Agilent N5531S
Measuring Receiver System
Automation and System Integration Services Data
Features and Benefits
• Automated testing of RF and
Microwave Signal Generators
• Automated testing of RF
and Microwave Attenuators
• Comprehensive set of tests
• Support for both manually controlled,
GPIB and LAN test devices
• Flexible testing through use of text
based Test Plans and Sequences
• Simple Parameter definition and
management through
• Meets or exceeds the performance
of the Agilent 8902A
The Agilent N5531S comprises
an Agilent PSA series Spectrum
Analyser, an EPM series PowerMeter,
N5532A sensor module and N5531A
The Agilent N5531S provides the
easiest migration from 8902A to
modern test equipment for attenuator
calibration and signal generator
performance testing.
The RF Performance Test Suite has
been designed as an extremely flexible
solution for the automated testing of
RF Signal Sources and Attenuators.
The RF Performance Test Suite’s PC
based software applications make
extensive use of the Agilent N5531S
Measuring Receiver.
Additional instrumentation allows fully
automated testing and expands the
capabilities of the N5531S. The use of
the Agilent 3499A switch control unit
adds the capability to automatically
route modulation signals from the
optional Agilent 33250A function
generator to the modulation inputs
of the signal generator being tested.
Once connected, the complete testing
of most devices is able to proceed
without further operator intervention.
Signal Generator Tests
The RF Performance Test Suite’s Signal
Generator testing application includes
the following tests:
• Frequency Error
• DC FM Centre
Frequency Error
• Modulation Source
AM Accuracy, AM Distortion
AM Flatness, Residual AM
FM Accuracy, FM Distortion
FM Flatness, Residual FM
ØM Accuracy, ØM Distortion
ØM Flatness
Incidental AM, Incidental FM
Incidental ØM
Wideband AM Accuracy
Pulse Rise/Fall time
(requires an Infiniium
Adjacent Channel Power
Harmonics, Spurious
Pulse On/Off Ratio
Single Sideband Noise
• Maximum Output Power
• Output Level Flatness
• Tuned RF Level
Direct Audio:
• ModOsc Distortion
• ModOsc Level
• ModOsc Output Impedance
Attenuator Tests
Available as an optional addition to
the RF Performance Test Suite, the
attenuator testing application provides
support for both fixed and step
attenuators. This application requires
the addition of a signal generator from
the Agilent ESG or PSG families.
Adding an Agilent 11713A attenuator
driver to the system allows control of
programmable attenuators.
The attenuator application includes
the following tests:
• Insertion Loss, with support for
manual and remotely switched
• Attenuation with support for manual
and remotely switched devices.
• Measurement of Return Loss is also
possible through the addition of
appropriate directional bridges.
Parameter Management
Installation and Training
Ordering Information
A powerful set of tools simplifies the
development and management of
parameter files for the testing of new
types of signal generator or attenuator.
Test data points, specifications and the
GPIB commands for a test device
can be added and updated through the
use of external spreadsheet files.
Included in the services package is a
day of on site installation and startup
assistance. Additional days can be
purchased if required.
Customisation and Consulting
Agilent can integrate the N5531S
into a rack, incorporating any of the
optional instruments e.g. oscilloscope,
switch controller. This includes the
rack and all signal and control cables.
This service is available on request.
For customers who use the
discontinued Agilent 8902A systems
Agilent offers a parameter file
conversion service. Agilent can assist
with training for the customers’
own personnel and can help convert
old parameter files. A core set of
spreadsheet based parameter files are
provided with the new RF Performance
Test Suite. Additional files can be
generated on request.
Additional Capabilities
Agilent can offer additional
capabilities to the core test suite. For
example, support for scalar network
analysers would allow the user to
perform fast return loss measurements
on attenuators. TOI measurements
on signal sources are another example
of additional testing that could also
be added.
Small System Integration
Sales, Service and Support
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offered in this datasheet please
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