BGA Handling Instructions

BGA Handling Instructions
H um i d i t y Co n t r o l
Follow the instructions on the packaging bag to keep devices
dry prior to board assembly.
Lo a di n g t he D ev i ce i n t o t he
Pr og ra m m i ng S oc k et
Carefully align the device with the socket and gently
lower the device into the socket (Figure 2). Position the
corner pin of the device to the pin 1 orientation mark on
the socket module.
Do not force the device into the socket.
Release the vacuum by depressing the vacuum switch.
The device will be self-aligned to the socket.
H an dl i n g Tr ay s
The tray stack should be kept fastened with straps during
transportation to prevent devices from coming out of their
sockets. If a single loaded tray is to be moved, an empty tray
should be placed over it as a cover and both trays should be
taped to secure the devices in position Socket.
D ev i ce P r og ra m m i n g
Always use the vacuum wand provided to transfer devices.
Users need to wear ESD straps when handling the devices.
Removing Devices from Tray
Position the vacuum needle at the proper angle so that
your index finger can rest on the vacuum switch
(Figure 1).
Slightly depress the vacuum switch and then place the
vacuum cup on the surface of the device.
Release the vacuum switch while holding the cup down
to generate the vacuum that causes the cup to adhere to
the device body.
Make certain to transfer a device within 5 to 8 seconds.
Note: To completely release the vacuum, the switch should be
pressed down further than when pressed to generate the
vacuum. Otherwise, a partial vacuum will pull the device
Close the lid. The device is ready for programming.
Figure 2 • Inserting the Device in the Socket
R em o vi n g t he D ev i c e f r om t h e
Pr og ra m m i ng S oc k et
When the programming of the device is complete, use the
vacuum wand to remove the device from the socket and to
place it in a tray labeled "programmed devices". For
soldering, please refer to the reflow temperature profile
C l ea ni n g t he V ac u um W a n d
Figure 1 • Vacuum Wand
M a y 20 0 2
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The suction cup of the vacuum wand should be cleaned
periodically using IPA to minimize possible leakage in
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