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For Simpler, More Effective Communications
Low-Profile Body
Simplified Keyboard
448 KB Memory
50-Sheet Paper Tray
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The Smart, Low-Profile Facsimile
If compact style and ease-of-operation are what you're looking for in a
thermal transfer facsimile, take a closer look at the UX-P520 from SHARP.
With its simplified interface, the UX-P520 provides speedy access to the
functions you really need. And its low profile and small footprint mean
you can place it just about anywhere.
Low-Profile Body
Simplified Keyboard Layout
With its small footprint, the UX-P520 takes up less desk space in
your home or office and leaves more room for other important
items. Furthermore, the low-profile design of the UX-P520 allows it
to blend in unobtrusively with its surroundings. For such a
productive facsimile, the UX-P520 comes in a surprisingly spacesaving package.
Unlike the complicated layout of some facsimiles,
the UX-P520's is pleasingly simple. Colour-coded
buttons make it easy to find the functions you
desire, while the circular 4-point operation key
provides quick access to directory dialling, user
settings and operational volume.
Plain Paper
448 KB Memory
The UX-P520 prints out faxes on plain paper,
which, unlike thermal paper, is easy to write
on and won't curl or fade. In addition, you'll
need only one type of paper to cover all
your faxing and copying needs.
Sandra Daley
Senior Consultant
Bon Voyage Travel Co. Ltd.
Tel. 07-4532-3390
Fax. 07-4532-3391
E-mail: [email protected]
Re: Flight to Hong Kong
Dear Mr Newbold,
I am pleased to inform you that we have made the reservations for your
flight to Hong Kong, as requested. The departure and arrival details are as
DEP. LAX 12:10a 03 FEB 2005
ARR. HKG 11:30a 04 FEB 2005
The UX-P520 has a generous 448 KB memory, which can
hold approximately 24 pages*1 of documents. This large
capacity greatly enhances the machine’s convenient functions such as
memory transmission, broadcasting and substitute reception.
Automatic Dialler
15-Second Transmission*1
A fast transmission time of 15 seconds per page at 9.6 Kbps contributes to productive operation as well as reduced phone line charges.
The Automatic Dialler function lets you store up to 30 numbers for
speed dialling. In addition, the electronic telephone directory lets you
easily search for names alphabetically on the LCD.
Convenient Copier
Other Features
The UX-P520 also serves as a convenient copier. Simply place originals
in the document feeder, and with one pass through the machine, the
UX-P520 will make up to 99 copies.
• 64 Levels of Halftone • Anti-Junk Fax Function • Help Function
• Transaction Report • Automatic Fax/Phone Changeover
• 50-Sheet Paper Tray*2
Automatic Document Feeder
The UX-P520's handy 10-sheet automatic document feeder lets you
send or copy up to 10 pages*2 automatically. This saves time in a busy
home or office.
Control Panel
Applicable line
Public switched telephone network
Desktop facsimile transceiver
Data compression
Transmission time
Approx. 15 seconds*1
Modem speed
9,600 to 2,400 bps with automatic fallback
Horizontal: 8 pels/mm (203 pels/inch)
Vertical:15.4 lines/mm (392 lines/inch) [Superfine]
7.7 lines/mm (196 lines/inch) [Fine/Halftone]
3.85 lines/mm (98 lines/inch) [Standard]
Max. document width
216 mm (8.50")
Max. scanning width
210 mm (8.27")
Max. recording width
210 mm (8.27")
Paper size (W x L)
A4 (210 x 297 mm)
Automatic document feeder
Power requirements
10 sheets*2
220 V _ 240 V
Power consumption
Max. 110 W
Dimensions (W x D x H)
With paper tray: 340 x 298 x 305 mm (13.39" x 11.73" x 12.01")
305 mm
136 mm
Without paper tray: 340 x 225 x 136 mm (13.39" x 8.86" x 5.35")
Approx. 3.1 kg (6.8 lbs.) (with paper tray)
FO-9CR: 60 m roll imaging film (one roll per package)*3
298 mm
340 mm
225 mm
60 m Imaging Film (FO-9CR)
Availability and some specifications may vary according to region. Design and specifications are current as of September 2004, but are subject to change without prior notice. Facsimiles may not be used in countries other than
those where they were purchased. *1 Based on Sharp's standard No.1 chart at standard resolution, excluding time for protocol signals (i.e., ITU-T phase C time only). Transmission speed may vary depending on the
communication environment. *2 60 to 80 g/m2 A4 copier paper at room temperature. *3 Initially ships with 10 m roll of imaging film.
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