Letter (12/02)

December 2, 2002
Dear Customer:
Aeroflex UTMC Microelectronic Systems Inc. (UTMC) appreciates your interest and use of our
products, specifically the RadHard Family of PROMs. The purpose of this letter is to inform you
that UTMC is proceeding with migrating the 256K RadHard PROM, both 3 and 5 volt versions
(Standard Microcircuit Drawings 5962-96891 and 5962-01517), to a new wafer fabrication
facility. Production devices from the new facility will begin shipping late in the third quarter of
2003 (i.e., September 2003). This estimate is based on a two-design pass development schedule.
The new 256K PROM products are designed to be a direct replacement to the existing products
currently in QML Q and V production. As a result of the wafer foundry and process change
(1.5µm to 0.35µm CMOS), differences in AC electrical performance may be unavoidable.
Aeroflex UTMC will keep you apprised of performance differences as they are identified via
written notification and our web-site (www.utmc.com). Aeroflex UTMC will continue to offer
RadHard 256K PROM in a 28-lead flatpack (FP); however, due to the lack of demand, Aeroflex
UTMC has chosen not to re-tool the 36-pin DIP package for the PROM.
Aeroflex UTMC has sufficient die inventory to yield approximately 100 finished good units. The
inventory of the remaining 256K PROM is being offered to customers on a “first come, first
serve” basis. All purchase orders that can be filled by old inventory will require delivery within 6
weeks of receipt and acceptance of purchase order. Additionally, Aeroflex UTMC will decline all
requests for single lot date code shipments until the foundry migration is complete. UTMC plans
to cease shipping product built from the old mask set once qualification of the migrated version is
complete. We expect to use the same SMD number (5962-96891 and 5962-01517) with new
device types.
If you have any questions please contact me at (719) 594-8252 or [email protected]
Anthony F. Jordan
Director of Standard Products
Aeroflex UTMC Microelectronic Systems Inc.