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3M™ EMI Absorber AB7000 Series
Data Sheet
February 2009
3M™ EMI Absorber AB7000 Series consists of a flexible polymer resin loaded with soft
metal flakes. An acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive allows for easy application.
• Flexible, high permeability magnetic sheets
• One-sided acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive
• Easily die cut into complex shapes
Agency Approvals
& Self Certifications
RoHS 2002/95/EC
AB7000 absorber is typically used for applications requiring EMI control and signal
integrity improvement in the 50MHz to 10 GHz range. It is a broadband EMI
absorber designed to work in near-field applications inside and around electronic
devices and assemblies. Common applications include reduction of noise and
crosstalk inside mobile electronics, reduction of crosstalk and EMI on ribbon cables
and flex cables, reduction of radiated IC noise (applying absorber directly to the
noisy IC), damping of radiation and oscillations inside shields and cavities, and
increasing signal integrity on high speed data lines through crosstalk reduction.
Attenuation and
Power Loss
Many factors determine the true attenuation of an electromagnetic interference
absorbing material, including shape and thickness, intimacy of substrate contact,
smoothness of application surface, strength and frequency of the EMI signal, etc.
Since AB7000 absorber is a near field absorber, attenuation characteristics tend to
be very application specific. Power loss characteristics are measured using a 5cm x
5cm square of AB7000 placed on a 50Ω microstrip line. The attenuation and noise
dampening attained generally increases as the thickness of the material increases.
Typical Properties
Not for specifications. Values are typical, not to be considered minimum or maximum.
Properties measured at room temperature 73°F (~23°C ) unless otherwise stated.
RoHS Compliant 2002/95/EC” means that the product or part (“Product”) does not contain any of the substances in excess of the
maximum concentration values in EU Directive 2002/95/EC, as amended by Commission Decision 2002/618/EC, unless the
substance is in an application that is exempt under RoHS. This information represents 3M’s knowledge and belief, which may be
based in whole or in part on information provided by third party suppliers to 3M.
Property (Test Method)
Typical Value
Acrylic non-conductive pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA)
Type of Backing
Polymer resin with magnetic metal flake filler
Product Number
Backing Thickness
Adhesive Thickness
Standard packaging
210mm x 297mm
Temperature Range
-25° to 85° C
Surface resistivity (ASTM-257)
Initial Permeability1
1x10 6Ω(min)
Typical Performance
Refer to S11 attenuation and power loss graphs
Notes: 1. This value measured at 1MHz 3M TM K RD-EMC-AB-02.
2. Attenuation is measured by 7mm coaxial verification kit under short fixed condition. Power loss is
measured by a 50Ω microstrip line method. 3M TM K-RD-EMC-AB-01
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3M™ EMI Absorber AB7000 Series
Reflection Loss
Power Loss
Shelf Life & Storage
This product has a 5-year shelf life from date of manufacture when stored in a humidity
controlled storage (10°C/50°F to 27°C/80°F and <75% relative humidity).
Please contact your local distributor; available from 3M.com/electrical [Where to Buy] or
call 1-800-676-8381.
Important Notice
Warranty; Limited
Remedy; Limited
All statements, technical information, and recommendations related to 3M’s products are based on information
believed to be reliable, but the accuracy or completeness is not guaranteed. Before using this product, you must
evaluate it and determine if it is suitable for your intended application. You assume all risks and liability associated
with such use. Any statements related to the product, which are not contained in 3M’s current publications, or any
contrary statements contained on your purchase order, shall have no force or effect unless expressly agreed upon,
in writing, by an authorized officer of 3M.
This product will be free from defects in material and manufacture at the time of purchase. 3M MAKES NO OTHER
FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. If this product is defective within the warranty period stated above,
your exclusive remedy shall be, at 3M’s option, to replace or repair the 3M product or refund the purchase price of
the 3M product. Except where prohibited by law, 3M will not be liable for any indirect, special, incidental or
consequential loss or damage arising from this 3M product, regardless of the legal theory asserted.
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