• Single-chip device for desktop LAN-on-Motherboard (LoM) or
network interface card (NIC) applications
Integrated 10/100/1000BASE-T transceiver
• 10/100/1000BASE-T triple-speed MAC
• High-speed RISC core with 24-KB cache
• SMBus 2.0 controller
• On-chip voltage regulation
• Wake-on-LAN power switching circuit
PCI Express host interface
• 1x lane
• 4-pin interface
• Functionality identical to PCI
Performance features
• TCP, IP, and UDP checksum
• Microsoft® Large Send Offload
• Large burst read
• Interrupt coalescing
Robust Wake on LAN (WOL)
• Standards-compliant WOL
• Innovative out-of-box mode WOL
• Hardware power switching
• Comprehensive diagnostic and configuration software suite
Industry-compliant alerting features
• Alert Standard Format (ASF) 2.0 support
• Secure power-on and power-off
• Fast hardware authentication (SHA-1, HMAC, MD5)
• True hardware random number generation
Integrated TPM functionality
• Secure key management
• Strong authentication capabilities
• Platform state verification
3.3V I/Os (5V tolerant)
• Wirespeed performance increases user performance
• PCI Express provides wirespeed non-blocking throughput
• TCP and IP offloads significantly reduce utilization of CPU
• TCP and IP offloads significantly increase throughput to
enable faster downloads of large files
Ultra-low power and Intelligent power management to
dramatically extend battery life
• 0.13µ CMOS design allows industry’s lowest power
• Advanced situation-sensitive power management features
• Power is continually reduced to the minimum needed
• Adapts to usage model
Industry's smallest GbE form factor enables easier mobile
motherboard design
• Innovative design reduces footprint to 67% smaller than
competing solutions
• 15-mm x 15-mm package
• Integrated WOL switching eliminates external power
switching components
Proven TPM-based security features protect corporate
• Protect valuable data against theft
• Strong authentication to prevent unauthorized network access
• Virus protection for VPN users exposed to Internet
Secure alerting and power cycling reduces IT costs
• ASF 2.0 support for standards-based alerting. IT managers
receive automatic alerts when PC support issues occur.
• Remote power-on/off features allow IT managers to power
cycle PCs to address issues.
• Hardware-based authentication and random number generation
ensure the highest level of security possible.
Design flexibility allows feature consistency across SKUs
• Layout compatible with PCI-based BCM5750M, enabling one
motherboard layout to support both PCI and PCI Express
• Single software driver image across PCI and PCI Express