48-bit Universal Digital I/O and Counter Card
 48 TTL digital I/O lines
 Emulates mode 0 of 8255 PPI
 Buffered circuits for higher driving capacity than 8255
 Interrupt handling
 Timer/Counter interrupt capability
 Supports both dry and wet contact
 Keeps the I/O port setting and DO state after system reset
 Universal PCI & BoardID switch
PCI-1751U is a 48-bit digital I/O card for the PCI bus. Its 48 bits are divided into six 8-bit I/O ports and users can configure each port as input or output via software. PCI-1751U also
provides one event counter and two 16-bit timers, which can be cascaded to become a 32-bit timer. PCI-1751U adds a universal PCI interface for 3.3 V compatibility.
Fulfilling the True Requirements of Industrial Applications
With two practical functions, the PCI-1751U fulfills the true requirements of industrial applications. When the system is hot reset, (power is not shut off), the PCI-1751U can either
retain the last I/O port setting and output value, or reset to its default configuration, depending on jumper settings. This function protects the system from wrong operations during
unexpected system resets. Additionally, the PCI-1751U supports both dry and wet contacts so that it can easily interface with other devices.
Interrupt Handling Capability
Two lines in each I/O port (C0) and two of the three counter outputs (Timer 1 and Counter 2) are connected to the interrupt circuitry. Two interrupt request signals can be generated
at the same time and the software can service the two request signals by ISR. Moreover, a pin in the connector can output a digital signal simultaneously with the card generating an
interrupt, and users can utilize this function to trigger external devices with the interrupt.
 Channels
 Compatibility
 Input Voltage
 Interrupt Capable Ch.
48 (shared with output)
Logic 0: 0.8 V max.
Logic 1: 2 V min.
Digital Output
 Channels
 Compatibility
 Output Voltage
 Output Capability
48 (shared with input)
Logic 0: 0.4 V max.
Logic 1: 2.4 V min.
Sink: 0.4 V @ 24 mA
Source: 2.4 V @ 15 mA
 Compatibility
 Max. Input Frequency
 Reference Clock
Industrial AC/DC I/O monitoring and controlling
Relay and switch monitoring and controlling
TTL, DTL and CMOS logic signal sensing
Indicator LED driving
Ordering Information
 Channels
 Resolution
Bus Type
I/O Connectors
Dimensions (L x H)
Power Consumption
PCI-1751U: Universal PCI V2.2
68-pin SCSI-II female connector (Centronics type)
175 x 100 mm (6.9" x 3.9")
Typical: 5 V @ 850 mA
Max: 5 V @ 1.0 A
 Operating Temperature 0 ~ 70° C (32 ~ 158° F)
 Storing Temperature
-20 ~ 80° C (-4 ~ 176° F)
 Storing Humidity
5 ~ 95% RH, non-condensing (refer to IEC 68-2-3)
Digital Input
2 x 16-bit counters, or 1 x 32-bit counter (Jumper
1 x 16-bit event counter
10 MHz
Internal: 10 MHz
External Clock Frequency: 10 MHz
External Voltage Range: 5 V/TTL
 PCI-1751U
 PCL-10168
 ADAM-3968
 ADAM-3968/20
 ADAM-3968/50
 PCLD-8751
 PCLD-8761
48-bit universal digital I/O card and Counter Card,
user’s manual and driver CD-ROM. (cable not included)
68-pin SCSI cable, 1 and 2m
68-pin SCSI cable wiring terminal for DIN-rail
68-pin SCSI-II to three 20-pin Wiring Terminal Module
for DIN-Rail Mounting
68-pin SCSI to 2 x 50-pin box headers converter
48-ch Isolated DI Board
24-ch Replay and 24-IDI Board
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Last updated : 20-Jan-2006