MPEG-2 VIDEO Encoder/Decoder
CS92210 Features
Single chip MPEG-2 Video CODEC
Supports real time MPEG-1 encoding and
Supports real time MPEG-2 [email protected], [email protected],
and [email protected] encoding and decoding
Support for constant and one-pass variable bit
IPB-pictures, CBR or VBR to 15 Mbps
I-pictures only to 30 Mbps
Proprietary high performance motion estimation
Low external memory
8 Mbytes for full D1 (720) NTSC/PAL pictures
Provides complete video encoding and decoding
(half-duplex) when combined with system
function and supporting commodity devices
Direct interface to video modulator &
Supports multiple resolutions & scan rates
NTSC: (720-D1, 704-D1, 640-VGA, 544, 4802/3D1, 352-1/2D1) x 480, or 352 x 240 (CIF),
320 x 240 (MPEG-1) or 176 x 112 (QCIF) at
30 or 29.97 Hz
PAL: (720-D1, 704-D1, 640-VGA, 544, 4802/3D1, 352-1/2D1) x 576, or 352 x 288
(CIS/SIF), or 176 x 144 (QCIF) at 25 Hz
Intel/Motorola 16-bit host interface
5 V I/O tolerance, 3.3 V and 1.8 V power
0.65 watts @ 87.75 MHz average power
256-pin PQFP package
Video Engine
Unit (VEU)
Unit (PPU)
Video I/O
RiSC Unit (MCU)
Refinement &
Decision Unit (RDU)
DRAM Control
Unit (DCU)
Post-process Video Stream Motion Est. Host I/F Unit
Unit (VSU) Unit (MEU)
Unit (POU)
8-Bit Interface
16-Bit Host Interface
The CS92210 is a real time MPEG-2 video encoder and decoder
(CODEC) that fully complies with the ISO/IEC-13818 Main
[email protected] Level ([email protected]) format, Simple [email protected] Main Level
([email protected]), and Main Profile @ Low Level ([email protected]).
In encode mode, the CS92210 accepts digital video in ITU-R BT.601
(CCIR-601) or ITU-R BT.656 (CCIR-656) format. The input is filtered
and then encoded to produce compressed bitstreams in MPEG-2
[email protected] syntax. In decode mode, CS92210 accepts an MPEG
bitstream, decodes it, and then filters the video output to produce
either ITU-R BT.601 or ITU-R BT.656 format digital video. Designed
for flexibility, the CS92210’s video interface supports multiple video
formats, resolutions, and frame rates including NTSC, PAL, and
The CS92210’s versatile time-stamp feature enables flexible muxing
of audio and video elementary bit streams. Also, the CS92210 can
encode and decode bitstreams in both the VCD and SVCD formats.
The algorithmic and architectural innovations of the CS92210 enable
a high degree of integration while still providing exceptional video
quality over the widest range of bit rates. Also, the CS92210
provides ease of system design by interfacing to a wide variety of
commodity components such as Philips video decoders and
encoders, Flash and SDRAM memories.
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Technical Overview
The CS92210 is organized as a process pipeline that implements the MPEG-2 encoding and decoding algorithms.
The CS92210 provides application program control over a
large number of encoding parameters such as I, P, B-picture
cadence, GOP structure and decoder buffer sizes.
For communications applications, the CS92210 can match its
output bit rate to the channel rate. This feature allows the host
controller to make bit rate changes as needed to demonstrate
better bandwidth utilization across multiple channels.
Internal rate control provides a high degree of flexibility in
relation to the output bit rate, including the ability to generate
variable bitrate compressed video stream in one pass. This
makes it suitable for storage sensitive applications such as
digital camcorders and personal video recorders (PVRs).
The CS92210 also has features geared toward MPEG-2 publishing and authoring systems.
VCD, Super-VCD Support
The CS92210 supports MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 video encoding
at 1/2 (VCD), 2/3 (SVCD), and full D1 resolutions. In addition,
the CS92210’s versatile pre-processing features allow the
input video to be either scaled or cropped to the desired
encode size.
The CS92210 includes a 64-bit SDRAM memory interface, a
video interface, 16-bit Motorola/Intel host interface, a generic
8-bit interface, and a serial EPROM /Flash memory interface.
The CS92210 can be used in a variety of applications:
VCD, Super-VCD player and recorder
DVD-recordable products
Advanced set-top boxes
Pre- and post-processing supports includes pre- and post-filtering and up and down chroma conversions. Other features
DMA in either 8-b or 16-b modes
Personal video recorder (time shifting)
PC-based content creation/editing boards
USB-based products for video capture and display
Encodes/decodes full D1 to QCIF video resolutions
Bit rates up to 15 Mb/s in either CBR or VBR modes
Debugging and DMA monitoring control
Asynchronous video and system clocks
Support for commodity video NTSC/PAL encoders and
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