ASM-SENSOR 8807-01

MEMORY HiCORDER 8807-01,8808-01
New Concept with Detachable Printer
* Photo shows the 8808-01 with optional printer unit installed.
Compact Size Recorder with Color Display
The MEMORY HiCORDERs 8807-01/8808 -01, housed in a B5 book-sized,
compact, and thin body weighing in at under 1.2 kg, are handy high-speed
recorders equipped with features such as analog 4-channel (8807-01: 2-channel)
isolated inputs, PC card slot, RS-232C communication, 3-way power supply, and
powerful trigger functions. One unit is capable of covering a variety of usages,
ranging from low-speed/long-term continuous recording to recording of highspeed transients.
Enhanced Model with Harmonic Analysis Function ... 8807-51/8808-51
To the MEMORY HiCORDERs 8807 -01 /8808 -01
with their popular detachable printers, HIOKI has
added the MEMORY HiCORDERs 8807-51/8808-51
with harmonic analysis function. Capable of both
instantaneous analysis and time series analysis of
harmonics, these units can measure and analyze
harmonic current flowing into and out of a commercial
power system, as well as harmonic components
piggybacking on power line voltage.
Note) The waveform recording functions of the MEMORY HiCORDERs 8807-51 and 8808-51 are identical to those of the ****-01 models. For details
on specifications those concerning the harmonic wave analysis functions, refer to the catalog for the MEMORY HiCORDERs 8807-51 and 8808-51.
Recording Intermittent Leakage, Engine Performance and Relay Timing
-Application ExamplesUnpredictable intermittent leakage is monitored unattended by recording instantaneous waveforms of the leakage current and line voltage
Leak current (CH1)
Trigger point
Line voltage (CH2)
For long-term monitoring, use the AC ADAPTER 9418-15 for the MEMORY
HiCORDER 8807-01 and the AC ADAPTER 9445-02/-03 for the CLAMP
r lin
r powe
lities !
Recording of leakage is
triggered when the input
exceeds preset upper or
lower limits.
Every time a leakage phenomenon
occurs, the waveforms can be
printed out or the data saved on an
ATA card.
Data saved on a flash ATA card
can be read back by the 8807-01
for analysis of peak current values
at breaker trip time using the
cursor function.
Analysis of engine characteristics
Analysis of Sequence Control Device Faults
Allows the balance between boost, oil pressure, air fuel
ratio, ignition timing, engine speed, injector aperture,
etc., to be observed and recorded as waveforms.
Circuit breaker timing measurement
close command
Phase R
Phase S
Phase T
Circuit breaker cut-off in a power circuit can be
investigated by analyzing the relationship of multipoint logic signals to the analog waveform. Up to eight
channels are provided for recording relay operation
using logic probes.
Use the model 9320-01 for non-voltage contact signals,
and the LOGIC PROBE 9321-01 with isolated inputs
for powered AC relay signals.
Abnormal halts and warnings issued by sequence
control devices in manufacturing production and
testing lines can be caused by AC power hits or
low voltage. Such anomalous behavior can best be
analyzed by setting the sequence relay signal as a
trigger to record the abnormal AC power waveforms
and DC voltage systems.
Recording of motor rush current
Motor power-on inrush current waveforms
can be precisely recorded. The CLAMP ON
PROBE s model 9018 -10 and 9132 -10 are
available for current measurement, as is the
In addition, to measure direct current waveforms,
a variety of sensors such as the UNIVERSAL
CLAMP ON CTs model 9277, 9278 and 9279
are available upon request.
High-Speed Response for Capturing Transient Events
- Memory recorder function -
CH 1
Input voltage
The input signal is converted*1 to digital data that are stored
in the internal memory. The data can then be displayed on
the screen or printed out on paper*2. Once recorded, data are
backed up for five years by the internal battery, provided that
the start button is not pressed a second time (trigger mode: oneshot). The necessary parts can be searched out on the screen so
that only the required waveforms are printed out*2.
*1 The data sampling speed (sampling rate) is automatically set at 1/80 of the
time axis range. E.g., at 200 µs/division the sampling rate is 2.5 µs, at 5
minutes/division, the sampling rate becomes 3.75 sec.
Display on color LCD
High-speed writing
to internal memory
CH 4
Input voltage
Storage on PC card
Transmission via
Printing on thermal printer
High-speed sampling of analog waveforms
Input voltage
Operation of the memory recorder functions
Sampling period
*2 The optional PRINTER UNIT 8992 is required.
Waveform data
2.5 μs
12.5 μs
62.5 μs
250 μs
1.25 ms
6.25 ms
5 μs
25 μs
125 μs
625 μs
■ Example of abnormal
waveform recording
Trigger functions capable of monitoring all 4 channels*3
For all of the measurement functions, including recorder and
memory recorder, triggers can be set on all 4 analog input
channels and the 8 logic input channels. In addition to a simple
level trigger based on comparison with a single voltage value,
the following trigger conditions are also available:
● Window in/out trigger based on comparison of 2 voltage values
● Voltage drop trigger for AC power lines*4
● RMS level trigger based on rms values*5
● Waveform judgment trigger*4 monitoring the waveforms of AC power
lines in real-time
● Pattern trigger monitoring the ON/OFF condition of a logic signal
* MEMORY HiCORDER 8808-01. 2 channels in the case of the MEMORY HiCORDER 8807-01.
*4 Memory recorder function only. For 50/60 Hz only.
*5 RMS recorder function only. For 50/60 Hz only.
375 ms
1m 4s
5 m 20 s
2 m 40 s
2 m 40 s
53 m 20 s
13 m 20 s
1 h 46 m 40 s
8 h 53 m 20 s
750 ms
3.75 s
4 h 26 m 40 s
1 day 2 h 40 m
6 h 40 m
11 days 2 h 40 m
Level crossing
26 m 40 s
1 h 6 m 40 s
4 days 10 h 40 m
6 m 40 s
2 days 5 h 20 m
40 s
1 m 20 s
16 s
10 m 40 s
26 m 40 s
125 ms
1.6 s
2 h 13 m 20 s
13 h 20 m
1 day 2 h 40 m
2 days 18 h 40 m
Analog CH1-2
Logic A-B
Level, RMS level trigger
Trigger source
Window out
Window in
Analog CH3-4*
*8808 only
Timer trigger
Window in/out trigger
Pattern comparison
Voltage drop trigger
Real-time waveform judgement trigger
62.5 ms
1.5 s
800 ms
32 s
16 s
320 ms
3.2 s
160 ms
1.28 s
6.4 s
12.5 ms
25 ms
4-channel setting
64 kW/ch 800 divisions
640 ms
2.5 ms
Waveform captured using the voltage-drop detection
trigger. This allows recording of the waveforms of
momentary voltage drops in power lines.
1-channel setting
256 kW/ch 3200 divisions
Time axis
Real-time waveform
judgement trigger
Logic pattern trigger
■ Real-time wave f orm judgement trigger with const ant
monitoring of the voltage waveforms of AC power lines
(Memory recorder function only)*6
The waveform judgement trigger constantly monitors the AC power
line for irregular waveforms. There are two ways to use this trigger.
One cycle of measured waveforms is observed with the judgement area
automatically created from the immediately preceding cycle waveform, or
the judgement area can be automatically created from the ideal sine wave.
In both cases, the trigger activates when the signal is detected to move
outside the reference area. This allows real-time monitoring of phenomena
in AC power lines that existing level triggers have not been able to
capture, such as momentary stops, sags, and impulses.
The level trigger can be set separately for each analog channel.
Also, when the printer is connected, the judgment area automatically
generated from the ideal sine wave can be printed as an overlay with the
measurement waveform.
*6 The time axis can be used for all ranges above 10 ms/DIV (version 2.20 or later).
- RMS Recorder, Recorder functions -
RMS recorder function
This function is exclusively for use on 50/60 Hz power-supply
lines and DC. High-speed sampling is applied to calculate the
rms value from the waveform data*1, and the result is recorded
as a graph.
*1 Using 250 µs high-speed sampling, data for three waveforms are captured for
calculating the rms value. This process is repeated 800 times per second using
the moving average method, resulting in high-speed response.
Chart of Recorder function
100 V power line
Chart of RMS recorder function
Slow-speed recording by RMS recorder
■ RMS Recorder & Memory function
If an abnormal event is detected by triggers during real-time recording
of signals using the RMS recorder, it is stored in memory by the highspeed sampling memory recorder. The RMS recorder function works
independently and never stops. This function is highly convenient when
it is desirable to record both abnormal phenomena and normal level
High-speed recording by memory
Recorder function operation
The input signal is converted to digital form and displayed or
printed*2 in real-time. The chart speed is maximum 10 mm/s
(in the 1s/division range)*3. Even with the real-time recording,
the last 400 divisions of the waveform can be observed by
scrolling or reprinting the data*2.
Recording paper
400 DIV
in memory
*2 The optional 8992 PRINTER UNIT is required.
*3 Only when using the AC Adapter. When using batteries, the maximum speed is
5 mm/s (2 s/division range).
Recorder recording time
Time axis
■ X-Y Recorder format
This function allows two signals converted to digital form to
be combined in an x-y plot and stored in memory. Any of the
four analog channels can be used for an x-y plot, but only one
plot can be combined. The X-Y plot can be viewed in real-time
on the display, and there is no limit on the recording time. The
waveforms can also be printed out as many times as desired.
Y input
X-Y matrix
100 ms/DIV
X-Y recorder diagram
Chart speed
Printer not required
2.5 μs
1 s/DIV
AC Adapter used 10 mm/s
2.5 μs
500 ms/DIV
2 s/DIV
5 s/DIV
10 s/DIV
5 mm/s
2 mm/s
1 mm/s
30 s/DIV
20 mm/s
2 min/DIV
5 mm/s
1 min/DIV
5 min/DIV
10 min/DIV
1 h/DIV
10 mm/s
2 mm/s
1 mm/s
20 mm/h
10 mm/h
Approximate recording time with one roll
of recording paper (18 m)
200 ms/DIV
30 min/DIV
X input
Actual operation conditions are assumed, and it is assumed that 30 cm of the
length of the recording paper is not used, for a total of 1770 divisions
Stored in memory only :
Stored in memory only : 3 m 20 s
2.5 μs
2.5 μs
2.5 μs
2.5 μs
2.5 μs
2.5 μs
2.5 μs
2.5 μs
2.5 μs
2.5 μs
40 s
Stored in memory only : 1 m 20 s
AC Adapter used :
59 m
2 h 27 m 30 s
4 h 55 m
14 h 45 m
1 day 5 h 30 m
2 days 11 h
6 days 3 h 30 m
12 days 7 h
36 days 21 h
73 days 18 h
29 m 30 s
- Data Communication with PC, other functions -
Off-Line Data Exchange with a PC
Waveforms acquired by the memory recorder can be stored on
flash ATA-PC cards. Stored waveform data can be converted to
text (CSV) format files by the supplied Wv Waveform Viewer
PC application program.
■ Waveform Viewer software
Measurement data can be saved in binary format. Also,
can be converted to text format for numerical analysis in a
PC spreadsheet program.
Data can be saved in binary or text formats. The binary format is for
data to be used in the MEMORY HiCORDERs 8807-01 and 8808-01.
Data saved to the PC in binary format can be converted to text format
using the supplied Wv (Waveform Viewer program), for loading into a
spreadsheet program such as Excel.
■ Display copy in BMP format
Displayed images can be saved in BMP format to
easily create and print color reports from the PC’s word
Example showing measurement data imported to Excel.
Convenient features for ease of operation
Convenient features such as the DMM function, special range
for a clamp probe, numerical value calculation, scaling, A/B
cursor measurement, free comment input, and automatic restart
after power outage make the measurement work quick and
■ DMM Function
Digital Multi Meter functions are provided
for simple input voltage checking. Selectable
modes are Effective value mode (AC+DC),
and Instantaneous value mode (DC), each
displaying four numeric digits. When the scaling
function is enabled, the specified scaling value is
Note: Convenient for checking waveform recordings of
power lines. RMS display is for 50/60 Hz or DC only.
■ Special range for clamp probe enables easy current measurement *1
Using the CLAMP ON PROBE 9018-10, current waveforms
can be captured on live lines. Voltage range settings and
scale settings are performed with a one-touch operation
thanks to the special clamp probe range provided.
*1 Only compatible with the CLAMP ON PROBEs model 9018-10 and
The CLAMP ON PROBEs model 9018 and 9132 can be connected
using the CONVERSION ADAPTER 9199.
Connects Directly CLAMP ON PROBE 9018-10
10 − 500 A f.s.
(BNC plug) 40 Hz − 3 kHz
Output 0.2 V f.s.
20 − 1000 A f.s.
40 Hz − 1 kHz
Output 0.2 V f.s.
(receiving-end banana/BNC output)
■ RS-232C connection to PC
The PC and HiCORDER can be directly connected serially for transferring
recorded data and remote settings. The software created by the user may be
used on the PC.
Connects Indirectly
(Banana plugs)
-SpecificationsBasic specifications
Input type and
number of channels
Maximum sampling
Memory capacity
External memory
Battery backup
External control
(no condensation)
(MEMORY HiCORDER 8807-01, 8808-01)
(1) Memory recorder, (2) Recorder,
(3) RMS recorder & memory (50/60 Hz/ or DC only)
8807-01: fixed input section, 2 analog + 8 logic,
8808-01: fixed input section 4 analog + 8 logic
* Note: These LR6/AA
alkaline batteries cannot be
used with the PRINTER UNIT
Power consumption
operation time
Charge time
200 µs to 5 minutes/division, 19 settings, time axis zoom
×2 to ×10; 3 settings, compression 1/2 to 1/500; 8 settings
Time axis
1/80 of time axis ranges (minimum sampling period 2.5 µs)
Sampling period
Isolated analog channels, isolated input and outputs, logic has common
Recording length
20 to 3200*3 divisions
*3 Depending on the number of channels in use.
Simultaneous sampling for 2/4 analog + 8 logic channels
Can record data from before the trigger point, 0 to 100 %
or -95 % of recording length; 15 settings
Other functions
Numerical calculations, logging (numerical printout), X-Y waveform
plot (one plot on the 8807-01, up to three plots on the 8808-01), voltage
axis zoom ×2 to ×10; 3 settings, compression 1/2
400 k sample/s (2.5 µs cycle)
8807-01: (analog 12 bits + logic 4 bits) × 256 kilo-words/
channel (CH1) to (analog 12 bits + logic 4 bits) × 128 kilowords/channel (CH1, CH2)
8808-01: (analog 12 bits + logic 4 bits) × 256 kilo-words/
channel (CH1) to (analog 12 bits + logic 4 bits) × 64 kilo-words/
channel (CH1 - CH4)
PC card TYPE II slot × 1: flash ATA card (max. 1GB), MS-DOS
Memory contents: Setting conditions, measurement data (binary,
text), image data (BMP), calculation results (figures)
Clock, waveform data, settings, battery life approx. 5 years (at 25 ˚C/ 77 ˚F)
Terminal block: trigger input/output
RS-232C interface: 9-pin round connector terminal
(the optional RS-232C CABLE 9612 is required for connection to PC)
Printer interface: PRINTER UNIT 8992 can be connected (option)
Operation: +5 ˚C/41 ˚F to +40 ˚C/104 ˚F, 35% to 80% relative humidity.
Storage: -10 ˚C/14 ˚F to +50 ˚C/122 ˚F, 35% to 80% relative humidity.
Safety: EN61010
Applicable standards
EMC: EN61326, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3
Power supplies
Memory function
(1) AC Adapter model 9418-15 or 9418-10 (DC 12V ±10%)
(2) *1LR6/AA alkaline batteries × 6 (AC adapter has priority when
used in combination with battery pack)
(3) BATTERY PACK 9447 (AC adapter has priority when used in
combination with battery pack, fast recharge possible with AC adapter)
(4) 12 V Car battery (Please contact HIOKI for connection cord).
8807-01, 8808-01: 15 VA max. (when using optional printer)
Approx. 3 hours (when using BATTERY PACK 9447)
Approx. 1 hours (when using *1 alkaline batteries)
With power switch OFF, approx. 2 hours fast charge (at 23 ˚C/ 73 ˚F)
Recorder function
100 ms*4 to 1 hr/division; 14 settings, 1 division = 80 samples,
time axis compression 1/2 to 1/50; 5 settings
*4 100 ms to 500 ms/division ranges shown only on display when using AC Adapter. 100
Time axis
ms to 1 s/division ranges shown only on display when using batteries
2.5 µs fixed
20 to 400 divisions, "continuous"*5
Recording length
*5 only “continuous” for X-Y plotting
X-Y sampling period 250 µs; fixed (dot), 500 µs to 10 ms (line)
Sampling period
20 pixel/DIV (display), 80 pixels/DIV × 80 pixels/DIV (optional printer)
X-Y axis resolution
Back-scroll of memory data (max. last 400 divisions) and reprinting
of stored data (with/ optional printer), logging (numerical printout) (with/
optional printer), voltage axis magnification ×2 to ×10; 3 settings,
compression 1/2; 1 setting. X-Y waveform plot (one plot on the
Other functions
8807-01, up to three plots on the 8808-01)
RMS Recorder & Memory function (for 50/60 Hz and DC)
RMS recorder: 100 ms to 1 hr/division; 14 settings
Memory recorder: 200 µs to 20 ms/division; 7 settings
Time axis
1 division = 80 samples, time axis compression 1/2 to 1/50; 5 settings
RMS recorder: 250 µs fixed (800 RMS data/second)
Memory recorder: 1/80 of time axis range
Sampling period
RMS calculation accuracy
±3% f.s.
RMS recorder: 20 to 200 divisions, continuous
Memory recorder: 20 to 400 divisions, OFF (only RMS recorder
Recording length
when OFF)
Dimensions and
8807-01, 8808-01: approx. 203 (7.99) W × 170 (6.69) H × 52 (2.05) D mm (inch)
(printer detached)
8807-01, 8808-01: approx. 280 (11.02) W × 170 (6.69) H × 52 (2.05) D mm (inch)
(printer attached)
8807-01: approx. 1.1 kg/ 38.80 oz (printer detached) 1.5 kg/ 52.91 oz (printer attached)
8808-01: approx. 1.2 kg/ 42.33 oz (printer detached) 1.6 kg/ 56.44 oz (printer attached)
Other functions
Supplied accessories
LR6/AA alkaline batteries ×6, alkaline battery box ×1, strap ×1,
Application disk ×1
Auxiliary function
Recording and display *2 Waveform printing when the optional PRINTER UNIT 8992 is used.
Display method
*2Printer paper
* Recording width
* Paper feed density
*2Recording speed
Back-scroll of memory data (max. last 200 divisions) and reprinting of
stored data (with/ optional printer), for memory recorder: back-scroll of
memory data (max. last 400 divisions) and reprinting of stored data (with/
optional printer), logging (numerical printout) (w/ optional printer), voltage
axis magnification ×2 to ×10; 3 settings, compression 1/2; 1 setting.
Printing of settings including input range, trigger time, etc., cursor
measurement, scaling, comment input, screen hard copy, start
condition retention, auto setup, auto saving, remote control, autorange setting, list & gauge printing (with/ optional printer), DMM
function (voltage shown as numerals on the display).
Calculation functions
Up to four arithmetic operations simultaneously
Average value, effective (RMS) value, peak to peak value, maximum
value, time to maximum value, minimum value, time to minimum value,
period, and frequency, area, X-Y area.
5.7-inch STN color LCD, with Japanese/English selector
240 × 320 dots
112 mm (4.4 in) × 18 m (59.06 ft), thermal paper roll
10 divisions in full scale, 1 division = 10mm (0.39in) (80pixels)
(Memory recorder)
8 rows/mm (203 rows/in)
16 rows/mm (406 rows/in) using the memory recorder's smooth print function.
Max. 10 mm/s (0.39 inch/s) (when using AC Adapter),
max. 5 mm/s (0.2 inch/s) (when using batteries)
Display update rate: 1 s, display contents: AC+DC rms
(measurement signal is DC, 50/60Hz only), or DC instantaneous value
Display digits: 4 digits (last digit 0 to 4 is rounded zero, 5 to 9 is
DMM function
rounded five)
Trigger function
Trigger source
Trigger types
Level setting
Trigger types
Trigger filter
Analog input CH1 - CH4 (8807-01: CH1 - CH2), logic input A - B,
external, timer, manual (either ON or OFF for each source), logical
AND/OR of sources
Level: Triggered when set voltage value is exceeded in UP or
DOWN direction.
Window in/out: When entering or exiting a level range defined
by upper or lower limit
Voltage drop: Only for AC 50/60 Hz power lines. Triggered
when the peak voltage falls below setting value
RMS level: Only for DC and AC 50/60 Hz power lines.
Triggered when rms value crosses set value in UP or DOWN
direction (RMS recorder function only)
Real-time waveform judgment: Only for AC 50/60 Hz power
lines. Trigger function that monitors when a signal exceeds the
evaluation area (Memory recorder function only)
Voltage range: Auto only (10 mV to 100 V/division, 5 settings)
Accuracy: ±3% rdg. ±5dgt.
Analog input
(accuracy at 23 ±5 ˚C/73 ±9 ˚F after 30 minutes warm-up time; accuracy guaranteed for 1 year)
0.25% f.s., waveform judgment trigger only: 0.1% f.s. (f.s.=10
Maximum sampling rate
Accuracy, frequency
Input resistance
and capacitance
Input coupling
9 settings from 0.1 to 10.0 divisions or OFF (memory recorder) ON/
OFF (recorder)
Max. rated voltage
to earth
Pattern trigger: 1, 0, or × (disregard), logical product (AND) or
logical sum (OR) set for 4 channels
Terminal: isolated BNC Inter-channel and input-frame isolation
MEM or REC function: 10mV to 100V/DIV, 13 settings
RMS recorder function: 5mV to 50V/DIV, 13 settings
full-scale (f.s.) = 10 divisions, AC voltage for possible measurement
/ display using the memory function: 450 V AC rms, low-pass filter:
5/500 Hz, the measurement resolution is 1/160 of range
400 kS/s (simultaneous sampling of all channels)
±0.5% f.s., DC to 50 kHz ±3 dB
1 MΩ, 7 pF approx. (at 100 kHz)
V AC rms, DC
Max. allowable input 450
(upper voltage which when applied to between input pins does not damage them)
450 V AC, DC
(upper voltage which when applied to input channel casing or
between input channels does not damage them)
■ Appearance and Dimensions (8807-01 and 8808-01 Instrument-only)
■ Appearance and Dimensions (8807-01 and 8808-01 with printer attached)
Logic probe terminal/for 9320-01 and 9321-01
RS-232C terminal/Mini DIN 9-pin
112 mm (4.4 inch) wide thermal printer
PC card slot/Type II
170 mm
(6.69 inch)
170 mm
(6.69 inch)
Waveform monitor (5.7 inch color STN LCD)
Analog input (Isolated BNC terminal)
8807-01: 2 ch, 8808-01: 4 ch
203 mm
(7.99 inch)
Mass:(with 8992 printer attached)
8807-01: Approx. 1.5 kg/59.91 oz
8808-01: Approx. 1.6 kg/56.44 oz
Screen contrast adjuster
52 mm
(2.05 inch)
External trigger input / output
52 mm
(2.05 inch)
280 mm
(11.02 inch)
8807-01: Approx. 1.1 kg/38.80 oz
8808-01: Approx. 1.2 kg/42.33 oz
■ Supplied accessory PC Software Specifications
Wave Viewer (Wv) Software (Application disk CD-R, bundled accessory)
uick display of waveform files
ext conversion: Conversion of binary data files to text format, with
storage in either CSV or space/tab delimited format. Span specification
and data culling available.
isplay format settings: scroll function, enlarge/reduce display, display
CH settings.
ther: Voltage trace function, jump to cursor/trigger position function, etc.
operating systems
Windows 95/98/Me or Windows NT 4.0 (SP3 or later), 2000, XP
Battery compartment at the rear
LR6/AA alkaline batteries × 6 or 9447 BATTERY PACK × 1
■ Specifications of Options (sold separately)
Cable length and mass: Main unit cable 1.5 m (4.92 ft), input section cable 30 cm
(0.98 ft), approx. 150 g (5.3 oz)
Note: The unit-side plug of the 9320-01 is different from the 9320.
Digital input threshold
Contact input
detection resistance
Response speed
Max. allowable input
(Accuracy at 23 ±5°C/73 ±9°F, 35 to 80% rh; accuracy guaranteed for 1 year)
Detection of voltage signal or relay contact signal for High/Low state recording
4 channels (common ground between unit and channels), digital/contact input,
switchable (contact input can detect open-collector signals), input impedance:
1MΩ (with digital input, 0 to +5V), 500kΩ or more (with digital input, +5 to
+50V), pull-up resistance: 2kΩ (contact input: internally pulled up to +5V)
1.5kΩ or higher (open) and 500Ω or lower (short), 3.5kΩ or higher (open)
and 1.5kΩ or lower (short), 25kΩ or higher (open) and 8kΩ or lower (short)
9320-01: 500ns or lower
0 to +50V DC (the maximum voltage that can be applied across input pins without damage)
Cable length and mass: Main unit cable 1.5 m (4.92 ft), input section cable 1 m (3.28 ft),
approx. 320 g (11.3 oz) Note: The unit-side plug of the 9321-01 is different from the 9321.
Output (H)
Output (L)
Response time
(Accuracy at 23 ±5°C/73 ±9°F, 35 to 80% rh; accuracy guaranteed for 1 year)
Detection of AC or DC relay drive signal for High/Low state recording
Can also be used for power line interruption detection
4 channels (isolated between unit and channels), HIGH/LOW range switching
Input impedance: 100kΩ or higher (HIGH range), 30kΩ or higher (LOW range)
170 to 250V AC, ±DC (70 to 250V ) (HIGH range)
60 to 150V AC, ±DC (20 to 150V) (LOW range)
0 to 30V AC, ±DC (0 to 43V) (HIGH range)
0 to 10V AC, ±DC (0 to 15V) (LOW range)
Rising edge 1ms max., falling edge 3ms max. (with HIGH range at 200V
DC, LOW range at 100V DC)
Maximum allowable 250Vrms (HIGH range), 150Vrms (LOW range) (the maximum voltage that can
be applied across input pins without damage)
input voltage
Cable length and mass: Main unit cable 1.3 m (4.27 ft), input section cable 46 cm
(1.51 ft), approx. 350 g (12.3 oz)
DC mode
AC mode
RMS mode
(Accuracy at 23 ±5°C/73 ±9°F, 35 to 80% rh, after 30 minutes of
warm-up time; accuracy guaranteed for 1 year)
For high-voltage floating measurement, power line surge noise
detection, RMS rectified output measurement
For waveform monitor output, frequency characteristics: DC to 10MHz
(±3dB), amplitude accuracy: ±1% of full scale (at max. 1000V DC), ±3%
of full scale (at max. 2000V DC) (full scale: 2000V DC)
For detection of power line surge noise, frequency characteristics: 1kHz to 10MHz ±3dB
DC/AC voltage RMS output detection, frequency characteristics: DC, 40Hz
to 100k Hz, response speed: 200ms or less (400V AC), accuracy: ±1% of full
scale (DC, 40Hz to 1kHz), ±4% of full scale (1kHz to 100kHz) (full scale: 1000V AC)
Input type: balanced differential input, input impedance/capacitance:
H-L 9MΩ/10pF, H/L-unit 4.5MΩ/20pF, Max. rated voltage to earth:
when using grabber clip 1500V AC/DC (CAT II ), 600V AC/DC (CAT III),
when using alligator clip: 1000V AC/DC (CAT II), 600V AC/DC (CAT III)
Maximum allowable input voltage 2000V DC, 1000V AC (CAT II), 600V AC/DC (CAT III)
Power source
Voltage divider for 1/1000 of input, BNC connectors (output switchable for 3 modes DC, AC, RMS)
Power terminal of the input units, or use with AC ADAPTER 9418-15
(DC 12V)
Distribution media
Display functions
File loading
Data conversion
Print functions
One CD-R
Computer equipped with Pentium (133 MHz) or better CPU and at least
32 MB of memory, and running under Windows 95/98/Me, Windows
NT 4.0/2000/XP, or Windows Vista 32-bit type (recommended system:
Pentium (200 MHz) or better with at least 64 MB of memory)
Waveform display/X-Y display/digital value display/cursor function/
scroll function/maximum number of channels (32 channels analog, 32
channels logic)/gauge display (time, voltage axes)/graphical display
Readable data formats (.MEM, .REC, .RMS, .POW)
Maximum loadable file size: Maximum file size that can be saved by
a given device (file size may be limited depending on the computer
Conversion to CSV format, tab delimited, space delimited/data culling
(simple)/convert for specified channel/batch conversion of multiple files
Print formatting (1 up, 2-to-16 up, 2-to-16 rows, X-Y 1-to-4 up) /preview/
hard copy functions usable on any printer supported by operating system
Parameter calculation/search/clipboard copy/launching of other
Composition of options Note: Product names appearing herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of various companies.
Hard case type, for storing
Supplied with
PC Card
PC Card Precaution
4-channel type, for voltage/contact
signal ON/OFF detection
(miniature terminal for use with the
8861/8860, 8855, 8807-01/8808-01,
4 isolated channels, ON/OFF
detection of AC/DC voltage
(miniature terminal for use with the
8861/8860, 8855, 8807-01/8808-01,
Data conversion, print functions,
waveform display, compatible with
Windows 95/98/Me, Windows NT
4.0/2000/XP, and Windows Vista
32-bit type.
RS-232C CABLE 9612
Mini DIN 9-pin - Dsub 9-pin,
Cable length 1.5m
Soft case type, for storing options
Holds more options than the 9648
hard case
U s e o n l y P C C a rd s s o l d
by HIOKI . Compatibility
and performance are not
guaranteed for PC cards made
by other manufacturers. You
may be unable to read from or
save data to such cards.
Used for connecting the 9320/9321 and
8807 series MEMORY HiCORDERs,
because the terminal shapes are different.
* This cable is not required for the smallterminal types 9320-01 and 9321-01.
PC CARD 128M 9726
(128MB capacity)
C CARD 256M 9727
(256MB capacity)
PC CARD 512M 9728
(512MB capacity)
C CARD 1G 9729
(1GB capacity)
Current Measurement
Input from 10 to 500A
40Hz to 3kHz for 0.2V AC output.
BNC terminal
For up to 500V,
1.5 m length
For inputs up to 2kV DC or
1kV AC, the 9322 requires the
AC ADAPTER 9418-15
Not CE certified
Input from 20 to 1000A
40Hz to 1kHz for 0.2V AC output.
BNC terminal
4ch (8808-01)
(2ch model)
(4ch model)
For up to 300 V,
1.5 m length
Included accessories: LR6/AA Alkaline batteries ×6, Alkaline battery box ×1, Shoulder belt ×1, Application disk ×1
Not CE certified
Insulation BNC-to-insulation BNC,
use to connect to insulation-BNC
terminal on Input Module
Required along with the
9199 adapter to connect
Model 3283 to the
8807-01 or 8808-01
• An input cord for measurement use is not provided. Please purchase
the optional CONNECTION CORD 9197 or 9198 together with the
Not CE certified
For leakage current measurement,
includes 10mA to 200A ranges, with
analog output of 1V f.s. DC, and
waveform monitor output of 1V f.s.
AC at 40Hz to 2kHz. Requires the AC
ADAPTER 9445-02/-03
For 100V/ 15A, convenient
for measuring 100V AC line
current with clamp-on probe
Banana-to-BNC, use to connect to
insulation-BNC terminal on Input
Printing width 100 mm, used
together with the 8807-01, 8808-01
main body
7.2V, 2400mAh
Not CE certified
18 m/ 59.06 feet length,
10 rolls/ 1 set
Paper width: 70 to 220 mm,
using special-purpose AC
Independent of main unit the
8714-01/8715-01, use with the AC
ADAPTER 9418-15 to charge one
Model BATTERY PACK 9447.
AC ADAPTER 9418-15
Universal 100 to 240 V AC,
12 V DC/ 2.5 A output
• The units can be operated using the supplied LR6/AA alkaline batteries but use of the optional AC ADAPTER
9418-15 or BATTERY PACK 9447 (the AC ADAPTER 9418-15 is necessary for recharging) is recommended.
Manganese batteries cannot be used. Use of commercially available rechargeable batteries instead of the original
battery pack may result in damage to the unit.
n Combination example: 2-channels, with printer
Model number ×
Main unit
AC Adapter
Battery pack
Input cord
9234×1 (10 rolls)
n Combination example: 4-channels, with printer
Model number ×
Main unit
AC Adapter
Battery pack
Input cord
9234×1 (10 rolls)
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