Low-power Actel AGL600-FG256
Micro-SD connector for Micro-SD
memory modules
SD/MMC Connector for SD, MMC4,
RS-MMC, Mini-SD, MMC Plus, RS
MMC Plus cards
On-board power regulators for 3.3 V
and 1.2/1.5 V core power
Interfaces with Marvell Littleton
PXA3xx VLIO interface using JAE
160-pin connectors
Flash*Freeze™ demonstration functionality
FLASHPRO JTAG connector for programming
Capability to measure current for
individual I/O banks and core
Meets SD Host Controller specification Version 2.0 Part A2
Meets SDIO card v2.0 specification
Supports Embedded SDIO Specification Version 0.92 Draft
Supports Test Register to generate
events by software
Supports high-capacity Ver2.00 Card
Supports non-DMA, SDMA, ADMA1,
and ADMA2 modes
Meets MMC specifications version
3.31 and 4.2
Supports MMCplus, MMCmobile
Meets CE-ATA Digital Protocol revision 1.1RC
Up to 200 Mbps with 4 parallel SD
data lines and 416 Mbps with 8 parallel MMC 4.2 data lines
Supports CE-ATA Digital Protocol
commands (CMD39/CMD60/CMD61)
Host clock rate from 0 to 52 MHz
CRC7 and CRC16 modules
Supports direct R/W (IO52) and
extended R/W (IO53) commands
Supports Read Wait Control, Suspend/Resume operations
Copyright 2007 Arasan Chip Systems Inc.
Version 1.0
Storage Solution for Marvell’s
PXA300/310 Platform
The SD2.0/MMC4.2/CE-ATA storage solution has been developed in
cooperation with ARASAN Chip Systems for Actel AGL600-FG256 lowpower IGLOO FPGA. The Actel IGLOO family of reprogrammable, fullfeatured flash FPGAs is designed to meet the demanding power and
area requirements of today's portable electronics. Based on the Actel
nonvolatile flash technology and single-chip ProASIC®3 FPGA architecture, the 1.2 V / 1.5 V operating voltage family offers the industry's
lowest power consumption - as low as 5 µW.
The storage daughter board interfaces with Marvell's PXA300/310
processor through the data flash interface (DFI). Arasan SD2.0/
MMC4.2/CE-ATA Host IP core in the Actel IGLOO device provides a
low-cost and low-power solution.
The Arasan SD2.0/MMC4.2/CE-ATA (CE-ATA 2) Host Controller core
consists of the SD 2.0, SDIO 2.0, MMC4.2, and CE-ATA 1.1 controllers.
The Arasan CE-ATA 2 Host is fully compliant with the SD Host specification version 2.0 with Advanced-DMA support, MMC specification
version 4.2, and CE-ATA Digital Protocol revision 1.1RC. It supports SPI,
SD 1-bit, SD 4-bit, and MMC 8-bit modes. The CE-ATA 2 Host core is
designed to support high-speed and full-speed SD data transfers. In
application with an AHB interface, the Arasan CE-ATA 2 Host core
communicates with the ARM® processor at a clock speed up to 300
MHz. The CE-ATA 2 Host controller includes a DMA controller and a
FIFO that is expandable from a minimum size of 4 x 32-bit. An
optional CPRM functional block can be incorporated to perform a
Cipher algorithm for encryption and decryption.
The Storage Solution Functional Block Diagram
SD 2.0 Compliant
SDIO 2.0 Compliant
MMC 4.2 compliant
CE-ATA 1.1 compliant
Storage Solution for Marvell’s PXA300/310 Platform
SD/SDIO Bus Interface Unit:
AHB/APB Interface:
SD 2.0, SDIO 1.2, MMC3.31, MMC4.2,
and CE-ATA devices communicate with
the host controller through the SD/
MMC Bus Interface Unit (BIU). The BIU
consists of the Command Decoder,
Response Generator, Transmitter/
Receiver, and Power Control/Switch
units. SD1, SD4, and SPI modes are supported. Other BIU functions include the
16-bit CRC generator and checker for
the data lines, 7-bit CRC generator and
checker for the command and response
lines, interrupt state machine, and BIU
Master state machine.
The Arasan SD2.0/MMC4.2/CE-ATA Host
core provides a Programmed I/O
method in which the ARM host driver
transfers data using the Buffer Data
Port register. The AHB Slave has direct
access to the Host Control registers and
these registers can be programmed by
the ARM processor through the AHB
Slave interface. Data transactions are
performed through the AHB Slave
interface with the Programmed I/O
method. The AHB Interface initiates a
read or write transaction with the
memory if the data transaction is a
DMA data transfer.
Advanced DMA:
The controller supports SDMA, ADMA1,
and ADMA2. The Single Operation
DMA (SDMA) algorithm forms a performance bottleneck by interruption at
every page boundary. ADMA adopts
the scatter-gather DMA algorithm so
that higher data transfer speed is available. ADMA provides data transfer
between system memory and the SD
card without interruption of CPU execution. ADMA can support both 32-bit
and 64-bit system memory addressing.
ADMA1 can support data transfer of
only 4 KB aligned data in system memory. ADMA2 improves the restriction so
that data of any location and any size
can be transferred in system memory.
Fully compliant core with
proven silicon
Premier direct support from
Arasan core designers
Easy-to-use industry standard test environment
Unencrypted source code
allows easy implementation
Customer training available
ReUse Methodology Manual guidelines (RMM) compliant verilog code ensured
using Spyglass
MMC4.2/CE-ATA Interface:
The MMC interface conforms with the
MMC system specification 4.2. It supports 8-bit MMC mode, Error Correction
Code (ECC), MMCplus and MMCmobile
card types. The CE-ATA Host Controller
conforms with CE-ATA Digital Protocol
revision 1.1RC, and with support for CEATA Digital Protocol commands (CMD39
/CMD60 / CMD61). The CE-ATA interface
allows for lower pin count, better
power utilization, voltages tailored to
battery-based applications, and more
efficient command protocol.
RMM Compliant Synthesizable RTL design in Verilog
Easy-to-use test environment
Synthesis scripts
Technical documents
Optional Items:
SD/SDIO Host Validation
SDIO Device Development
Supported Platforms/Simulators:
About Arasan:
Platforms: Solaris, Unix,
Linux, and Windows® XP
Verilog simulators: Synopsys
VCS, Cadence NC-Verilog,
MTI ModelSim-Verilog
Arasan Chip Systems, Inc. founded in 1995, is a leading supplier of Reusable Intellectual Property (IP) cores, semiconductors, and electronic design services. Arasan’s product portfolio is
focused on Bus Interfaces and includes IP for MIPI, USB 1.1 and USB 2.0, PCI, SDIO, and CE-ATA
technologies. Arasan is headquartered in San Jose, California, with design centers in India
and support options available in Taiwan, China, and Europe.
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