Data Loggers
Measure a multitude of items over a network
Program that enables data collection using Ethernet and
data analysis in Windows
In addition to their data collection capabilities, our 8420-51, 8421-51 and 8422-51
MEMORY HiLOGGERs feature multiple channel temperature recording capabilities
and are completely portable, making them very popular with our users. HIOKI
developed the 9334 LOGGER COMMUNICATOR as a Windows program to enable
real-time data collection on a PC. The 9334 LOGGER COMMUNICATOR allows
you to connect up to sixteen 8420-51 to 8422-51 MEMORY HiLOGGERs via LAN
and measure up to 512 items.
PC-based data collection and data
management are just a click away
Verify trend graphs and measurement values in real time from a PC
Data can be downloaded in real time to a hard disk on
your PC from a HiLOGGER connected to a LAN. You
can check measurement results from the beginning
of measurement to the current measurement result on
the Waveform Display and Numerical Value Display
All the acquired data or the area between the
A or B cursor can be converted to CSV text
format. Data can be used in spreadsheets
such as Excel or DADiSP (an engineering
spreadsheet used for data analysis).
The acquired data can be displayed
as digital values on a timeline. Further,
waveform images and digital values
can be displayed simultaneously.
Allows you to display the time
and potential differences between
cursors A and B on the Waveform
screen, as well as the time
and electrical potential at each
cursor's position in tabular form.
You can print waveforms to a
printer connected to your PC.
Calculates the
parameters for the
maximum value, the
time, and the average
value of acquired data.
Displays acquired data as waveforms.
Waveforms are generated in real time
as the data is being loaded. Up to 256
analog channels, 256 logic channels,
and 64 pulse channels are supported.
In addition to being
able to use recorded
event markers to
perform searches, you
can specify criteria and
search your data for
items such as the date,
maximum value, and
minimum value.
Signals can be displayed as a graph on the Alarm or
Monitor (logic) screens, while current measurement
values are displayed in a list on the Monitor screen
Alarm screen
Monitor screen
Measurement Status screen displayed in the Settings screen
Monitor screen (analog)
I want to view data while measuring...
While performing measurements, the Waveform
Display screen can be divided in half so that
you can observe previous trends while viewing
the current waveform. Previous trend cursor
measurements and parameter calculations are
Split screen Waveform Display screen
Quickly find events
You can jump to positions that fulfill event markers
and specified criteria, and display the waveform and
search position measurement value.
In addition to event markers, you can specify the
following search criteria:
• time axis
• peak position • level
• maximum position • valley position • window
• minimum position • alarm position • volume of change
Search marker
(Waveform Display screen)
Measurement value at the search position
(Cursor screen)
Settings screen for search criteria
Statistical functions make data evaluation easy
13 types of numerical calculations can be displayed
for all the areas or a specific area only. In addition
to being able to display the average, maximum, and
minimum values, you can display the operation time
and rate by selecting the ON time option.
Use the LOGGER COMMUNICATOR to calculate
the following:
Event Marker Search screen
• average value
• peak-to-peak value
• maximum value
• ON time
• integration
• maximum time
• OFF time
• area values
• minimum value
• number of times turned ON
• standard deviation • minimum time
• number of times turned OFF
Converting data to CSV format
You can convert a specific area (partial
conversion) or the entire displayed waveform
into CSV format.
The cropping option can be activated or
Once in CSV format, the file can be opened
in a spreadsheet or other programs for further
Waveform Display screen
A sample screen showing data that has been
converted into CSV format and opened in Excel.
■ Supports multichannel measurement over a network
The 9334 LOGGER COMMUNICATOR is a program for use
on a PC and supports the connection of up to sixteen 8420-51,
■ Real-Time Data Collection on a PC (TCP/IP Communications)
Supports Up to 16 HiLOGGERs
8421-51, and 8422-51 MEMORY HiLOGGERs via LAN.
This allows the simultaneous data collection and display of up to
512 analog channels, 256 logic channels, and 64 pulse channels.
Measurement data can be downloaded to the disk drive of your
PC in real time.
By connecting your PC, HUB, and LAN with their respective
cables, you can easily use the 8420-51 to 8422-51 as multipoint
Data measured by the
HiLOGGER can be transferred
to the PC in real time.
Advantages of Ethernet - TCP/IP Connection
●10Base-T cables may be up to 100m long.
●The 9334 LOGGER COMMUNICATOR program is
available for immediate use on the PC.
●Automatic retransmission capability provides better
error handling than RS-232C serial communications.
■ Wide variety of display screens
In addition to the Waveform Display screen, the 9334 allows
you to display other screens, such as the Numeric Display
Screen, Monitor screen, and Alarm screen. This allows you
to display multiple screens, which means that you can view
waveforms and numerical values simultaneously, or confirm the
status of alarms on the Alarm screen while viewing the current
values on the monitor. Furthermore, you can print waveforms
displayed on the Waveform screen if you have a printer
connected to your PC
■ I want to view data while measuring...
The Waveform Display screen can be divided in two so that you
can observe previous trends while viewing the current trend.
Previous trend cursor measurements and parameter calculations
are possible.
9334 LOGGER COMMUNICATOR specifications
8420-51, 8421-51, and 8422-51 MEMORY HiLOGGER
One CD-R
Computers running under Windows 95/98/Me or Windows NT4.0/2000/XP.
CPU: Pentium (133 MHz) or later, 64-MB memory or more
■ Interface: Ethernet ■ Number of units supported: 16
■ Number of measurement systems: eight
Data transfer ■ Internal memory: Internal memory data can be loaded from the 8420-51s
■ Real-time transfer: data can be loaded in real time (maximum file size:
up to 200 MB), real-time load settings can be made using the remote
■ Waveform Display: displays acquired waveform data as images
■ Real-time Display: displays real-time transfers as images and allows the
time axis to be split
■ Digital Value Display: displays waveform data as digital values, and
allows images and digital values to be displayed simultaneously
■ Cursor function: allows you to display the time and potential differences
between cursors A and B, the time and electrical potential between each
cursor, and the absolute and relative times
■ Scroll function: available
■ Maximum number of channels: 256 analog channels, 256 logic
channels, and 64 pulse channels
■ Data load format: real-time and memory
■ Alarm Output Display: possible
■ Memory content: criteria settings and measurement data
(binary and text formats)
■ Target data: all data or data between cursors A and B
■ Data interval: simple interval, average value, absolute and maximum
values, maximum and minimum values (can be selected when saving)
■ Data conversion: can convert analog and pulse waveform data into
numerical values and logic data into binary
■ Data conversion format: CSV
■ Conversion channel: can be selected when saving
■ Target data: all data or data between cursors A and B
■ Print format: waveforms and numerical values
■ Target data: all data or data between cursors A and B
■ Calculation items: average value, peak value, maximum value, maximum
value time, minimum value, minimum value time, ON time, OFF time,
number of times ON, number of times OFF, standard deviation, area
■ Marking function: inserts an event marker at the start of measurement
■ Search functions: Select from event marker, date (absolute and relative
time), trigger, maximum, minimum, peak, valley, alarm, level, window, or
volume of change
■ Converting data and opening it in spreadsheets
Widely used spreadsheet programs (such as Excel) can be
used to edit measurement data and create reports. The 9334
LOGGER COMMUNICATOR allows you to convert acquired
waveform data to CSV format.
PC running 9334 Program
(Windows 95/98, NT4.0/2000/XP English version)
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