16-ch Real-Time MPEG-4 Video Capture Card
with PowerView
 16 channel composite inputs with MPEG-4 compression
 480/400 fps (NTSC/PAL) at D1 resolution for recording and display
 Alogics APC-915 video capture chips on board
 Support ADAM-4055 8DI/8DO Module
 Bundled with PowerView 6000 advanced surveillance software
 Supports Watchdog function
PV-1000E DVR kit supports 16 channels real time video monitoring capability in one card. PV-1000E provides not only a real-time video monitoring capability but also more flexibility,
and it is a good choice for which to build a high performance digital surveillance system. The PV-1000E is the application-ready digital video surveillance card with PowerView DVR
application software, which provides the user with high expansion and integration capabilities. PowerView 6000 series comprise an advanced and extensive digital video surveillance
system that supplies full functions integrated with digital recording, network monitoring, video backup, alarm notification and security control.
Ordering Information
 PV-1000E
 Video Standard
 Video Input
 Resolution
Max Recording Rate
Display Rate
Video Compression
Video Output
 Audio Input
16-ch MPEG-4 Video Capture Card w/ PowerView
Composite for NTSC/PAL
16 BNC connectors
352 x 240, 704 x 240 and 704 x 480(NTSC)
352 x 288, 704 x 288 and 704 x 576(PAL)
480/400 fps (NTSC/PAL) @ CIF for all channels*
480/400 fps (NTSC/PAL) @ CIF for all channels*
MPEG-4 Software Compression
Multiple YCrCb, RGB, and YUV planar formats
16 x stereo inputs
Physical Characteristics
Host Interface
Operating Temperature
Storing Temperature
Application Software
Operating System
PCI V2.2
Support ADAM-4055 8DI/8DO Module
-10 ~ 60° C (14 ~ 140° F)
-20 ~ 70° C (-4 ~ 158° F)
162 x 106 mm (6.3" x 4.2")
PowerView 6000
Supports Windows XP/XPe and Windows 2000
*Note: Performance test on Intel Core 2 Duo 6400 CPU and 1024 MB Memory
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