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Industrial input/output software expansion for STM32Cube
Data brief
Complete software package to build and
combine industrial inputs and outputs to
perform basic sets of PLC (Programmable
Logic Controller) operations
Driver layer for easy management of CLT0138SQ7 and VNI8200XP devices
Easy portability across different MCU
families, thanks to STM32Cube
Free user-friendly license terms
Sample implementation available on the XNUCLEO-PLC01A1 board when connected
to NUCLEO-F030R8, NUCLEO-F103RB or
July 2015
X-CUBE-PLC1 is an expansion software package
for STM32Cube. The software runs on STM32
and includes drivers for the CLT01-38SQ7
(industrial inputs management) and the
VNI8200XP (industrial outputs management).
The expansion is built on STM32Cube software
technology to ease portability across different
STM32 microcontrollers. The software comes
with sample implementations of the drivers
running on the X-NUCLEO-PLC01A1, when
plugged to a NUCLEO-F030R8 (or NUCLEOF103RB or NUCLEO-F401RE). To help you get
started quickly, the package includes a list of
front-end functions covering the more common
PLC operations.
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Detailed description
Detailed description
What is STM32Cube?
STMCube™ represents an innovative STMicroelectronics solution to reduce development
effort, time and cost. STM32Cube covers the STM32 portfolio.
Version 1.x of STM32Cube includes:
STM32CubeMX, a graphical software configuration interface with wizards to generate
C initialization code
A comprehensive embedded software platform tailored to each series (such as the
STM32CubeF4 for STM32F4 series)
STM32Cube HAL, the STM32 abstraction layer embedded software which
guarantees maximized portability across the STM32 portfolio
A consistent set of middleware components, such as RTOS, USB, TCP/IP and
All embedded software utilities, including a full set of examples
How does this software complement STM32Cube?
The proposed software is based on the STM32CubeHAL, the hardware abstraction layer
for the STM32 microcontroller. The package extends STM32Cube by providing a board
support package (BSP) for the X-NUCLEO-PLC01A1 expansion board. The drivers
abstract low-level hardware details and allow applications to access industrial inputs
management (CLT01-38SQ7) and industrial outputs management (VNI8200XP) data in a
hardware-independent environment. The package also includes a set of examples that the
developer can use to start experimenting with the code. Inputs and outputs are managed
via the SPI peripheral and application debugging is supported on the X-NUCLEO-PLC01A1
through a set of diagnostics and activity LEDs.
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Revision history
Revision history
Table 1: Document revision history
Initial release.
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