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More transparency in your process automation
Status monitoring via Ethernet with the ACT20C
Let’s connect.
Analogue signal conditioning
Your process requires the utmost attention
Our new ACT20C signal conditioners support you in achieving this
Many process parameters in your system are handled by your
control system, which shows you the current status of your
process. Even so, do you have a full overview of critical
system states? And this at all times, at every location, and
with the recent system history?
With the ACT20C, you receive accurate information on the
status of the sensors, signal processing and cabling. Data can
be called up and will depending on your individual
communications infrastructure. This comprehensive overview
allows you to accurately analyse errors and faults, and initiate
targeted actions taken by system operators and maintenance
personnel. By doing so, this technology contributes to
ensuring reliable system operation.
ACT20C signal conditioner with Ethernet interface
Comprehensive process transparency is provided
by the transfer of diagnostics information, signals and data
You would like more process transparency for your
systems. We support you with signal conditioners
that supply you with precise information via our
Ethernet interace. Let’s connect.
To be able to control systems and processes optimally, you
require a constant flow of information on the current states
of individual applications, devices and functions.
Our ACT20C signal conditioner not only monitors the signal
conversion, but also communicates precise information
on device status, signals and data directly to connected
computer and control systems.
Our Ethernet interface enables an event-controlled transfer
of diagnostics information, which in turn supports the
elimination of faults in, for example,
plant operation.
Universal signal conversion
Can be used in a multitude of
applications thanks to customer
and application specific defined
conversion methods with just one
single module.
I, U
I, U
Simple operation and configuration
Software supported configuration allows
a fast application of settings and simple
Simple remote access
Continuous monitoring of device and system
functions, simple and affordable integration of
existing Ethernet networks.
Detailed analysis and presentation of core process parameters
The ACT20C supplies key parameters and historical data,
independent of the location
Thanks to the ACT20C, Weidmüller is now the first to offer
a solution which supplies you with extensive diagnostic
and status information without the need to deal with the
complexity of field bus systems.
the front panel or via the Ethernet, and performance is
ensured through the manufacturer-independent FDT/DTM
software platform. To work with this platform, Weidmüller
provides the WI-Manager universal FDT frame application.
The isolating converters are based on the proven, robust
technology of transferring analogue signals to the DCS
system. Various signal sources and field devices can be
connected to the input side of the isolating converters.
As a result of this, the ACT20C can be configured for the
user-defined processing of current, voltage and transmitter
signals. Access is accomplished via a service interface on
Data collected in the ACT20C is made available over
the Ethernet via Modbus TCP. Depending on the
communications infrastructure, you can make this data
available to your SCADA system within your network, and
you can also access it via the Internet from any location
using an industrial Ethernet router.
Let’s connect.
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Network Enabled Signal Conditioner
for Current and Voltage Signals
•Scalable current or voltage input
•Current or voltage output
•Configurable limit monitoring
•Diagnostics on the device status, signals and line
faults using Modbus
•PC configuration with FDT / DTM software,
download at
Tx +
I, U
I, U
24 V DC
Technical data
Input current
Input voltage
Sensor supply
Output current
Output voltage
Load impedance current
Load impedance voltage
Under / over-load range
Signal processing
Transfer function
Limit monitoring
Condition monitoring
General data
Supply voltage
Power consumption
Deviation *)
Resolution / accuracy *)
Temperature coefficient
Ambient temperature (Operation)
Ambient temperature (Storage/Transport)
Height (operation)
Protection degree / mounting position
Electrical isolation
Galvanic insulation**)
Input to Output / Power / Ethernet
Output to Input / Power / Ethernet
Ethernet to Power
Functional earth to Power / Ethernet
Functional earth to Input / Output
Pollution severity
Transfer rate
Service Interface
Standards **)
Mechanical specifications
Length / Width / Height
Clamping range (nominal / min. / max.)
*) At 23 °C ambient temperature and 24 V supply voltage.
**) Certification acc. EN 61010-1:2010 in preparation.
0/4... 20 mA
0/2… 10 V DC
≥ 17 V DC @ 20 mA (-20… +55 °C)
0/4… 20 mA
0… 10 V
≤ 500 Ohm
≥ 10 k Ohm
Namur NE43
linear, inverse
Process alarms with adjustable delay and hysteresis
Process value: sensor value, output value
Device status, broken cable (input / output),
short circuit (input / output), overload (sensor / output)
18 … 31.2 V DC
≤ 0.15 % full scale (+ 0.05 % ≥ 55 °C)
Current: 1 uA / 30 uA (+ 10 uA ≥ 55 °C)
Voltage: 1 mV / 15 mv (+ 5 mV ≥ 55 °C)
< 0.01 % / K
-20… +70 °C
-20… +85 °C
< 2000 m
< 95 % rel. (no condensation)
IP 20 / any
4-way, between Input / Output / Power Supply / Ethernet
Reinforced insulation acc. EN 61010-1:2010,
Rated voltage 300 Veff at secondary circuits
Basic insulation acc. EN 61010-1:2010,
Rated voltage 31,2 Vdc at secondary circuits
Basic insulation acc. EN 61010-1:2010,
Rated voltage 300 Veff at secondary circuits
1 x RJ45, 10/100 MBit/s
10/100 MBit/s (automatic recognition of the transmission rate)
Jack for CBX200 USB
FDT/DTM (Ethernet oder Service Interface)
DHCP or manual setting
EN 61010-1:2011, EN 61326-1:2006
Namur NE43, NE44, NE107
119.2 mm / 22.5 mm / 113.6 mm
180 g (max.)
2.5 / 0.5 / 2.5 mm²
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