ET4000 Single-Chip 28 x 1 Gbits/s
Layer 2+ Ethernet Switch
The 28-port ET4000 is part of the Agere
Systems ET4K family of gigabit Ethernet
switch chip sets. These cost-effective, true
switch-on-chip solutions have been
developed to help simplify your design and
production efforts for GbE switching systems.
The Agere Systems ET4000 is a complete
switch solution that provides 28 gigabit
Ethernet (GbE) ports (IEEE® compliant 802.3z
10/100/1000 Mbits/s Ethernet MACs) in a
single chip. Twenty-four of the MACs connect
to external PHYs via 6-pin LVDS SGMII
interfaces, four can be connected to external
fiber PHYs via SerDes interfaces.
The ET4000 is offered in a 525-pin FCBGA
package and is fabricated in advanced
0.13 µm CMOS process technology. The
complete solution is designed to address
the power and size constraints in switching
applications. A seamless interface and
common API for use with the Agere ET1081
TruePHY™ multiport PHY will help reduce
costs and ensure performance.
The ET4000 is a highly integrated and fully featured
Layer 2 Ethernet bridge with integrated MACs, packet
buffers, and address tables. Its high levels of integration
can help significantly reduce design costs, reduce power
and space requirements, and increase reliability. The
ET4000 offers proven TCP/IP network security features
such as L2/L3/L4 ACL as well as QoS capabilities. It
offers advanced service recognition and queuing to
support the ability to create and manage new QoSbased services. These comprehensive QoS features and
the ET4000 wire speed performance enables enterprise
desktop aggregation switching applications.
A reference system design kit is available for the ET4000,
for more information please contact your Agere Systems
sales representative.
• Twenty-eight 10/100/1000 Mbits/s Ethernet ports
(24 SGMII interfaces to GbE copper PHYs, up to four
SerDes interfaces to GbE fiber ports).
• Aggregate 42 Mpackets/s switching capacity (wire
speed operation).
• 32-bit, 66 MHz PCI processor interface.
• Two MDIO interfaces.
• Integrated packet buffer memory.
• Integrated address table memories.
• Full IEEE 802.1D bridging.
• Extensive VLAN support.
Features (continued)
L2/L3/L4 classification for access control list (ACL) and quality of service (QoS).
Supporting IPv4 and IPv6
Advanced traffic management functions.
Link aggregation and mirroring.
Advanced 0.13 µm CMOS technology.
525-pin FCBGA package.
The Agere Systems ET4000 chip set solutions are used to create competitive Layer 2+ gigabit Ethernet desktop switches. They
can be used for a 24-port port gigabit Ethernet switch in standalone configuration, or with the addition of four fiber ports in
standalone configuration, or in high-density gigabit Ethernet fabric switches.
24 Port Switch
- 24 10/100/1000M Copper Ports
- 4 GbE SFP Ports
System Diagram
1G Fiber
1G Fiber
1G Fiber
1G Fiber
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