Line Isolator
The Gamewell-FCI analog addressable systems can be
wired as Style 7 (Class A) closed-loop systems. These systems can be interrogated from either end so that all devices
can remain in operation if an open circuit fault in the wiring
occurs. A short-circuit fault can potentially disable the
whole loop. By placing the Gamewell-FCI XP95-LI Line
Isolator modules along the loop, only the small section
between isolators will be affected by the short-circuit fault.
The XP95-LI line isolator mounts directly to a unique base
for ease of installation. The unique base will not accept any
other 600 Series XP95 products, eliminating the possibility
that any other XP95 Device could be installed in place of
an isolator.
The Gamewell-FCI XP95-LI line isolator uses a patented
technique to recognize a wiring short circuit by monitoring
a drop in voltage.
In standby operation, the isolator provides a two-way
power and data pathway with a low resistance of 0.4 ± 0.1
ohms in either direction. If the incoming or outgoing supply
voltage falls below 15 V ± 0.5 V, this is detected and the
line isolator from the remainder of the SLC isolates the
short circuit. The yellow LED on the isolator will then flash
at three-second intervals. The isolator continues to monitor
voltage, and when the short circuit is repaired the isolator
automatically reverts to its low-resistance condition.
The ideal number of isolators is determined by the system
layout with 50 isolator modules maximum on any signaling
line circuit (SLC).
Compatible with the Gamewell-FCI 600 Series analog
addressable fire alarm panels.
Protects the integrity of the initiating loop should a
short-circuit fault occur.
Monitors and controls up to 50 points per circuit.
Mounts in its own unique base.
Up to 50 circuit isolators can be supported on a single
Low-profile styling.
Integral yellow LED.
Isolators are polarity sensitive and the positive DC supply
must be connected to terminal “L2 IN/OUT” and the negative DC supply to terminal “L1 IN/OUT”.
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Ordering Information
Standard Applications
The XP95-LI line isolator should be utilized any time the
integrity of the line is essential.The XP95-LI is typically
used at areas within a line that branch off in a unique direction, or to provide additional protection by isolating zone
monitoring devices.
Analog XP95 line isolator with mounting base
Engineer’s Specifications
The contractor shall furnish and install, where indicated on
the plans, the XP95-LI line isolator. The combination isolator and mounting base shall be UL Listed and UL Listed as
compatible with the Gamewell-FCI 600 Series fire alarm
control panel.
The mounting base will be unique to the isolator and will
not accept any other device type. The isolator shall contain
a yellow LED that shall flash at three-second intervals
when the isolator circuit is switched on. The line isolator
shall be Gamewell-FCI model XP95-LI.
The device is polarity sensitive:
negative line isolated in loop short
Line Voltage (normal loop operation):
17 – 41 V
Line Resistance Standby:
0.4 ohm ± 0.1
Ambient Temperature:
–20° C to 70°C (–4°F to 158°F)
Maximum Continuous Load Current:
600 mA
Line Resistance Operated:
80K ohm
Current Consumption Standby:
40 µA
Current Consumption Operated:
0.0012 A continuous
Maximum Permissible Short Circuit Current:
1.0 A
Switching Voltage:
15 V.
Operating Temperature Range:
–20°C to 70°C
Power-up Time:
3 seconds (1 – 20 isolators)
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