MOLEX 74735-0010

X2 10 Gbps System
Molex’s X2 Pluggable Copper Transceiver meets broad market demands for high-speed
interconnects in distances up to 15 meters
Molex’s X2 copper transceiver is designed for
high-speed, 10 Gigabit Ethernet applications. The
transceiver design is based on a 3.125 Gbps XAUI (10
Gigabit Attachment Unit Interface) to XAUI re-timer,
with transmit pre-emphasis and receive equalization.
This design ensures the signal can be boosted to
compensate for signal loss at high frequencies. Preemphasis is achieved by boosting the high-frequency
content of a transmitted signal or attenuating lowfrequency content to compensate for high-frequency
loss in the cable assembly. Receiver equalization is a
similar process applied to the receiver. The re-timer
also incorporates clock and data recovery as well as
XAUI lane alignment.
74735 Transceiver
74744 Rail
The Molex X2 transceiver utilizes an industry standard
10Gbase CX4 cable interface (LaneLink Series 74526)
and combines with the X2 guide rail (Molex Series
74744) and 70-circuit X2 connector (Molex Part
74441-0013) for a total system solution. The Molex
pluggable 10 Gbps transceiver meets Gigabit Ethernet
standards IEEE 802.3ak for CX4 and IEEE 802.3ae for
The die-cast guide frame provides transceiver retention
and a sturdy transmit-to-receive interface.
For more information on Molex’s extensive X2 product
offering, please
Features and Benefits
n Transmits 10 Gbps data up to 15 meters over
Copper(Cu) cable enabling high-speed data
n Designed to meet Gigabit Ethernet standards IEEE
802.3ak for CX4 and IEEE 802.3ae for XAUI for
compliance with X2 MSA
n Hot-swappable design enables transceiver to be
removed or installed without powering-down
n Threaded screw holes for rail provide screw down
feature for increased retention to the PCB
n Zinc die-cast backshells provide 360° Electro
Magnetic Interference (EMI) Shielding
n Positive latching function on the guide frame
provides proper transceiver retention
n Die-cast guide frame provides sturdy, robust
transceiver-to-chassis interface
n Guide frame alignment posts provide stability for
placement on PCB
Reference Information
Packaging: Static resistant bag and box
Transceiver Mates with: Host Connector (Series 74441),
LaneLink™ CX4 Cable Assembly (Series 74526)
Use with: X2 Transceiver (Series 74735) and X2 Rail
(Series 74744) used together
Designed In: Millimeters
Voltage: 3.3V
Current: 3.3V
Mating Force:
Min.: 20N (4.5 lbf)
Max.: 40N (9 lbf), 80N (18 lbf) max. allowed by MSA
Unmating Force:
Min.: 8N (1.79 lbf)
Max.: 35N (7.9 lbf)
Durability: 100 cycles
Housing: Zinc (Zn)
Housing Plating: Nickel (Ni)
PCB contact: 0.76µm (30µ”) Gold (Au)
PCB Thickness: 1.00mm (.393”) +/- 0.10mm (.004”)
Operating Temperature: -40 to +85° C
X2 10 Gbps System
74735 Transceiver
74744 Rail
n Telecommunication
- Hubs
- Servers
- Routers
n Data Communication
n Storage Area Network
n Industry Standards
- IEEE 802.3ak CX4
- IEEE 802.3ae XAUI
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X2 Transceiver
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