PC/104 - USB Digital
USB-CTR-15 USB Digital Counter/Timer Module
• High-speed USB 2.0 device, USB 1.1 compatible
• Fifteen independent 16-bit counter/timers (5 x 82C54-10)
• Clock, gate and out signals from all 15 channels buffered
and accessed via 1 connector
• PC/104 module size (3.550" by 3.775") and mounting
• Standard configuration adaptor pre-configured for event
counting, frequency measurement, pulse width
measurement, or frequency generation
• Removable screw-terminal board for easy wiring
• User wiring adaptor card provided for flexible yet easy
counter concatenation/configuration
• Rugged small-sized (4" x 4" x 1.25") steel enclosure
• Type B USB connector features industrial strength and
high-retention design
• Economy 'E' version available without screw terminal
• OEM (board only) available
• External power and AC/DC adaptor
• DIN rail mounting provision
• RoHS Available. Please contact us for ordering information
The USB-CTR-15 is an ideal solution for adding portable, easy-to-install, counter/timer capabilities to any PC or embedded system with a
USB port. This board is packaged in a small, rugged, industrial enclosure and features 15 independent 16-bit counter/timers. The unit is a
true USB 2.0 device, offering the highest speed available with the USB bus. It is fully compatible with both USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 ports. The
unit is plug-and-play allowing quick connect/disconnect whenever you need additional counter/timer devices on your USB port. The USBCTR-15 can be used for a wide variety of measurement applications including event counting, frequency measurements, position measurement, pulse counting, pulse-width modulation and pulse generation. The OEM version provides just the board without the enclosure or external screw terminal board and is ideal for a variety of embedded OEM applications.
The USB-CTR-15 features five fully-undedicated industry standard 82C54 counter/timer chips. Each 82C54 provides three independent software programmable 16-bit counters. The maximum allowable input frequency is 10 MHz. I/O wiring connections are provided via an industry
standard 50-pin IDC connector or via a removable screw terminal adapter board. A User Configuration Adapter board is also provided to
assist in wiring the counters together. This allows for flexible yet easy counter concatenation/configuration.
The USB-CTR-15 is designed to be used in rugged industrial environments but is small enough to fit nicely onto any desk or testing station.
The board measures just 3.550 by 3.775 inches and ships with or without a steel powder-coated enclosure with an anti-skid bottom.
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PC/104 - USB Digital
What makes the OEM option unique is that its PCB size and mounting holes match the PC/104 form factor (without the bus connections).
This allows our rugged counter/timer board to be added to any PCI-104 or PC/104 stack by connecting it to a simple USB port usually included on-board with embedded CPU form factors such as EBX, EPIC, and PC/104 - especially important since
many newer CPU chipsets do not support ISA and have plenty of USB ports. Future stacks will be using the extremely fast PCI Express bus which is essentially overkill for simple digital monitoring and control. The USB-CTR-15
OEM board can also be added into many pre-existing standard PC/104 based systems and enclosures. The OEM
(board only) version is perfect for a variety of embedded applications. The board's pre-drilled mounting holes allow
for installation using standoffs inside most enclosures or systems.
High Retention USB Connector
The ever-growing presence of USB in the industrial/military marketplace has driven the need for USB connections to be reliable, dependable,
and unfailing. Gone are the days of loose USB connections. A type B USB connector is used on all USB/104 products which features a high
retention design that complies with the class 1, Div II minimum withdrawal requirement of over 3 pounds of force (15 Newtons). This connector has an orange color-coded insulator to quickly differentiate it from standard USB connectors. Using these USB connectors increases
reliability in your system and ensures a tight connection. For embedded OEM type applications, an additional miniature USB input header is
provided in parallel with the type B connector.
• Home
• Portable
• Laptop
• Education
• Laboratory
• Industrial Automation
• Embedded OEM
The USB-CTR-15 is supported for use in most operating systems and includes a free Linux (including Mac OS X) and Windows 98/NT/2000/
XP/2003 compatible software package. This package contains sample programs and source code in Visual Basic, Delphi, C++ Builder, and
Visual C++ for Windows. Also incorporated is a graphical setup program in Windows. Third party support includes a Windows standard DLL
interface usable from the most popular application programs, and includes example LabVIEW VIs. Embedded OS support includes Windows
The USB-CTR-15 is available with optional cable assemblies, screw termination boards, and an optional external AC/DC power supply.
Advanced Digital Logic, Inc.; 4411 Morena Blvd., Suite 101; San Diego, CA 92117-4345
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PC/104 - USB Digital
Block Diagram
• Type: 82C54-10 programmable interval counters
• Output Drive:
- 2.0 VDC min., source 32 mA
- 0.55 VDC max., sink 64 mA
• Maximum Input Frequency: 10MHz
• Input Gate: TTL/CMOS compatible
• Clock: On-board, 10 MHz crystal-controlled clock
• Active Count Edge: Negative edge
• Minimum Clock Pulse Width: (input characteristic) 30 ns high, 40 ns low
• Minimum Divisor: divide-by-2
• Maximum Divisor: divide-by-65536 (16-bits, load value "0")
• Timer Range: 16 bits
Bus Type
• USB2.0 high-speed (480 Mb/s)
• circa 4000 transactions per second
• Basic unit: 60mA typical (no load); 12mA with max counter transitions
• +5 VDC from the USB bus or external power supply depending on user
The USB bus is specified to provide 500 mA to most desktop environments.
This gives you 440 mA available (500mA -60mA = 440mA). If using more than
a total of 500mA, use optional 9 VDC (on board voltage regulator outputs +5
VDC to card) external power supply and remove VUSB jumper and place
jumper on VEXT. Then plug in external power before plugging into USB port .
This option will give you a total of 1000mA available.
+5V resettable fuse at 0.5A located on connector
• Operating Temperature Range: 0°C. to 70°C
• Storage Temperature Range: -40°C. to +85°C
• Humidity: 0 to 90% RH, non-condensing
• Board Dimension: 3.550 x 3.775 inches
• Box Dimension: 4.00 x 4.00 x 1.25 inches
Regulatory Compliance
This product is designed to be in full compliance with CE requirements.
Ordering Information
Enclosure, module and screw terminal board
Economy model (no screw terminal board)
Board only (no enclosure or screw terminal board)
DIN rail mounting provision
External power and AC/DC adapter
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