PCI 9030
SMARTarget™ I/O Accelerator
SMARTarget Technology
Performance Features
v2.2 compliant 32-bit
33MHz Target Interface Chip
enabling PCI Burst Transfers
up to 132Mbytes/second.
■ Up
to 60MHz Local Bus operation enabling burst transfers
up to 240Mbytes/second
Target Read Ahead Mode
Target Programmable
Target Delayed Write
■ Posted
Memory Writes
Flexibility Features
■ Programmable 32-bit Local
Bus operates up to 60MHz
■ Supports 5 PCI to Local
Address spaces
■ Nine Programmable GPIOs
■ Four programmable
Chip selects
■ CompactPCI Hot Swap Ready
■ Big/Little Endian Conversion
■ Interrupt Generator
■ PCI v1.1 Power Management.
■ 3.3V, 5V Tolerant PCI Signaling
■ 3.3V CMOS device in 180-pin
mBGA or 176-pin PQFP
As PCI evolves in today's complex systems, PLX continues to provide market
leading, high performance 32-bit PCI solutions. In this tradition, PLX is offering
the PCI 9030 SMARTarget I/O Accelerator.
There are many ways to do a PCI target design. Many PCI chip and core
designs only attempt to implement the minimum PCI v2.1 bus interface signaling
and call it complete. This leaves the burden of connectivity, performance and
system compatibility on the designer. Only the PCI 9030 has SMARTarget technology, a set of advanced features which go far beyond the minimum to provide the best possible performance and flexibility to simplify the design. A basic
target design is one thing, but a SMARTarget design is much more.
The PCI 9030 brings PLX's industry leading experience in the world of PCI
designs to you in a way that is simple and convenient to use. The PCI 9030 is
the perfect solution for applications such as:
Migrating Legacy Designs to PCI
Whether you are migrating an ISA or other older design to PCI, or upgrading
your current PCI target design, the PCI 9030 with SMARTarget technology provides the fastest and easiest route to PCI. The PCI 9030 has the industry's most
flexible local bus which allows for multiple interface options to a wide variety
of memory and I/O devices. Combine that with fully tested, compatible PCI v2.2
compliance, and your design risk is virtually zero.
CompactPCI Hot Swap Designs
Building upon PLX's experience in CompactPCI, the PCI 9030 is the industry's
first CompactPCI Hot Swap Ready Target device. This allows all of your
CompactPCI I/O board designs to be compatible with both traditional
CompactPCI and the new Hot Swap system designs.
Smaller Form Factor Designs
The PCI 9030 offers a 180-pin mBGA packaging option. Where space is a consideration, this ultra-thin, dime-sized package is an ideal solution. This allows for
flexibility in real estate sensitive designs such as PMC or PC-MIP Mezzanine
cards, and PCMCIA PC-Cards.
al S
PCI 9030 SMARTarget I/O
Only the PCI 9030 has SMARTarget technology, a set of advanced features which
go far beyond the minimum to provide
the best possible performance and flexibility to simplify the design. A basic target
design is one thing, but a SMARTarget
design is much more.
Target Programmable Burst. The PCI
9030 may be programmed for several
burst lengths, including unlimited burst.
This allows for maximum transfer rates
on both the PCI and local bus.
■ Posted
Memory Writes. A PCI memory
write can be posted to the PCI 9030 for
later transfer to the Local bus. This
allows for maximum PCI performance
and avoids potential deadlock situations.
SMARTarget Flexibility Features
■ Programmable Local Bus operates up
to 60MHz and supports both nonmultiplexed and multiplexed 32-bit
address/data protocol, and Dynamic
Local Bus width control allowing slave
accesses of 8-,16- or 32-bit devices.
Target Delayed Write. The PCI 9030
supports PCI Target Delayed Write mode
where the PCI Target Write data is postponed in the PCI Target Write FIFO to
allow uninterrupted burst transactions
■ Supports
5 PCI to Local Address
spaces. These spaces (Space 0,1,2,3 and
Expansion ROM Spaces) allow a PCI
Bus Master to access the local memory
spaces with individually programmable
wait states, bus width, and burst
32-bit 60MHz Lo
cal Bus
PCI 9030
■ The
PCI 9030 has 9 programmable
General Purpose I/Os which may
be used for a variety of purposes.
■ Four
programmable Chip
selects eliminate decode logic.
■ CompactPCI
Hot Swap Ready
■ Supports
Automatic on-the-fly Big
Endian and Little Endian conversion
for all operations and data types.
32-bit, 33MHz Sy
stem PCI Bus
SMARTarget Performance Features:
■ PCI v2.2 Compliant 32-bit, 33MHz
Target Interface Chip enabling PCI Burst
Transfers up to 132Mbytes/second.
■ Up
to 60MHz Local Bus operation
enabling burst transfers up to
Target Read Ahead Mode. The
PCI 9030 will prefetch a programmable
amount of data from the local bus.
The prefetched data can then be burst
transferred on the PCI bus from the PCI
9030 internal PCI Target Read FIFO. The
prefetch size can be programmed to
match the PCI master burst length or can
be used as PCI Target Read Ahead mode
data. This feature allows for increased
bandwidth and reduced read latency.
■ Interrupt
Generator can assert PCI interrupts from external and internal sources.
■ Fully
supports the Vital Product Data
(VPD) PCI v2.2 extension including New
Capabilities Structure. Provides an alternate access method for user or system
defined parameters or configuration data.
on the Local bus. This allows for a higher
throughput for conditions in which the
PCI clock frequency is slower than the
Local clock frequency or when Local bus
bursting is desirable.
32-bit 60MHz Local
PCI 9030 ™
Figure 2.
Typical CompactPCI
Hot Swap Adapter Card
act PCI Bus
32-bit, 33MHz Comp
Figure 1.
Typical PCI Target
Adapter Card
Power Management supports both
D0, D3hot and D3cold power states.
32-bit, 33MHz PCI Bus
CompactPCI Hot Swap Adapter Card
Hot Swap capability is a requirement for
today's CompactPCI systems.
The PCI 9030 provides an
excellent solution because it is
the industry's first Hot Swap
Ready Target chip. SMARTarget
Technology will ensure a high
performance Hot Swap imple32-bit 60MHz Local Bus
mentation. The PCI 9030 is a
PCI 9030
PICMG v2.1 Hot Swap Ready
target device including the
following features:
■ PCI specification v2.1
or better
■ Tolerant of Vcc from early power
Figure 3.
PMC Card
■ Tolerant of asynchronous reset
■ Tolerant of precharge voltage
■ 3.3V, 5V Tolerant PCI Signaling enables
■ Has limited I/O pin leakage at
universal PCI adapters
precharge voltage
■ 3.3V CMOS device in space saving 180
■ Incorporates the Hot Swap
pin mBGA or 176-PQFP
Control/Status Register (HS_CSR)
PCI 9030 Applications
■ Incorporates an Extended Capability
PCI Target Adapter Card
Pointer (ECP) mechanism
The PCI 9030 can be used in a wide vari■ Incorporates added resources for softety of applications in networking, telecom,
ware control of ENUM#, the ejector
switch, and the status LED which
imaging, industrial and storage. The PCI
indicates to the user insertion /removal
9030 simplifies migration of legacy designs
■ Precharge BIOS internal to the
to PCI by providing a convenient off-thePCI 9030
shelf solution that can enable you to
Early power support internal to the
have your prototypes operational in as
PCI 9030
little as one week. At the same time, the
PCI 9030's built in SMARTarget perforFigure 2 shows a typical Compact PCI
mance features guarantee you will meet
Hot Swap adapter card.
or beat your performance goals. In addiSmall Form Factor PCI Designs
tion, SMARTarget flexibility features such
In the real estate conscious world of
as 3.3V and 5V tolerant I/O buffers and
local bus operation up to 60MHz, enable
the PCI 9030's attractive packaging
you to connect a wide variety of memory
options are the perfect solution.
and I/O devices. With SMARTarget in
SMARTarget Flexibility features such as
action, PCI Target Adapter designs have
never been simpler. Figure 1 shows a
typical PCI Target adapter card.
GPIO's and Programmable Chip selects
save additional valuable board space. The
PCI 9030 enables a whole new generation
of mini form factor PCI cards. This is
shown in figure 3 and 4:
Additional Features
■ 5V
Tolerant Operation- The PCI 9030
requires 3.3 Vcc. It provides 3.3V signaling with 5V I/O tolerance on the PCI
and Local Buses.
■ Serial
EEPROM Interface-Contains an
interface for an optional serial EEPROM
that can be used to load configuration
■ Clocks-The
Local Bus runs from a local
bus clock and asserts the necessary
internal clocks. This clock runs asynchronously to the PCI clock. The PCI 9030
provides a PCI Buffered clock which can
be used as a local bus clock if desired.
32-bit 60MHz PCI 9030
Local Bus
Figure 4.
Development Tool Support
As any good designer knows, development tools are just as important as the chips themselves. That is why PLX provides a
complete PCI development environment to speed your time to market. The PCI 9030 is supported with a complete Reference
Design Kit (RDK) with software debug support, and a hardware development kit (HDK) CD-ROM. These tools provide the
easiest PCI target prototyping platform available. With the PLX PCI development environment you can have your hardware
and software prototypes running in as little as one week.
32-bit, 60MHz Local Bus
Local Bus
Control Logic
Control Logic
Local Bus
Control Logic
Control Logic
Control Logic
Dynamic Data
Bus Width
Control Logic
Non Multiplexed
Control Logic
Hot Swap
Control Logic
32-bit, 33MHz PCI Bus
PLX PCI 9030 Block Diagram
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