ROHM LM-2035

LED displays
5 7 matrix displays
LM-2035 Series
The LM-2035 series are 5 7 matrix
displays which can be used in a wide
variety of applications, including alphabet, numeric, symbol, and graphic displays. Bright red, red and green are
available, as well as a dual-color
red / green type.
Light sources for displays
1) 5 7 dot matrix
Circular emitters.
2) External dimensions: 17.78 12.7
4.2 mm
3) Emitters: Circular, 2.0 mm diameter
4) Black package.
Selection guide
External dimensions (Units: mm)
LED displays
LM-2035 Series
FPin assignments
FInternal circuit schematic
FAbsolute maximum ratings (Ta = 25_C)
FSingle-color type
LED displays
FDual-color type
FElectrical and optical characteristics (Ta = 25_C)
FSingle-color type
FDual-color type
FLuminous intensity
LM-2035 Series