90W, 19V Power Adaptor Demo Design Using the
CS1500 Digital Power Factor Correction IC
Main Features
General Description
 Universal Input
The CRD1500-FB circuit has two stages: a digitally
controlled front-end PFC and a quasi-resonant flyback
converter. The CS1500 is a high-performance power
factor correction (PFC) controller for universal AC input
that uses a proprietary digital algorithm with variable ontime, variable frequency, & DCM, which ensures unity
power factor.
– Mains Range: 90~265 VAC
– Line Frequency: 45~65 Hz
 Rated Output Specification: 19 V, 90 W
 EN6100-3-2 Class-D Compliance
 Efficiency: 87% @ 90 W, 230 VAC
 Low No-load Power Dissipation
 Low PFC Component Count
 Board Dimension: 50 mm x 142 mm
The quasi-resonant flyback converter uses the L6566A
flyback controller and is dedicated to controlling the
circuit’s standby/normal operation mode, which controls
the on/off state of the PFC stage by means of a
dedicated pin (Vcc_PFC), which helps to achieve an
excellent efficiency at light-load and no-load conditions.
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AC Line
(90-265 VAC)
Actual Size:
50mm x 142mm
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