pH Controller 1/16 DIN
Dual Display
With High/Low relay outputs
• Microprocessor for reliable, accurate measurement
and control of pH from 0 to 14.00pH
• High and low set point adjustments on front panel
for two independent 3A SPDT relays for ON/OFF
controls, or to activate alarms, valves pumps or
other equipment
• Front panel LEDs indicate HIGH/LOW alarm status
• Bright dual displays of pH (red LEDs) and
temperature (green LEDs)
• Compact 1/16 DIN size saves panel space —
one quarter the space of a 1/4 DIN controller
• Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC)
provid ed using electrode assemblies with
Pt-100 ohm sensors (see Self-Cleaning pH
Electrode Kits)
• EEPROM memory protects settings in
case of power loss
Shown with NEMA-4X Cover
• Rear screw terminals for power, 2 sets of relays,
Pt-100 ohm temperature input, and BNC connector
for pH input. Includes panel mounting brackets
• Optional NEMA-4X gasketed lens cover fits over
front bezel of controller — made of watertight
corrosion resistant ABS plastic
Dual Relay Outputs
Temperature compensation
Resolution (Accuracy)
Panel Cutout (1/16 DIN)
0 to 14.00 pH and 0 to 100°C
3 Amp at 115 VAC
Automatic 0-100°C via Pt 100Ω for pH
0.01pH (0.01pH): 0.1°C (0.1°C)
0.00 to 2.55 pH adjustable
1.77x1.77" (45x45mm) Depth 4.7” (94mm)
5 oz. (142g)
80 to 250VAC, 50/60Hz
Ordering Information:
48PH ............pH Controller, 1/16 DIN
404216 ........NEMA-4X Lens Cover, 1/16 DIN
pH Electrodes:
Cable Length
In Line/Bypass
ATC pH Kit 10’
67S10A ($238)
67B10A ($324)
ATC pH Kit 25’
67S25A ($265)
67B25A ($350)
Specifications subject to change without notice.
10/29/08 - R1
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