DSP56858 General-purpose solution with a rich feature set for audio and vide ...

Digital Signal Controllers
General-purpose solution with a rich feature set for
audio and video applications
The 56800E core is based on a Harvard-style
architecture consisting of three execution
units operating in parallel, allowing as many
as six operations per instruction cycle. The
microprocessor-style programming model and
optimized instruction set allow straightforward
generation of efficient, compact code for both
DSP and microcontroller (MCU) applications.
The instruction set is also highly efficient for
C compilers, enabling rapid development of
optimized control applications.
Target Applications
• Full duplex feature phones
• IP phones
• Client-side IP applications
• Intelligent access devices
• Voice and audio processing
• Voice recognition and command
• General-purpose devices
• Hands-free automotive devices
The 56858 core offers a rich feature set and
on-chip memory interface. It includes external
memory expansion with up to 4 MB program
or up to 16 MB data addressing space, and
is available in both 144-pin LQFP and 144-pin
MAPBGA packages. The 56858 core includes
80 KB of on-chip program SRAM and 48 KB
of on-chip data SRAM. With two enhanced
synchronous serial interfaces (ESSI) this device
can provide outputs for 5.1-channel surround
sound. The 56858 core is ideal for client-side
telecom/datacom applications requiring up to
four channels, including IP phones. This device
can be designed into multiprocessor systems
to provide speech processing, stand-alone
Internet audio and hands-free automotive
device functionality.
56800E Core Features
• Efficient 16-bit digital signal controller engine
with dual Harvard architecture
• 120 MIPS at 120 MHz core frequency
• Single-cycle 16 x 16-bit parallel multiplieraccumulator (MAC)
• Four 36-bit accumulators, including
extension bits
• 16-bit bidirectional shifter
• Parallel instruction set with unique
addressing modes
• Hardware DO and REP loops
• Three internal address buses and one
external address bus
• Four internal data buses and one external
data bus
• Instruction set supports both DSP and
controller functions
• Four hardware interrupt levels
• Five software interrupt levels
• Controller-style addressing modes and
instructions for compact code
• Efficient C compiler and local variable
• Software subroutine and interrupt stack with
depth limited only by memory
• JTAG/enhanced on-chip emulation (EOnCE)
debug programming interface
Ext. Memory I/F
6-ch. DMA
Prog. Chip Selects
Up to 47 GPIO
16-bit Quad Timer
Time of Day
Freescale Technology
Program Memory
2 KB Boot ROM
56800E Core
120 MIPS
(2) SCI
(2) ESSI
Data Memory
8-bit Host IF
• Easy to program with flexible application
development tools
• Supports multiple processor connections
• 16-bit quad timer module (with four
external pins) that allows capture/compare
functionality and can be cascaded
• Quad timer module can also be used
for simple digital-to-analog conversion
• ESSI with enhanced network and audio
• Time of day (TOD) modules for
applications requiring clock display
• Flexible 6-channel direct memory access
(DMA) allows both internal and external
memory transfers with almost no CPU
• Serial peripheral interface (SPI) with master
and slave mode supporting connection to
other processors or serial memory devices
• Two ESSIs with three transmitters per
module provide support for 5.1-channel
surround sound
Energy Information
• Fabricated in high-density CMOS with
3.3V, TTL-compatible digital inputs
• Computer operating properly (COP)/
watchdog timer
• 144-pin LQFP and 144-pin
MAPBGA packages
• Up to 47 general-purpose input/output
• Six independent channels of DMA
• 8-bit parallel host interface*
• 144-pin LQFP and 144-pin MAPBGA
• Up to 47 GPIO pins
*Each peripheral I/O can be used alternately as a GPIO..
(GPIO) pins
56858 Memory Features
• Harvard architecture permits up to three
simultaneous accesses to program and
data memory
• On-chip memory
• 80 KB program RAM
• 48 KB data RAM
• 2 KB boot ROM
• Chip select logic used as GPIO
56858 Peripheral Circuit Features
• General-purpose 16-bit quad timer
• Two SCIs*
• SPI*
• Two ESSI modules*
• Computer operating properly (COP)/
watchdog timer
• JTAG/EOnCE for unobtrusive, real-time
Award-Winning Development
• Processor Expert technology provides a
rapid application design (RAD) tool that
combines easy-to-use, component-based
software application creation with an
expert knowledge system.
• The CodeWarrior Integrated Development
Environment is a sophisticated tool for
code navigating, compiling and debugging.
A comprehensive set of evaluation
modules (EVMs) and development system
cards will support concurrent engineering.
Together, Processor Expert technology, the
CodeWarrior tool suite and EVMs create a
comprehensive, scalable tools solution for
easy, fast and efficient development.
Product Documentation
• Wait and stop modes available
Order Number Description
56858 16-bit Digital Signal
DSP56800E Reference Manual
Detailed description of the 56800E architecture, 16-bit
DSP core processor and the instruction set
DSP5685x User’s Manual
Detailed description of memory, peripherals and
interfaces of the 56853, 56854, 56855, 56857 and 56858
DSP56858 Technical Data Sheet
Electrical and timing specifications, pin descriptions and
package descriptions
DSP56858 Product Brief
Summary description and block diagram of the core,
memory, peripherals and interfaces
• 120 MIPS at 120 MHz
• 80 KB program SRAM
• 48 KB data SRAM
• 2 KB boot ROM
• Access up to 4 MB words of program
memory or up to 16 MB data memory
• Chip select logic for glueless interface to
• Six independent channels of DMA
• Two ESSIs
• Two serial communications interfaces
• 8-bit parallel host interface
• General-purpose 16-bit quad timer
• JTAG/EOnCE for unobtrusive, real-time
Ordering Information
Supply Voltage
Package Type
Pin Count
Frequency (MHz)
Order Number
Supply Voltage
Package Type
Pin Count
Frequency (MHz)
Order Number
1.8V, 3.3V
Low-Profile Quad Flat Pack (LQFP)
1.8V, 3.3V
Mold Array Plastic Ball Grid Array (MAPBGA)
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