56F8345 - Fact Sheet

Digital Signal Controllers
Target Applications
> Automotive control
> Industrial
> Advanced motion
> Home appliances
> General-purpose
> Smart relays
> Fire and security
> Power management
> Medical monitoring
> Multiphase inverters
Program Memory
4 KB
128 KB
8 KB Boot Flash
Up to 49 GPIO
Power Management
(2) SPI
(2) SCI
56800E Core
60 MHz
128 LQFP
(16) 16-bit Timer
(2) Quadrature Decoder
12-bit ADC
Data Memory
> Up to 60 MIPS at 60 MHz
execution frequency
> Hybrid architecture facilitates
implementation of both control and signal
processing functions in a single device
> DSP and microcontroller (MCU)
functionality in a unified,
C-efficient architecture
> Four 36-bit accumulators
Designers of the 56F8345 subscribe to the philosophy
that you can never have enough of a good thing. That’s
why they’ve added more on-chip Flash memory (up to
144 KB), pulse-width modulation (PWM) outputs,
analog-to-digital converter (ADC) inputs, timer channels
and quadrature decoders to the peripherals found in
smaller members of the device family. With these
additions, an entirely different set of applications can
now benefit from the hybrid microcontroller (MCU)/DSP
capabilities of the 56800E architecture. Imagine adding
signal processing capabilities to a smart user interface
or adding sophisticated communication protocol to
an industrial control application. The possibilities are
endless, especially when you consider that you
can have access to these advanced features at
extreme temperatures.
Temperature Sensor
> JTAG/enhanced on-chip emulation
(EOnCETM) for unobtrusive,
real-time debugging
56800E Core Features
8 KB
8 KB
12-ch. PWM
> 16- and 32-bit bidirectional barrel shifter
> Parallel instruction set with unique
addressing modes
> Hardware DO and REP loops available
> Three internal address buses
> Four internal data buses
> Architectural support for 8-, 16- and
32-bit single-cycle data fetches
> MCU-style software stack support
> Controller-style addressing modes
and instructions
> Single-cycle 16 x 16-bit parallel
multiplier-accumulator (MAC)
> Proven to deliver more control
functionality with a smaller memory
footprint than competing architectures
> High-performance, secured Flash memory
helps eliminate the need for external
storage devices
> Extended temperature range allows
for operation of nonvolatile memory in
harsh environments
> Flash memory emulation of EEPROM
helps eliminate the need for external
nonvolatile memory
> 32-bit performance with 16-bit
code density
> On-chip voltage regulator and power
management help reduce overall
system cost
> Diversity of peripheral configuration
facilitates the elimination of external
components, improving system integration
and reliability
> This device boots directly from Flash,
providing additional application flexibility
> High-performance PWM with
programmable fault capability helps
to simplify design and to promote
compliance with safety regulations
> PWM and ADC modules are
tightly coupled to help reduce
processing overhead
> Low-voltage interrupts (LVIs) help protect
the system from brownout or power failure
> Simple in-application Flash memory
programming via EOnCE or serial
56F8345 Memory Features
56F8345 Peripheral Circuit Features
> Architecture permits as many as three
simultaneous accesses to program and
data memory
> Two PWM modules with 12 outputs and
eight programmable fault inputs
> On-chip memory includes high-speed
volatile and nonvolatile components:
• 144 KB On-chip Flash
› 128 KB of Program Flash
› 8 KB of Data Flash
› 8 KB of Boot Flash
• 4 KB of Program RAM
• 8 KB of Data RAM
> Two serial peripheral interfaces (SPIs)
Product Documentation
Peripheral User
Detailed peripheral
descriptions of the
56F8300 family of devices
Order Number:
Data Sheet
Electrical and timing
specifications, pin descriptions
and package descriptions
Order Number: MC56F8345
Product Brief
Summary description and
block diagram of the 56F8345
core, memory, peripherals
and interfaces
Order Number:
Reference Manual
Detailed description of the
DSP56800E architecture,
16-bit core processor and
the instruction set
Order Number:
> Two serial communications interfaces (SCIs)
> I2C communications master mode (emulated)
> Sixteen 16-bit timers with input and output
compare capability
> Two four-input quadrature decoders
> FlexCAN module, 2.0 A/B compatible
> Temperature sense diode to monitor the
on-chip temperature
> Memories operate at 60 MHz
(zero wait states) over temperature
range (-40°C to +125°C) with no
software tricks or hardware
accelerators required
> On-chip 3.3V to 2.6V voltage regulator
> Flash security feature helps prevent
unauthorized accesses to its content
> 12-bit ADCs with 16 inputs, self-calibration
and current injection capability
> Software-programmable Phase-Lock
Loop (PLL)
> On-chip relaxation oscillator
> Up to 49 general-purpose input/output
(GPIO) pins
> External reset input pin for hardware reset
> Computer operating properly (COP)
Ordering Information
> Integrated power-on reset and LVI module
Package Type Low-Profile Quad Flat Pack (LQFP)
Pin Count
Temperature Range
Order Number
-40°C to +105°C
Package Type Low-Profile Quad Flat Pack (LQFP)
Pin Count
Temperature Range
Order Number
Award-Winning Development Environment
> Processor Expert™ (PE) technology provides a rapid application design (RAD) tool that
combines easy-to-use, component-based software application creation with an expert
knowledge system.
> The CodeWarrior™ Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is a sophisticated tool for code
navigation, compiling and debugging. A comprehensive set of evaluation modules (EVMs)
and development system cards will support concurrent engineering. Together, PE technology,
the CodeWarrior tool suite and EVMs create a comprehensive, scalable tools solution for easy,
fast and efficient development.
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-40°C to +125°C