56Gbit/s QSFP Active Optical Cable (PDF116KB)

56Gbit/s QSFP Active
Optical Cable
In recent years, data centers that support cloud services have been spreading out
rapidly all over the world. For server and storage systems that are used in data
centers, more and more Active Optical Cables (AOC) are being installed instead of
conventional electrical cables to meet the increasing demand of bandwidth and the
distance between racks, blades and CPU interfaces.
In order to meet this demand, Fujikura has developed a Quad Small Form-Factor
Pluggable (QSFP) AOC that complies with Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) by applying our optical fiber and optical transceiver technologies. The AOC satisfies the
characteristics specified by InfiniBandTM Trade Association (IBTA). The AOC incorporates an in-house optical engine that carries a 4-channel Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) array, a Photo Diode (PD), a VCSEL driver and a
Transimpedance Amplifier (TIA) that can be operated at 14 Gbit/s (max.) per single channel. Therefore, bidirectional transmission of 56 Gbit/s (14 Gbit/s x 4 channel) is possible up to 100m. Table 1 shows the main specifications. The AOC has
substantially reduced the cable weight, the cable diameter and the power consumption in comparison with conventional electrical cables, and will contribute to the
simplification of wiring design and to the reduction of the environmental stress.
Fig.1 shows the appearance of our AOC.
A passive optical alignment between the optical fiber and the optical engine has
been introduced from cost perspective. Fig.2 shows the electrical output eye pattern which satisfies the IBTA specification with a sufficient margin.
Fujikura will continue to contribute to the realization of cloud service-enabled
society by supplying AOCs that will be available in various protocols including InfiniBand.
Table 1. Main parameter.
Form Factor
Data Lane Count
4 Transmitters
and 4 Receivers
Maximum Transmission Data Rate
56 G (14 G per Lane)
Electrical Data Interface
AC coupled CML (Differential)
Electrical I/O Impednce (Typ.)
100 (Differential)
Wavelength (Typ.)
Cable Length
Operating Case Temperature
0 to 70
Power Supply Voltage
+3.13 to +3.47
Power Consumption per End
0.6 (Typ.), 1.5 (Max)
14 Gbit/s
Fig. 1. Appearance.
Fig. 2. Electrical output eye pattern.
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