6880 Series
Spectrum Cleanup Filter: 5.0MHz to 150 MHz
Proportional bandwidth 2-pole
crystal filter - 3dB passband &
15dB stopband widen proportional
to center frequency
Low SSB phase noise (-122dBc/
Hz @ 10Hz offset, -132dBc/Hz @
100Hz offset and -132dBc/Hz @
1000Hz offset)
Applications where clock/timing
chain signal noise reduction is
primary goal
The ordering convention for a connectorized 6880 Series filters with SMA-Female connectors on both the input and output
would be 6880VBM @ 100.00MHz. For other, most popular connector types, reference the table and for others not listed
consult the factory.
6880 F Package
(2 pole F case)
6880 Connectorized Package
(50Ω Terminated)
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