4-slot Ethernet-based Distributed
DA&C System
8-slot Ethernet-based Distributed
DA&C System
10/100Base-T auto-negotiation high-speed communication port
Supports Modbus/TCP for easy integration
Supports UDP event handling function
Up to 100 m communication distance w/o repeater
Allows remote configuration via Ethernet
Allows concurrent access for 8 host PCs
4 I/O slots for up to 64 points and 8 I/O slots for up to 128 points data
monitoring and control
1500 VDC isolation for Ethernet communication
Built-in watchdog timer for system auto-reset
Windows utility
- I/O modules configuration and calibration
- Network auto searching
- Data stream setting
- Current status monitoring and alarm trigger
Provides .NET Class LIB to develop applications
ADAM-5000L/TCP and ADAM-5000/TPC are both Ethernet-based I/O systems. Without a repeater, ADAM-5000L/TCP and ADAM-5000/TCP can cover a communication distance up
to 100 m. This allows remote configuration via Ethernet and eight PCs can simultaneously access the data. The ADAM-5000L/TCP and ADAM-5000/TCP are the solutions for easy
configuration and efficient management. An ideal and cost-effective solution for eAutomation architecture.
 Power Input
Control System
 I/O Slots
 Memory
 Operating System
 LED Indicators
32-bit ARM RISC
ADAM-5000/TCP: 8
Flash ROM: 512 KB
Real-time OS
Power (3.3 V, 5 V)
Communication (Link, Active, 10/100 Mbps, Tx, Rx)
Communications (Ethernet)
Comm. Distance
Comm. Protocol
Data Transfer Rate
Event Response Time
100 meters w/o repeater
Up to 100 Mbps
< 5 ms
1 x 10/100Base-T (RJ-45)
UTP, category 5 or greater
Communications (Serial)
 Comm. Distance
 Comm. Protocol
 Data Transfer Rate
 Interface
 Max. Nodes
RS-485: 1.2 km (4000 feet)
RS-232: 15 m
Up to 115.2 kbps
1 x DB9-M for RS-485
1 x DB9-F for RS-485
1 x DB9-F for RS-232
12 (in RS-485 daisy-chain network for Remote I/O
 Power Consumption
Unregulated 10 ~ 30 VDC
4.0 W @ 24 Vdc (ADAM-5000L/TCP)
(not including I/O modules)
5.0 W @ 24 Vdc (ADAM-5000/TCP)
(not including I/O modules)
 .NET Class LIB
 Windows Utility
Network setting, I/O configuration & calibration, data
stream, alarm setting
 Modbus/TCP OPC Server
 Communication Line
 I/O Module Isolation
 LAN Communication
 Overvoltage Protection
 Power Reversal Protection
3000 VDC
3000 VDC
1500 VDC
 Certifications
 Connectors
CE, FCC class A
1 x DB9-M/DB9-F/screw terminal for RS-485
1 x DB9-F for RS-232 (internal use)
1 x Screw-terminal for power input
1 x RJ-45 for LAN
 Dimensions (W x H x D)ADAM-5000L/TPC:231 x 110 x 75 mm
ADAM-5000/TCP: 355 x 110 x 75 mm
 Enclosure
 Mounting
DIN 35 rail, wall
 Humidity
5 ~ 95%, non-condensing
 Operating Temperature - 10 ~ 70° C (14 ~ 158° F)
 Storage Temperature - 25 ~ 85° C (-13 ~ 185° F)
Ordering Information
 ADAM-5000L/TCP
 ADAM-5000/TCP
Programmable Automation Controllers & Software
4-slot Ethernet-based Distributed DA&C System
8-slot Ethernet-based Distributed DA&C System
DB9-M for
DB9-F with
RS-232 for Power Terminal
Internal Use
Wallmounting Hole
Snap Lock
Diagnostic LEDs
Ethernet Port
Plug-in Terminal
DB9-F for RS-485
Node ID
Feature Details
Communication Network
Hardware Capacity & Diagnostics
With a 32-bit RISC CPU, ADAM-5000/TCP and ADAM-5000L/TCP greatly enhances
data processing performance and ability, especially in network communication. There
is a standard RJ-45 modular jack Ethernet port on the ADAM-5000/TCP and ADAM5000L/TCP's CPU board, and the field I/O modules are able to link to an Ethernet network
directly without any other converter or data gateway. The communication speed can be
auto-switched between 10 Mbps and 100 Mbps data transfer rates, depending on the
network environment. In addition, ADAM-5000/TCP and ADAM-5000L/TCP can be used
as an Ethernet data gateway. It provides an RS-485 interface to integrate serial devices
supporting the Modbus/RTU protocol.
ADAM-5000/TCP and ADAM-5000L/TCP is designed with high I/O capacity and supports
all types of ADAM-5000 I/O modules. Providing 8/4 slots for any mixed modules, this
DA&C system handles up to 8/4 modules, providing 128/64 I/O points points (only
four ADAM-5024s allowed). Different from other main units, the ADAM-5000/TCP and
ADAM-5000L/TCP has not only higher I/O capacity, but also smarter diagnostics ability.
There are eight indicators on the front case of the CPU module. Users can read the
system status clearly, which includes power, CPU, Ethernet link, communication active,
communication rate, etc. In addition, there are also Tx and Rx LEDs on the Ethernet port,
indicating data sending and receiving.
Modbus/TCP Protocol
Event Handling & Data Streaming
Modbus/TCP is one of the most popular standards used for industrial Ethernet networks.
Using this communication protocol, ADAM-5000/TCP and ADAM-5000L/TCP is easy
to integrate with any HMI software packages or user-developed applications which
support Modbus. Users do not have to prepare a specific driver for the ADAM-5000/TCP
and ADAM-5000L/TCP when they install the DA&C system with their own operating
application. It reduces required engineering efforts. Moreover, ADAM-5000/TCP and
ADAM-5000L/TCP works as a Modbus data server as well. It allows eight PCs or tasks
to access its current data simultaneously, no matter if they connect from LAN, an intranet,
or the Internet.
Though TCP/IP is the standard communication protocol for Ethernet, data transmission
management is still a bottleneck when many clients are on the network at the same time.
Therefore, the ADAM-5000/TCP and ADAM-5000L/TCP also supports the UDP protocol
to deal with regular data stream broadcasting and event/alarm triggering. These functions
will upgrade your system with intelligence and performance.
Isolated Communication
High speed transient suppressors isolate the ADAM-5000/TCP and ADAM-5000L/TCP
Ethernet port from dangerous voltage up to 1500 VDC power spikes and avoid surge
damage to the whole system.
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